RMT in Online Games, All the Pros and Cons, What the Player Needs to Know and Understand

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On November 22, 2023

The attitude is very different, from absolute negative – if boosters occupy key spots and prevent regular players from swinging.

Neutral – just taken for granted.

Positive – this is mainly the opinion of players who either sell or buy services from others for real money and do not see their game path without outside help.

What the Player Needs to Know

RMT is a completely normal practice in most games.

Somewhere the administration is resolutely fighting any way to make real money on the game, but in most cases, it turns a blind eye, because it is impossible to defeat the RMT, and the introduction of harsh sanctions is fraught with an outflow of players, which harms the developer.

You need to understand that you can get a ban for such operations, but only if you buy a product or service from unverified players and dubious stores.

Example: a player used a coin farming bot and sold the savings to another character. The administration stopped the actions with the help of a third-party program and banned the player. All transactions with currency can be withdrawn within the framework of sanctions and from the player who bought the currency for honestly earned money.

Example number 2:

Let’s say you decide to buy wow wotlk gold, if you contact a trusted store with a good rating and feedback, you are guaranteed to receive a clean currency that is not involved in dubious transactions and sanctions and will not fall under the wrath of the administration.

The same goes for boosting, raiding, and upgrade orders. A very strong role is played by the crystal clear reputation of the character and the skills of the player who completes the order.

And in examples with currency and with orders, play a role:

  • Store Reputation
  • Booster Quality
  • The speed of order processing, from application to execution
  • Communication with the performer.

Keep in mind that all these parameters play a role if you yourself want to cooperate with shopping sites as a performer.

You will need a crystal clear reputation, high-level gaming skills, and communication skills. Not a single store will risk its reputation and take an unprepared and untested person.

Advantages of RMT for the Buyer

Official stores do not always offer the full range of services required by the player. In such cases, RMT and specialized stores help.

Having spent insignificant by the standards of the hours spent to obtain a similar result in a game way, you can get:

  1. Accelerated pumping
  2. Passing difficult raids without effort and the necessary experience and equipment
  3. Getting game currency in the right amount to buy the best armor and weapons

In truth, many players have a bad attitude towards RMT, confusing it with donation.

The difference is that the donation is set strictly by the developer and often adds game items to the sale that significantly affect the difference in strength between the donated and the ordinary player.

RMT is a story about helping players to each other on a paid basis, where the intermediary is a store with authority, providing for all risks. The fact that a player will help another in a matter of hours to reach a high level does not affect the position of forces on the server, but the donation does.

Cons of RMT for the Buyer

RMT is still an unofficial service and there is still a chance of getting a ban, but a reputable store will minimize the risks by using proven boosters and clean, sanction-free currency, or will compensate for the damage caused in case of intervention from the administration.

Since in a transaction for real money, there is often a principle of paying first, and then the service is likely to be deceived, but cooperation with a good store eliminates this problem.

The main disadvantage of RMT is that it adds a greedy aspect for certain players, so after being hacked into an account, you can easily find your things on the trading floor, but this is a philosophical aspect and everyone plays and acts as they see fit, but it should be attributed to the minus.


RMT as a phenomenon does not harm the gameplay, since it is not a tool that affects the balance of power on the server. By turning to trusted stores, you can reduce the risk of a ban, or the chance of being deceived, to a minimum. Even buying powerful equipment will mean the transfer of one unit from one hand to another, but you also need to be able to manage the gain, so the skill of the game plays an important role in any case.

If you decide to learn RMT, contact trusted stores, be a good player and have fun.

Author: Abby Hill