D2 Seasonal Activity Battlegrounds Guide: Shotguns and Builds To Clear Fast

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Updated On January 31, 2024
We all love to play video games.

They pull us in with amazing stories and captivating gameplay and make us forget the stress of life for just a brief moment.

But every once in a while you’ll come across a title that you just don’t wanna let go of.

Destiny 2 is one such title. 

Since its release in 2017, this MMO FPS has been dominating the gaming community with its massive, brilliantly designed universe that is filled with stories to be explored.

Plus, it has some of the most exciting and innovative FPS multiplayer action you’ll ever see in an MMO title.

Destiny 2 also comes with a seasonal system where every season there is something new to do and explore and these activities are pretty challenging too.

So, How Do You Take Your Seasonal Game to the Next Level?

Destiny 2 is not just about you having a good aim or even a good positioning.

So, if you are a player who wants to stand at the top of the PvE rankings, you need to have the right gear and build to match your playstyle.

Well, many new players get stuck and might need help from game boosters like LevelUpper to rank, but in this blog post, we’ll tell you some of the best builds, exotics, weapons, and mods to take your game to the next level this season.


It is recommended that you try using Destiny 2’s new loadout system to save all your builds. This system makes it easy for you to swap between them quickly. This means that you can save a lot of time and you can also change builds according to the in-game activities if necessary.

The Best Destiny 2 Builds for Each Class

Best Destiny 2 Builds for Each Class

Since the release of the Light 3.0 subclass mods that came in 2022, the devs of Destiny 2 have constantly been introducing fresh exotic weapons and armor pieces.

And, with the new Armor Charge Mod system as well as the addition of the Lightfall’s Strand subclasses, this game has taken a whole new look for players all around.

This has pretty much resulted in hundreds of different builds that are possible these days, and many of them are OP too.

Here are some of the best builds that are too OP and stand out among the others for each class.

1. Void Hunter Nightstalker Build

Destiny 2 Void Hunter Nightstalker Build.webp
AbilitiesShadowshot (Deadfall or Moebius Quiver), Marksman’s Dodge, Vortex Grenade
AspectsStylish Executioner, Vanishing Step
FragmentsEcho of Cessation, Echo of Starvation, Echo of Persistence, Echo of Obscurity
ExoticsGyrfalcon’s Hauberk
Armor ModsHarmonic/Void Siphon (x2), Bolstering Detonation, Impact Induction, Charged Up, Stacks on Stacks, Insulation, Utility Kickstart (x2)
StatsMobility, Resilience, Discipline
WeaponsVoid primary

You know, at its core, the Nightstalker build is pretty much focused on taking advantage of the synergy between the Gyrfalcons Hauberk Exotic chest armor and the Stylish Executioner and Vanishing Step Aspects.

This gives volatile rounds to your void weapons when you come out of invisibility, while the aspects can make you invisible again when you kill a volatile target or dodge.

By using all of these together, you can pretty much infinitely chain volatile kills and invisibility procs as long as you’re using the Void Weapons.

And with the Echo of Cessation, you can create Void breaches when you kill volatile enemies.

This can give you class abilities and can also help you dodge back faster.

2. Solar Hunter Gunslinger Build

Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Gunslinger Build.webp
AbilitiesBlade Barrage, Gambler’s Dodge, Proximity Explosive Knife, Solar Grenade
AspectsKnock ‘Em Down, On Your Mark
FragmentsEmber of Torches, Ember of Mercy, Ember of Char, Ember of Searing, Ember of Blistering
ExoticsCaliaban’s Hand
Armor ModsHarmonic/Solar Siphon, Firepower, Heavy Handed, Charged Up, Solar Weapon Surge, Recuperation, Orbs of Restoration, Bomber (x2), Time Dilation, Field Prep
StatsResilience, Discipline
WeaponsSolar primary (ideally w/ Incandescent perk)

While Solar Gunslinger is pretty much the weakest option for hunters, this build might just change your mind.

The main star of the show is the Caliaban’s Hand Exotic gauntlets that make Proximity Explosive Knives cause explosions whenever you get a last hit with them.

Plus, it pairs pretty well with the Ember of Torches Fragment and Knock ‘Em ZDown Aspects.

This will give you a radiant damage buff when you use your knife and you also get to recover your knife energy when you get a kill with one.

3. Arc Warlock Stormcaller Build

Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Stormcaller Build
AbilitiesChaos Reach, Healing Rift, Ball Lightning, Pulse Grenade
AspectsElectrostatic Mind, Arc Soul
FragmentsSpark of Shock, Spark of Ions, Spark of Discharge, Spark of Amplitude
ExoticsFallen Sunstar
Armor ModsHarmonic/Arc Siphon, Ashes to Assets, Focusing Strike, Bolstering Detonation, Charged Up, Stacks On Stacks, Arc Weapon Surge, Time Dilation, Recuperation, Bomber (x2)
StatsResilience, Recovery, Discipline
WeaponsArc weapon w/ Voltshot

The Arc Build is pretty much an offensive support-focused build.

It allows you to clear crowds of A-Ds with powerful ability spam while also helping your teammates get their abilities back faster.

The main part of the build is the Fallen Sunstar Exotic Helmet, which can make your Ionic Traces degenerate with the help of an Electrostatic Mind Aspect whenever you kill a jolted target.

The main goal of this build is to make as many ionic Traces as possible.

So, in combination with this, we have also picked the Arc Soul aspect that can create a “buddy” when you cast a rift that automatically shoots Arc bolts at your enemies.

And the best part is that Arc Soul kills count as Ability Kills so they’ll make Ionic Traces too.

4. Solar Warlock Dawnblade Build

Destiny 2: Solar Warlock Dawnblade Build
AbilitiesWell of Radiance, Empowering Rift, Celestial Fire OR Incinerator Snap, Fusion Grenades
AspectsTouch Of Flame, Heat Rises
FragmentsEmber of Resolve, Ember of Eruption, Ember of Char, Ember of Searing
ExoticsStarfire Protocol
Armor ModsHarmonic/Solar Siphon, Ashes to Assets, Firepower, Momentum Transfer, Emergency Reinforcement, Charged Up, Stacks On Stacks, Recuperation, Innervation, Bomber (x2), Reaper
StatsResilience, Discipline, Recovery
WeaponsSolar weapons, Witherhoard OR Osteo Striga

The Solar Warlock also known as the Starfire Protocol build is pretty much the best Destiny 2 build in the entire game.

With this build you get to spam Fusion Grenades infinitely, you also get a ton of healing buff and with the Well of Radiance Supers, you also have plenty of melee charge-ups too.

To get it all started, you first need to cast the Empowering Rift and then throw two Fusion Grenades at the enemies.

You then need to use a timed damage weapon on the enemies while you’re in the Empowering Rift state to use the Starfire Protocols Fusion Harness perk to get all your Fusion Grenades back.

Plus, whenever you get a kill with the grenades, the Fusion harness will also give you fill-class ability energy.

This allows you to cast another Empowering Rift and repeat this cycle infinitely.

5. Solar Titan Sunbreaker Build

Destiny 2 Solar Titan Sunbreaker Build
AbilitiesHammer of Sol OR Burning Maul, Towering Barricade, Throwing Hammer, Solar Grenade
AspectsSol Invictus, Roaring Flames
FragmentsEmber of Singeing, Ember of Searing, Ember of Resolve, Ember of Torches
ExoticsLorely Splendor Helm
Armor ModsHarmonic/Solar Siphon, Ashes to Assets (x2), Heavy Handed, Focusing Strike, Bolstering Detonation, Charged Up, Innervation (x2), Solar Weapon Surge, Bomber (x2), Time Dilation
StatsResilience, Discipline, Recovery
WeaponsSolar weapons (ideally w/ Incandescent perk)

This Titan build became the best overall build when Solar 3.0 and the Lorely Splendor Helm Exotic came out in the Season of the Haunted.

In the later seasons, this combo was nerfed but not by much.

With the Sol Invictus and Roaring Flames Aspects, you can use the throwing hammer to kill all your enemies and create sunspots that can not only heal you up but it can also scorch your enemies while also building up the Roaring Flames Solar ability damage buffs.

Also, when you’re in a tight spot, you can easily cast your barricade instantly and put in a sunspot to heal yourself.

This is all because of the Lorely Splendor Helm’s Cauterizing Flame Perk.

The helmet auto-releases this sunspot too if you ever get critically injured and lose a lot of HP.


Well, there you have it.

These are some of the best Destiny 2 builds to use in the latest season, but in the future, new gear and gameplay tweaks will surely change how the game can be experienced.

Plus, Bungie is pretty famous for adding new exotics and making balance adjustments over time.

Remember, even if you get the best build in the game, it won’t result in you having fun.

The real fun is experimenting and getting your own unique build that suits your style.

So, play, experiment, and enjoy all the game has to offer.

Author: Eric J. Lagunas