Beyond the Screen: The Art and Science of Online Gaming

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Updated On March 6, 2024
Science of Online Gaming

Online gaming is not a new thing nowadays. According to Exploding Topics, “Globally, there are approximately 3.09 billion active video game players. By 2024, there are expected to be 3.32 billion gamers worldwide. ” As stated by some industry experts, one of the key reasons why this sector has boomed so much is its constant evolution and innovations. 

Games nowadays are poles apart from how they used to be back in the day. That has only been possible due to the immense effort and time given by developers.

Therefore, embracing their endeavor, this write-up is going to dive deeper into how innovation, or art and science has managed to help the whole online gaming industry.

A Digital Canvas for Creators

Online games are all about providing a digital escape to gamers from their regular lame life. This might sound like a Utopia, but that is what designers thrive for. From characters to story, including the setting of the game, and its environment, everything needs to be perfect. 

Visual Splendor

On comparing the graphics of some games from old times to the new ones, you will witness a massive change in their clarity and smoothness. Newer games are running on modern programs and engines, such as Unreal Engine 5, which makes them feel almost real. Be it a heroic personality feature of the character, or minute details of the surroundings, everything has taken a realistic turn. 

Bringing Characters to Life

As mentioned, the games are taking a realistic turn to bring the virtual world into real life. A bad experience indeed outsells the hype. Therefore, game companies believe that building an immersive gaming experience is far better than creating a hoax with unnecessary marketing tactics. This initiative can be seen in the latest game of the Last of Us series.

The Last of Us Part II. This game is a milestone in the development history and gives us a clear picture of the potential that this sector holds. In each moment of fear, happiness, sorrow, or anger, you can bond with their emotions due to the flawless depiction of microexpressions given to the characters by developers. 

Crafting Captivating Stories

How can we forget about the story of the game? The story is another big factor on which the success of a project relies. In fact, according to a 2021 report by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), “62% of studios surveyed have dedicated narrative or story design teams, showcasing the increasing importance of storytelling in games.”. As a gamer, you can also find free online FPS games to play and experience these stories.

The Science Behind the Pixels

Art and story alone cannot make a masterpiece, especially when it is about creating a game. You also have to ensure that the tech behind pixel is also to the point. 

Developing Game Engines

Game engines work as foundations stone on which the visuals of your game are going to be defined. Modern game engines such as Unreal Engine 5 by EA, Unity, GameMaker, etc. are all responsible for making your project look captivating. These engines not only make graphics look better but also take care of all the physics rules so that the game feels more realistic. 

Advancements in Hardware

Since novel hardware equipment such as graphic cards, RAMs, processors, etc. are making computer machines smarter and stronger, game developers are gradually becoming creators of their own virtual world. With these massive hardware specs, game building not only becomes faster but also achieves milestones and claims its place in the headlines.

Complex Coding in AI

Keeping the AI vs Human debate aside, let us focus on what AI is doing in our favor. In the gaming industry, AI is taking the responsibility for making operations more streamlined. Now, various complex codes, as well as recurring codes are being assigned to artificial intelligence, which luckily also results in better efficiency.

Gaming Communities: Where Art & Science Converge

Since the internet has penetrated its existence in almost every corner of the planet, online gaming has also become a community. Online gaming is not only limited to the game itself but also fosters a whole community around the globe. Here are some signs of a healthy online gaming community:

Fan-Made Content

Being a fan of so many games in our personal lives, we can agree that once you are in love with a game, it is almost impossible to get over it for quite a few weeks. Likewise, fans of different online games from around the world create content for similar communities to connect strongly and celebrate their bond.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Next to creating exciting content about the game, the community also thrives by solving problems or queries of newbies. To strengthen or expand their family to newer limits, gamers come together and make a welcoming environment for people to embrace the science and art involved in a project.

Here are some top online games with the biggest communities worldwide: 
League of Legends (LoL),
Dota 2, and
World of Warcraft (WoW).

Final Words

Online games nowadays are not only for killing free time or to have fun. In fact, these games are taking a realistic turn that might fool you in some cases. Modern games like The Last of Us: Part II take this realism to the next level with their high-end graphics and emotional stories.

These games are now able to connect with real humans and gather them around at a single virtual destination forming a whole community with similar interests.

Author: Eric J. Lagunas