The Future of Art? A Review of the Top AI Art Generators in the Market

Written by Abby Hill
3 mins, 19 secs Read
Updated On November 22, 2023

With Artificial Intelligence touching every realm of our day-to-day lives, how the field of art could be left behind? Basically, it is the technology that tries to emulate the human brain and give results accordingly. Artificial intelligence is the latest technological domain that can be used to create images or videos that imitate the style of a particular artist to create images or videos or some other pictures that are the same as a specific type of art. This enables both amateurs and experienced artists to come up with new art forms that are more intricate.

When artists need to create AI-generated art, they use AI as a creative technique. This technological advancement works with algorithms to set up specific rules through which machines analyze a number of images to understand a specific art style or aesthetic.

Artificial intelligence Generators can work in two ways as text-to-image tools, or image-to-image producers.

The AI generators that have created a buzz in the market are:

CF Spark Art

A user can draw using an AI tools like CF Spark Art. Using Creative Fabrica’s AI Art Generator, you can both draw as well as earn from your created projects. 

You can generate AI images for every creative project from scrapbooking to card making and more and post on Instagram as all images are created fully square. However, in the future one can expect to post portrait and landscape images as well when the software upgrades.

CF Spark Art tool is free to use, and you can generate as many images as you want, but you can process only one request in a queue and creation will be slower. You can always buy speed credits to jump the queue, add multiple creations in the queue and earn from your creations.


Midjourney  is an AI tool that creates images from textual descriptions, same as to OpenAI’s DALL-E and the open-source Stable Diffusion. Midjourney hardly creates images that appear as photographs, it produces images that are the same as paintings.

This AI image generator offers us a bot known as Discord as a trial for the first few image generations i.e. one needs to sign in and use Discord to generate relevant image output. Also one can easily blend images by entering two different URLs in text prompts.

DALL- E 2.

Dall- E2 is an AI Software that can create realistic images and art from plain text prompted into the software. DALL- E2 represents a key change in AI image generation technology. It allows natural-language inputs i.e. text into the images that need to be found and allows users a higher level of control over subjects, styles, techniques, angles, backgrounds, locations, actions, attributes, and concepts – and it generates images of refined quality. If you tell the software that you want the feature of photo-realism, for example, it’ll happily let you specify it in its lens and aperture choices. In a nutshell, DALL-E 2 provides more realism and accuracy, plus four times greater resolution. According to research, nearly 72% of respondents preferred DALL-E 2’s caption matching and about 89% preferred it for its photorealism. Also, OpenAI has designed DALL-E 2 to refuse to create images of celebrities or public figures. 


Jasper is an AI image generator as well as a content writer that helps us have really amazing content for our use faster. Using Jasper, we can create the perfect picture that is in tune with our content. As mentioned earlier, we can prompt the image that we want to include in our document using prompt generator. We can also specify the criteria for our images such as medium, artist, and mood to enhance the entire expression of our content.  It provides for basic mode for newbies who wish to use AI image generators by giving drop-down list to find appealing images. Another mode for finding relevant data is free-form mode where long description can be manually inputted into the box to find relevant data.

Initially, Jasper Art AI tool needs to be subscribed for access to its features of photo editing.


 Fotor is a useful and powerful photo editing tool  that includes variety of features such as crop, resize, add fiters(as in creating digital animated avatars), tilt shift, color splash , enhance and add text. It helps us to enhance the quality of photos in an easy way. Furthermore, Fotor is one of the tools that is not just text to image generator but also an image-to-image generator AI tool, also providing a batch facility for photo editing. Unlike previously mentioned AI Tools, it has its own prompt generator tool. Fotor’s image generator from the text supports 512 – 2048   width and length. It works in a way that the same text does not create the same image every time. Each time a description is entered we find a different image i.e. unique image is outputted whatever text may be inputted in the image generator.

Author: Abby Hill