Residing in the USA as an Ex-pat: A Guide

Written by Alex Smith
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Updated On July 14, 2023

The land of many opportunities and no limitations. The United States is a world leader in international affairs, and being one of the world’s strongest economies, there is no marvel as to why her cities are splendid migration options.

There are many reasons why foreign nationals migrate to the USA today; due to her liberal policies and movements, the USA is a splendid asylum and refugee option for estranged citizens from troubled countries. Additionally, world-class research facilities and educational institutions magnetize knowledge seekers annually to date. More so, some migrate in search of greener pastures and weaving a career in new professions. Whatever reason you have migrated to the USA or hoping to migrate, you are welcome to this blog on the Expat guide for living in the USA.

Things to Do Before You Arrive

By all means, be as transparent with your immigration declarations as it can cost you your stay in the USA. The country takes cases of dishonesty with immigration declarations keenly, and it may lead to deportation at any stage if discovered. Endeavor to be as truthful as possible so that in the event of any discrepancy or unclarity, you will be able to stand by your statements and defend them.

If you are staying for a short period of time, and are particular about your home delicacies and dishes, then please pack up. You can get certain European recipes and food items at the malls of cities, but when it comes to indigenous Asian, African, and local ingredients, they are hard to come by, and even when available, they may cost more than you imagined. You can come in with your little spices and delicacies so as to have an easy blend into society. A hack for doing this is to put them in labeled transparent bags so as not to run at loggerheads with security operatives at the airport.

Is the USA a Good Place to Live in?

The USA is a good place to live, judging by many parameters and features. The country as a whole is quiet, serene, and people-friendly, provided there are no criminal tendencies and the law is not behind your back. When the latter happens, you should try to resolve the matter as early as predictable.

Upon Arrival

You have three options for housing/shelter upon arriving in the US. You could have booked an apartment from your home country or, at least, be at the final stages of negotiation upon the property so that upon inspection, you can move in. Alternatively, you could spend a few days with family or friends until you find an apartment of your own. Lastly, you could utilize the motel/hotel option.

Regardless of where you are migrating from, housing in the US is on the pricier side, but there are often smaller and cheaper options, depending on the area you are moving to. For house prices in Miami Beach and other cities, read more on the official website Florida.Realestate.

Many people experience a cultural shock upon migrating to the US. The Asians may struggle with not having any serious camaraderie with their neighbors. As you move into the cities of the United States, do not come too expectant of making friends immediately. Americans are very private people, and they take their time to warm up to strangers. You may find that they keep you at arm’s length for a while, do not force communication; be neutral and try to maintain simple mutual relationships until you build trust.

Preparing for Long Term

Moving to the United States in the long term requires proper planning and adequate preparation. There are a series of procedures involved in the procurement of a visa, be it for study or for work, etc. Nevertheless, once you have your international passport stamped and approval from your place of work, or institution of your choice, you, should all things be equal, be cleared at the airport.

Things to note include the fact that living in the USA is quite expensive compared to other parts of the world. It is one of the most expensive to live in. Although transportation and many basic amenities are subsidized, other amenities, such as food, utility bills, etc., are on the higher side, which sometimes suffocates residents. Lastly, there is concern about the heavy taxes paid by the residents of the United States. The matters of taxation are one of the frontiers of hardships in the country for both locals and foreigners. To navigate this option best, you are advised to consult a tax specialist and abide by their counsel if you tend to have any issues.

Author: Alex Smith