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Who is r kelly? Where is r kelly now? How much is his net worth? Where is kelly now? Well worry not all your queries about R. kelly’s net worth is cleared in this article.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, who is well known as R. Kelly, was born in Chicago on January 8, 1967. He earned his identification when he released his first album “Born Into the 90s.” Kelly goes after his rapping from there and today he is famous for being the one great singer and songwriters of all time. His famous songs include “Ignition” and “I Believe I Can Fly.” The latest news came to light when he explained in his new 19-minute song, how he was broke. 


In 1991, R. Kelly began his music career after years of struggle and performance in the streets of Chicago. He signed an agreement with Jive Records and in the same year he released his first record “Born Into the 90s.” Kelly’s first record turned out to be a great success with the hits Honey Love and “Slow Dance (Hey Mr. Dj)”.

In 1993, his single “Bump N’ Grind” scored first No.1 on the pop charts. He continued to keep his nickname “Prince of Pillowtalk” after the death of his mother. Kelly was famous as the king of R&B and in 1996 he launched a big hit single “I Believe I Can Fly” which help him to achieve three Grammy awards in 1997.

He has collaborated with international artists including Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Gladys Knight. In the 90s, Kalley stayed as the king of R&B. in 1998, he launched his album “R.” In this album, he displayed a duet with Celine Dion entitled “I’m Your Angel.” And he sold over 7 million copies of this album. 

In 1999, he and Sean Puffy Combs made the charts with ‘Satisfy You.’ After two years, he joined the rap king Jay-Z to make another hit ‘Fiesta.’ In 2012, Kelly released “Write Me Back.” After that, he pursued making new music and sold more than millions of copies of his music. At that time R. Kelly Net worth is no more than a million.


Below are the amazing highlights of Kelly’s career:

  • Billboard Awards (Number One R&B Producer, 1994)
  • Grammy Award (Best R&B song “I Believe I Can Fly”, 1998)
  • BET Awards (Best Male R&B Artist, 2003)
  • R Kelly (Album, 1995)
  • Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me (Autobiography, 2012)
  • “Ignition” (Song, 2003)
  • “I Believe I Can Fly” (Song, 1993)
  • “Bump n’ Grind” (Song, 1993)

Personal Life

In 1994, he discreetly married Aaliyah but later on the marriage was canceled. But after two years, in 1996, Kelly married a dancer, Andrea Lee, and they had three kids together before divorcing in 2009. 

His career has had its share of controversies over recent years. Kelly was jailed and charged with having sex with a minor girl. He was ultimately clear for all 14 charges.

R Kelly Net worth – How much is r kelly worth?

Robert Sylvester Kelly is the great music artist of this era and the best hip-hop and R&B musician of all time. He has been on top of his music career for so long and has lived a very luxurious life. He has made a lot of income in his whole profession but lost because of all the charges against him. And now he is in a negative of $1.3 million.

He could have had a lot of millions in his account but due to all the lawsuits filed against him and sexual crimes, he lost all his earnings. He has paid courts, lawyers, and women millions of dollars to pay the charges. Lately, Kelly spent $1 million to get bail and that is the reason why he has nothing left with him. The estimated R Kelly Net Worth in 2020 is $100 million. In 2021 net worth of R kelly is about is same as in 2020. Now R Kelly Net Worth in 2022 is -$2 Million.


Ans:He was found not guilty after a 2008 child pornography trial. Till the 2019 documentary tv show Surviving R. Kelly rekindled public interest in allegations of Kelly sexual assault with kids, Kelly avoided serious repercussions.

Ans: Kelly’s net worth is currently negative $2 million as he approaches his punishment. He disclosed in 2020 that he owes the IRS $2 million in total and probably has a number of other overdue financial commitments.

Ans: R kelly age is 55 years.

Ans: Now R. Kelly’s net worth is estimated and you can check it on https://www.thesquander.com/.

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