Top 5 Popular Sports in the World


Playing sports has been one of the most engaging hobbies for people around the world. For most, it turns into a passion that continues for the entirety of their lives. Watching sports has gained massive popularity on a global level with close to a billion views on most streaming channels. Among all the sports, there are some which take the world by storm every year it occurs. Moreover, while most of these sports are male-centric, there are various women-based teams of some of the top-class players the world has ever seen. You can watch those sports live either at the stadium or online in the comfort of your home. You can refer to various platforms to stream them online, like opting for Kayo Sports outside Australia, etc. So, here are the top 5 popular sports in the world that take the lead in their fan following.


Cricket has seen some of the craziest stir in the world, especially from its South Asian viewers. It contains a viewership of almost 3 billion. With a 22-yard-long pitch in the middle of the ground with 11 players on each side of the team, each one attempts to score as many runs as possible to win. Both the teams take turns to bat and ball in a thrilling environment of fans watching them from all over the world. The cricket world cup brings out the most passionate of fans to watch this competitive sport.


Basketball is also among the most popular games in the world, especially in the US, Canada, China, and the Philippines. With five players on each side, each team has to score by throwing the ball through the basket that is placed at 10 bases (3.0 m) high and 18 elevations (46 cm) in the periphery at each end. It is one of the fun games to watch on a global level and has a huge following, especially in the western world of about at least 2 billion. 


Both field hockey and ice hockey have made their place around the world with around 2.2 billion fans watching this sport live. It has the most following in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. It is also the national sport of Pakistan. To simply explain how it works, hockey is played among two teams who have to score by using a hockey stick to throw the opponent’s ball (aka elf) into the goalpost. Naturally, whoever scores the most points wins the game. Ice hockey is also very interesting to play, especially the way it makes the game difficult with the players wearing ice skates and warm clothing to play.


So far, no other sport has a bigger popularity in the world than soccer as it contains at least 3.5 billion fans following on a global level. It is also called football due to its method of using the ball to score by kicking it. It is played among two teams of 11 players each. In total, around 250 million players are participating in more than 200 nations. The recent FIFA game in 2022 gained a massive upheaval around the world with Leonel Messi taking the trophy, making it among the most memorable matches of all time.


Tennis has around a billion fans around the world, especially in Europe, America, and Asia. It is played either between one individual from both teams or in pairs. One has to score by hitting a small rubber ball with a tennis racket which has to go over the net and prevent the player from the opposite team from scoring. Playing tennis can also get very competitive and aggressive with both teams hitting the balls from their end. Tennis is among the sports which have made multiple advancements to bring forward more women into the game. Many top-notch, female-based tennis matches have bought forward a lot of exemplary female players in front of the world. Some of the most famous tennis players include Serena Williams, Iga Swiatek, Jessica Pegula, Sania Mirza, etc. to make their mark in this world-famous sport.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top 5 popular sports in the world which have not only gained massive popularity around the world but have also created an era of sports lovers uniting together to enjoy the game with something more than just a shared love for the game and their choice of teams. While nothing beats the experience of watching the game live at the stadium, you can also have the maximum fun by watching it with your friends at home with snacks and a cozy environment giving you the most comfortable vibes. Watch these top sports around the world and have a few hours of undivided fun in your day.

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