7 Tips to Maintain Your Roof and to Make It Last Longer

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 25, 2023

No matter how many times you listen that the roof is the most important part of your home, some of you may still neglect its maintenance. There may be a plethora of reasons – your busy schedule, ignorance, the house being empty, tenants not looking after properly, and so on. 

Whatever the reason, you should pick a time in your daily routine where you can inspect your roof at least once a month. Even though you think the roof is clean and neat, the natural climate like heavy winds and snow may take a toll on your roof.

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If you fail to check the condition of the roof, then the quality slowly deteriorates leading to worse problems like leaking, roof concrete falling, etc. And another worse part is, if you have gutters attached to the roof, then the whole gutter system gets affected leading to expensive repairs and replacements.

To avoid such disasters, we have curated a maintenance list for your roof which you can follow from time to time. They allow you to maintain the roof in a proper condition avoiding you to shed pretty bucks for roof repairs. Let’s know what they are without any delay:

1. Remove the Overhanging Branches and Leaves

Overhung branches can damage your roof with their weight and movement. The damage is slow but inevitable. Moreover, the debris and other waste coming from the overhung branches can block the roof drainage. During the rainy season, the fallen leaves get wet and lead to the formation of mold and algae. The fungus can damage your roof if you don’t clean them immediately. And not to mention the rotten smell that comes from the wet debris which can pollute the air around your house.

2. Inspect your roof and remove broken tiles and shingles

Always inspect your roof and see if there are broken tiles. Because the broken tiles sometimes have an underlying cause in the roof. If the roof is damaged or its quality is slowly depleting, then it can’t stick the tiles to it causing the tiles or shingles to fall or break. So, if you notice any broken shingles, then make sure to check your roof for any possible damage.

3. Strictly Clean Your Roof

Don’t ever ignore or neglect cleaning the roof. Cleaning frequently will ensure that you notice the problems sooner before they get worse and more expensive.

When cleaning, make sure to remove algae, fungus, debris, dust, bird feces, and other dust that might support the roof damage. 

Cleaning your roof is not a herculean task. Using a pressure pipe is enough as the water force can effectively remove the algae and other waste from your roof. Always ensure that you’re cleaning the roof in which the water can flow easily.

Also, avoid using detergents and other strong chemicals as they can potentially damage the roof instead of restoring it. Using soap water and a brush is often enough to clean the roof.

4. Don’t Forget Your Gutters

If you’ve installed the gutters on your roof, then they are the important part of the roof that must be cleaned along with it. When you clean the roof, the waste and debris can get into the gutters causing clogging and blockage, thus damaging your gutters. Damaged gutters are one of the common causes of roof leaks. It is easily rectified when you clean the gutters along with the roof.

There are various methods to clean your gutters so that you can enjoy their benefits all throughout the year. Whenever you find leakage, ensure that you repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage both to your gutters and roofs.

5. Ensure that Your Roof has Proper Drainage

Sometimes, the roof may also get flooded if there’s no proper way out for the water to go. If you notice puddles of water always staying on the roof, then get the drainages checked by professionals who can remove the clogged dust and debris without any hassle. Ignoring the water on the roof for too long will depreciate the quality of the roof and you will soon be finding yourself shedding money for expensive roof repairs.

6. Always Check for Leaks and Damage

To maintain the roof and to make sure that it’s lasting longer, you have to frequently check for the leakages and other kinds of damage that could happen to the roof. You should do it, especially during rainy and windy days when you could see potential damage occurring to your roof. Know here what to do if your roof is leaking so that you can manage the leakage problem until a professional arrives at your house.

7. Get a Professional Roof Check Annually

Just like electrical appliances need annual servicing, you should check your roof and get it serviced by a professional. It helps you to avoid expensive repairs in the future as you can detect the problems sooner with the help of an expert. Whenever you get time, make sure you’re booking an appointment for a professional service to check the roof.

Make Your Roof a Colourful and Entertaining Spot

Many consider the roof the least entertaining spot at home. However, with creativity, you can use it as a recreating spot for your family. For instance, you can place plants and flower pots throughout the roof to make it a colorful place. You can grow a small vegetable garden by growing your favorite veggies or fruits. 

You can also use the roof as an entertaining place for your kids by installing an inflating pool and other feasible games. If you want, you can also create a temporary room with steel sheets so that you can use it whenever there are extra guests at your home.

All of this is possible when your roof is in proper condition. So, make sure the roof is free from visual debris and other waste. If you gave your house for rent, then make sure your tenants are maintaining it properly. You can check it whenever you have free time so that the roof’s condition has not deteriorated. 

Author: Abby Hill