Housing Abroad and Long-term Rentals in Thailand

Written by Alex Smith
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Updated On September 13, 2023

As a foreigner looking to stay for some time in Thailand, Asia is a very good and welcome idea. The apartments available for rental in Thailand are really affordable with different options that suit the lifestyle that a person wants. How about on a long-term basis? This question is one that should be answered to help interested foreigners to know what to expect and what is in it for him or them. For a foreigner who wants to stay for a period of three to nine months in Thailand, it is important that this is possible. Flats prices in Thailand cost however are dependent on factors such as the kind of lifestyle the person opts for and the area and district of the home they want. 

What Does Thailand Have to Offer?

The questions that need answers are such as, what do I expect? What does Thailand hold for me?

These questions are quite easy to answer. Thailand is a country with great cities that are recognized for their luxury and beautiful environment. Thailand has various things to keep one busy while they enjoy their stay in the country. Native food that one can only have the opportunity to try out in Thailand, beautiful beaches and waterfront views, and stunning mountain views amongst many others. No doubt the country is seen as a center of constant visitation by tourists and visitors.

What is Available for Long-term Rental in Thailand?

Now that we have seen what is there to enjoy, this is a very important part of decision-making. What kind of housing can I rent? Which will be better? Which should I go for? The common types of properties available in Thailand for rentals will be reviewed in this session so one can have an idea of what they are and why they should or should not be put into consideration.


This is one type of property that should be considered for long-term rentals. Budget-friendly and provides very good amenities for its occupants. They span across very large spaces for living such that you have all the space to live in so much comfort and luxury. Thinking about the provision of electricity, water supply, and every other basic need of an occupant? These are taken care of and are sure not to be an issue of any kind all for a pocket-friendly price.


This kind of property is just like the condominium but slightly different and in some cases is considered to be a bit cheaper than the condominium. What does it offer? Basic amenities as needed for daily living are provided all for the usage of the occupants. At little cost, apartments provide great luxury.

Serviced Apartments

As one may think, serviced apartments are properties that are available for rental in Thailand. They are apartments that offer extra services to the occupants. Such services may include already furnished apartments, cleaners, and some other people available to keep the apartment in check and give the occupants a chance to not be busy with some chores.

Villas and Townhouses

Are you one looking for so much personal space in great luxury? Villas are also available in Thailand for rental to visitors and foreigners in the country for the long term. This offers great comfort as though it is your home. This however may be one of the most expensive of all kinds of apartments that may be available for rentals however, one is sure to get the luxury and comfort they need and even more. Townhouses are also available for rentals with their prices being a bit below that of villas. Alongside comfort and class, townhouses offer the opportunity to live in the midst of people and have them as neighbors. 

In Summary

There are other types of properties that can be rented for long-term rentals. However, the few highlighted in this text covers the most popular and those that are readily available in the country. The class and comfort are sure to meet and exceed anyone’s expectations as all properties that will be rented are in great tranquil environments with very perfect climatic conditions to assure prospective occupants the comfort they crave as they stay for some time. Read more on the official website Thailand-Real.Estate.

Author: Alex Smith