The Options for Junior College Math Tuition

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Updated On December 22, 2023

Many junior college students may find out almost too late that JC H2 maths is much more challenging than the A-math they had at the secondary level. This sudden increase in difficulty level will come as a shock to many JC because JC maths requires page-long solutions for just a few marks. The increase in difficulty is apparent in the fact that most JC students in Singapore fail H2 maths in their first year. This is the reason why reaching out for help through JC math tuition in Singapore has become the norm in this country.

The Difference Between Secondary Maths and JC H2 Math


Compared to A-math or secondary level math, JC H2 maths requires students to be more proactive in solving problems, and equations, and in practicing these solutions. Unlike secondary math, JC maths requires students to learn multiple ways to solve a problem or equation. This means that students need to get a bigger grip on concepts, theories, and other abilities to think critically.

Even students who have excelled in secondary maths will find that transitioning from A-maths to H2 maths is a constant struggle because of the huge gap to bridge between both maths. Sadly, most JC H2 math teachers and their lectures immediately dive into the theories and concepts with the expectation that students have an understanding of the topics based on their secondary math background. Remember that in J1, there are only 7 months for preparation and another 10 months before the A-level maths exams. The importance of JC math tuition and starting early cannot be stressed enough.

Importance of JC Math Tuition

Like any academic level, junior college subjects will include H2 maths that the student must pass to graduate. While the accepted logic is that students must do well in the subjects that are related to their career choice, students cannot ignore H2 maths in any way, let alone fail the subject altogether. Also, should students wish to pursue a career in relation to technology, science, and STEM, they need to gain mastery of H2 mathematics. Thus, as early as possible, it is important to get JC math tuition in Singapore.

Options for H2 Math Tutoring

Undeniably, since tutoring has become an educational necessity for many students (and their families), it has also become a thriving business in Singapore. When it comes to H2 math tutoring, parents can have a preference for online or private home tutoring.

Online private tutoring is an option for families who are still wary of the pandemic and wish to maximize the protection of their children. The student only needs a computer and internet connection. All tutoring sessions are still in private and are one-to-one between the tutor and student, although done online through live streaming. Sessions are in real-time and are still personalized to the student’s needs.

Private home tutoring is done through one-to-one scheduled tutoring interactions when the tutor visits the students at their homes. Because of the face-to-face sessions, teaching sessions become personalized to the student’s needs. The individual attention given to the student means private tutoring can cross boundaries to fix weaknesses since the tutor is often specialized in JC H2 maths.

Advantages of Hiring from JC Math Tuition in Singapore

Social Motivation

Many junior college students will feel more inclined to spend quality time with their tutoring peers when they see that the tutor can soften up the challenges of studying H2 math. Motivation is further strengthened when the student sees that his/her learning, scores, and grades are greatly improving week by week.

Personalized Attention and Special Resources

Private home tutoring offers one-to-one and focused sessions, with each session lasting only around an hour to an hour and a half. This means students can maximize their interaction with the tutor, asking many questions and clarifications that could not be possible in a classroom environment of 20-30 students. Likewise, because of the specialization, credentials, and experience of the tutor, papers, summaries, course materials, pre-recorded videos, sample tests/exams, and other resources are available that have been collected by the tutor over the past years.

Flexibility and Pace

With a private tutor, tutoring schedules, dates, and times can be adjusted or re-adjusted in case of family priorities or sickness. The experience and skill of the private tutor also mean he/she will only move at the right pace for the student, speeding up or slowing down to get progress but preventing overwhelming the student.

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Author: Zayn Tindall