Tips to Crack Maths Olympiad Class 6

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Updated On December 22, 2023

Maths is a subject of self-assessment. In this subject students maximum utilize their brains. The Maths Olympiad is a good opportunity for students who love to explore the world of Maths. Here students learn to play with the numbers. They learn new tips and tricks of Maths. Students try to test their potential to the maximum. With the help of the Olympiad, students are molded in such a way that they can solve tricky and difficult questions too.

Exam Pattern 

Since 2020, the Maths Olympiad has been conducted online. In case of any new notification, students will get the information from the website. The Olympiad is carried out in two different levels

  1. Level 1- the exam time is 60 minutes. This is for the students of classes 1 to 12. Class 1 to 4 has to attempt only 35 MCQs while classes 5 to 12 have to attempt 50 MCQ.
  1. Level 2- This level is for students of classes 3 to 12. The following mentioned students qualify for the exam.
  • School-level- Usually the class topper is selected. In case more students participate in level 1 than students with a minimum of 50% are considered.
  • Zone level- the first 25 rank holders from each class
  • International level- the top 5% of candidates who have appeared in level 1 internationally. 

How to Participate in the Maths Olympiad?

  • Students can register themselves online on the IMO website.
  • Students can also talk with their school teachers regarding this
  • On the website, students can fill and download the examination form.
  • After the competition of the registration, all the other details will be available on the site itself.

Is the Math Olympiad Good for the students?

YES, Maths Olympiad is one of the important opportunities for the students. Following are the reasons mentioned that why maths olympiad is good for students 

  • It helps students to improve their basic mathematics.
  • It makes the brain sharper.
  • It increases the concentration power of the students.
  • Students can apply short tricks and tips in their academic studies too.
  • It helps them to develop competitive skills.
  • It encourages the students to maximize their brains to find out the right answer.

Eligibility of the exam

For the Maths Olympiad students from classes, 1 to 12 can participate. Students can either register themselves on the website or can talk with their respective school teachers.

Syllabus of the Class 6 Maths Olympiad

Chapter topics
1Knowing our numbers
2Whole numbers 
3Playing with numbers 
4Basic Geometrical ideas
5Understanding elementary shapes
9Data handling 
12Ratio and proportion 
14Practical geometry 
15Logical reasoning 

Tips to Crack Maths Olympiad Class 6

Students should always keep in mind that cracking the competitive exam is not difficult. Here students should pay proper attention to their study pattern. Following are the tips which will help the students to crack the examination

  1. Students must be thorough with their course patterns. They should study the course pattern nicely and in-depth. Collect proper study material before beginning the preparation of the exam.
  2. Students should keep in mind that the course is not different from the academics. They only need to understand the trick behind the question. If the students are able to crack those tricks then they can easily master the difficult level questions.
  3. One can also practice with the help of the Maths Olympiad workbook. The workbook consists of various patterns and levels of questions. The explanation of every question is also given so that students can easily understand.
  4. Students can also refer to the NCERT books. NCERT books are loaded with a number of tricks and easy concepts. Students can easily understand the NCERT and then can solve the Olympiad workbook.
  5. Students should also solve previous years’ question papers. Question papers are the best guides. By doing so they will understand the pattern of questions asked in the exam. Students can find here IMO Maths Olympiad Previous year Question paper class 6 2011
  6. In case of any doubts, never hesitate to talk with the teachers. They will guide in their best possible ways. Try to listen to them properly and understand the concepts thoroughly.
  7. Students can also study for Olympiads in groups. By studying in groups students can easily share their problems and doubts with their friends. And on the other hand, they will be able to solve their friend’s doubts too. By doing so they can understand the concepts in better form.
  8. Always keep in mind that one can crack competitive exams only when they keep their body healthy. Always maintain a healthy diet. Load your body with properly balanced nutrients.
  9. Always relax while studying. Students should keep their minds calm while preparing for the examination. Never load yourself with any kind of unnecessary pressure. This might create severe troubles in the brain.
  10. Never create any type of negative thoughts in mind. Negative thoughts always decrease the morale of an individual. One can practice meditation, go for a walk, listen to music, etc, to avoid these kinds of thoughts. 

Ranking Criteria of the Olympiad

If two or more students score the same marks in the Maths olympiad then the student is awarded a higher rank based on marks scored in these sections 

  • Achievers section
  • Mathematical reasoning 
  • Everyday mathematics
  • Logical reasoning


Today is a world of competition. Every student wishes to score higher marks than the other. Students should always keep in mind that competitions should always be a healthy one. They should not carry out any sort of unfair means to crack the examinations. The exams are part of everyone’s life. If the students do not succeed on the first attempt then they should not give up. They should work even harder the next time. One can only succeed by practicing hard. Students must follow all the above methods to score high marks and crack the competition. 

Author: Zayn Tindall