TTU Blackboard Login: Make Distance Learning Easy With This Online Platform

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Updated On February 1, 2024

Texas Tech University is a renowned institute in Lubbock, Texas, US, with other campuses in Amarillo and Beatty County. The university offers more than 150 degree courses. 

To promote education and make it accessible to all people, TTU has also launched its TTU Blackboard platform, just like the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ UAF Blackboard portal. Through the dashboard, you can access online classes, Techmail, TTU Raiderlink, university news & bulletins, and a lot more. 

To learn more about the Blackboard TTU login Learning Management System and its benefits, you can continue reading this article.  

TTU Blackboard Login Process

To begin with the login procedure, you will need TTU login credentials, a phone or PC, a stable internet connection, and an updated web browser. After that, you can easily access your account by following the steps mentioned here: 

  1. First, go to the official TTU Blackboard Sign In website. 
    Visit the TTU Blackboard login site
  1. Now, enter your TTU/eRaider or TTU-HSC/eRaider Username or your email address, followed by the Password in the given fields.
    Enter login credentials
  1. At last, click on the Sign in button. 
    Click on Sign in

And, you are ready to explore the platform and access all its features like syllabus, tutorials, study materials, schedules, and more. 


Never share your TTU login credentials with anybody, and remember that no member of TTU will ask for it. 

How to Set Up a TTU Blackboard Sign in Account? 

The platform offers comprehensive coverage of all campuses of TTU, which helps students access all study resources from their remote locations. So, if you are a Texas Tech University student, create your account on the TTUBlackboard portal through the following process: 

  1. Open the official site of TTUBlackboard eRaider login page and click on the Set-Up Account button. 
    Visit login sites then Click Set Up Account
  1. On the next page, submit all the required details, including first & last name, Date of Birth, and code. Then, click on the Confirm option. 
    Enter details then Select Confirmc
  1. Next, go through the Terms of Use and select Agree
    Read Instructions then Hit Agree
  1. After that, fill out the biographical information and click on Continue
    Submit details then Continues
  1. Then, enter your Phone Number and Email Address, select Contact Method, and select Continue to get the verification code. 
    Fill in Contact Informations then Click Continue
  1. Now, type in the code in the respective fields that you received on your number and email, and click on Continue
    Submit Verification Code then Continue
  1. Next, create a Password, confirm it, and hit the Continue button. 
    Create a password then Continue
  1. At last, recheck the application and then approve the submission by selecting Complete Account Set-up. In case, there is any error, then go back and fill in the correct information. 
    Select Complete Account Set Up
  1. Finally, your eRaider Username will be displayed on the screen that you can note down to log in to the platform.
    eRaider Account Set Up done

The portal may take up to 30 minutes to set up your account. Once, it is done, you can easily continue with the TTU Blackboard login process discussed above.

How to Reset Blackboard Login TTU Password and Username?

Are you unable to recall your TTU Blackboard Password or Username? Here is the easy process for regenerating the credentials given:

Resetting the Password

Here is the procedure to generate a new Blackboard TTU login password: 

  1. Go to the TTU Blackbaord login page and click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ button.
    Visit login page then Click on Forgot Password
  1. Now, enter your eRaider Username and Date of Birth in the respective fields and click on Continue. 
    Submit details
  1. Next, fill in your TechID or Social Security Number (SSN) and click on Continue
    Fill in SSN and Continue
  1. The portal will ask you to select either Voice Call or Text Message and then click on Continue to get the verification code. 
    Select contact mode
  1. On the next page, enter the code and select Verify
    Submit Code then Verify
  1. After that, fill in the new password, re-enter it, and click on Set Password
    Create New Password then Click Set Password


It is recommended that you read the eRaider password requirements before creating a new password.

Resetting Username

To create a new TTU Blackboard Sign-in username, continue with the following steps:

  1. Visit the TTU login page and click on the ‘Forgot Username?’ button. 
    Visit login site then Click on Forgot Username
  1. On the next page, you are required to enter your eRaider First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth and select Continue.
    Submit details then Select Continue
  1. Now, select either Voice Call or Text Message and then continue. The portal will send a verification code to your registered mobile number.
    Select Contact Mode then Continue
  1. Fill in the code into the respective field and select Verify.
    Submit verification code then Select Verify
  1. At last, a new eRaider TTU Username will be displayed on your screen.
    New eRaider Username generated

Congratulations! You have generated a new username and password for your account. However, you may have to wait for about 5 minutes to bring them into function for all eRaider-authenticated services. 

Benefits of Blackboard TTU Login

No doubt, TTU Blackboard is a great platform with a user-friendly interface. Here, you can submit all your assignments and projects and use various web-based tools such as wikis, e-portfolios, and much more. 

Several benefits of Blackboard TTU are as follows:

  • Direct access to the Eagle Online TTU login.
  • Stay updated with your course registration, projects, assignments, degrees, and exams
  • Check your rankings and grades.
  • Encrypted TechMail facility that contains your personal information, including your documents and photos. 
  • Send multiple messages to multiple users at the same time. 
  • Access electronic identification
  • Go through the schedule of your classes. 
  • Easy joining and withdrawal of enrollment from a class whenever needed. 
  • Check the direct deposits made to your student account. 
  • Collect information about all the latest news and updates regarding the notices, press releases, and other notifications officially issued by the university. 

Furthermore, the portal also contains some important contact details which might be helpful in case of an emergency. This makes the Blackboard login TTU process worthwhile and promotes the culture of distance learning by delivering all information and materials on a single platform.  

Blackboard Login TTU Customer Support

Sometimes, you might face issues while accessing your Blackboard account. This can happen because of the temporary block imposed by the portal on your profile. In most cases, this issue is resolved by the university within 15 minutes. Otherwise, you can reach out to Blackboard Support through the contact details given below: 

Apart from this, if you are having issues with the Texas Tech Blackboard login Username and Password, contact IT Help Central at 806-742-4357

Final Words

In short, TTU Blackboard is an easy-to-use platform where you get a large collection of study material, just like Z-library along with other course details, university updates, class schedules, exam information, submitting assignments, and much more. Professors can also share ideas, lesson plans, and presentations with their students and colleagues. 

So, just complete the Blackboard login TTU and access all resources to make remote learning effective and easy.


Ans: You can access TTU Blackboard on PC, tablet, and mobile devices easily.

Ans: To submit an assignment:

  • Go to the Course section.
  • Visit the Assignment Submission link under Assignment or Coursework head.
  • Follow the prompts to select the file.
  • Once uploaded, click on Submit.

Ans: To check your grades, Go to My Grades > Select your course > Course Grade Information.

Ans: The app lets you check your grades, ranks, course details, and other related information. You can install it from the Google Play Store or App Store.


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Author: Divya Sharma