Compare Indian Hair Suppliers Vs Vietnamese Hair Suppliers

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Anyone working in the hair industry for a long enough time knows that Asia is the ideal destination for hair extension importation. Vietnam and India are the top 2 best countries that supply a variety of human hair extensions. This post will give you an objective comparison between Indian hair suppliers and Vietnamese ones, in terms of hair quality and wholesale prices. As a result, you will be able to consider and decide which one is more suitable for your requirements and purposes. 

Indian hair suppliers vs Vietnamese hair suppliers

Hair quality from Vietnamese and Indian hair suppliers

The first thing to consider when choosing a reliable hair vendor or a hair factory is definitely the hair quality. Both Vietnam and India supply real human hair. However, the qualities are not the same. Here are important notes to consider. 

1.1 Hair Quality from Vietnamese Hair Suppliers

Vietnamese hair factories produce and distribute 100% Vietnamese human hair. The hair is collected in rural areas where both weather and lifestyle are amazing for healthy hair growth. Vietnamese women there enjoy a mild clean atmosphere. In addition, they add a lot of natural ingredients such as herbs, grapefruit peel and locust to their hair wash. As a result, Vietnamese hair is natural black, long, silky, soft, smooth and durable.

In terms of quality levels, there are 2 types called virgin and remy hair.

  • Virgin hair: Each virgin hair bundle is collected from the hair of only 1 person. Collector makes sure that the hair is 100% pure, never styled before (like dyed, bleached, curled, straightened or any process with extreme heat and chemicals). This ensures the intact hair cuticles and uniform hair alignment.
  • Remy hair: Each remy hair bundle is gathered from the hair of 2 or more people. Collector makes sure that the hair features are similar, so that the quality is good, just not as pure as the virgin one.

You may have heard of non-remy hair. This is the low-quality hair type collected from different people with different qualities. They are almost all tanged, shedding, dry and not long-lasting. Vietnamese hair factories do not produce and supply this type of hair, making sure that the Vietnamese hair quality is always the leading in the market.

Vietnamese human hair

1.2 Hair Quality from Indian Hair Suppliers

Indian human hair is famous in terms of “Temple Hair”. For your information, it is also human hair, collected from Indians. Therefore, it is affected by the characteristics of weather and lifestyle here. The weather is pretty hot and sunny in India, so the hair tends to be brown, dry and split-ended. However, many Indians also pay attention to hair care. The hair is still healthy if it is under good care.

Particularly, the term “Temple Hair” stems from the tradition of shaving heads in India. People have their heads shaved at the temple. This is considered a method of sacrifice to Gods. The hair is then used to make hair extensions. As the number of people donating hair is huge, it is hard to control and keep the virgin hair apart. Most of the hair will be remy hair.

There is one hair type from India that you need to be cautious about. It is hair ball. Hair balls are reported to be hair waste collected from different public spots such as public bathrooms or small salons. It is literally non-remy hair. The point is this hair type may be processed and labeled as good-quality remy hair, so you need to be alert to buy the right hair type.

Indian human hair

After all, in terms of quality, Vietnamese hair is ensured to have a better stable high quality. Indian hair quality can also be good, but you will need to find a reliable supplier for good virgin remy hair.

Wholesale Prices from Vietnamese and Indian hair Suppliers

Besides hair quality, the price is also something to take into consideration. Below is the overall comparison between Vietnamese hair prices and those of Indian hair.

2.1 Prices Offered by Vietnamese Hair Suppliers

Vietnamese hair quality is so good. Therefore, you cannot expect an amazingly cheap price range. Wholesale hair prices from Vietnamese hair suppliers are not the cheapest, but they are definitely worthwhile. It is worth paying for high-quality hair.

In addition, there are real hair factories with domestic human hair sources in Vietnam, so the production is convenient. All the employees are also experienced and skilled at producing hair extensions. As a result, the costs are saved, and the final prices are reasonable. Vietnamese human hair is much more affordable than hair offered by other resellers all over the world.

In particular, the cheapest hair type from Vietnam is the natural straight natural black color hair weft bundle. You will have to pay at least 11 USD for a 100-gram hair weave bundle. The longer the hair is, the more expensive it is. The quality grades and styles also affect the prices as well.

Price list from a Vietnamese hair factory

2.2 Prices Offered by Indian Hair Suppliers

Unlike Vietnamese hair, Indian hair is amazingly cheap. This is such an advantage when it comes to buying Indian hair. For a 100-gram hair bundle at its natural texture, you will need to pay from only 8 USD.

The reasons for such cheap prices are the hair quality and production cost. As mentioned, hair quality from Indian suppliers is not stable. Only the hair from the top best Indian hair supplier is guaranteed to be real virgin remy hair. Much of the rest is low-quality non-remy hair which is cheap. In addition, hair factories are not so well-equipped in India. Most of them are small hair warehouses with simple techniques. Therefore, the production cost is low, which means the final hair prices are also low.

In short, Vietnamese hair prices on average are higher than those of Indian hair. However, the quality and the prices are worthwhile. Therefore, you need to take both the prices and hair quality into consideration and choose the hair that is suitable with your requirements.

Recommend the Best Hair Supplier

If you care more about the price, then choosing Indian hair suppliers are highly recommended. No other country can supply as cheap wholesale hair extensions as India does. Meanwhile, if you care more about the hair quality and still want an affordable price level, choosing Vietnamese hair suppliers is recommended.

Indian hair suppliers vs Vietnamese hair suppliers

Once you work with Vietnamese hair vendors, please make sure you choose to work with a real hair factory instead of a commercial company. Hair factories produce and supply hair extensions directly without intermediaries, so the prices are cheaper. Meanwhile, commercial companies are resellers. They buy hair from factories and resell it to customers. Therefore, the prices are added with many other fees.

K-Hair Factory is the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. You are recommended to work with K-Hair. It has more than 30 years of experience in exporting Vietnamese hair extensions to customers worldwide. Therefore, you can build trust and work with this reliable hair factory.


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