iFunTV APK 2024 Review [Features & Pricing]

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On January 5, 2024

iFunTV offers a vast variety of streaming channels to watch your favorite and the latest movies, and TV shows. It has a subscription plan for everyone!

I know it can be a little too tedious to look for your favorite or the latest video content on torrent sites, plus, let’s not forget the fact that they’re unsafe too.

Streaming via the internet is no joke, so why risk it all when you aren’t even getting anything? And that’s why, I have come up with iFunTV, the perfect streaming option for you that I bet you can’t say no to. 

iFunTV is a Chinese streaming platform that grants unlimited TV channel options, TV shows, movies, and other video content as well. Not just that, it’s the perfect option for streaming your favorite content while you are traveling and have limited access to the networks, as you can easily download the content on your device and watch it later without the internet. 

I’m sure you are now even more excited to know about it all and how you can get your hands on the same. So let’s hop in! 

What is iFunTV?

ifun tv

Just like any other famous streaming apps and services like HBO and Hulu, iFunTV is an online streaming service that lets you stream your favorite channels and video content without interruptions.

The only and certainly major thing that differentiates it from any other such platform is that you can stream the service for free as well. There are many subscription plans for the same though, but the free version is also available here. Not everyone can afford and do the Netflix login, sites like iFunTV are a great alternative for these people, as it helps them watch premium content for free.

Apart from that, ifuntv. VoD offers an extensive library of movies and TV shows in various genres like romantic, comedy, crime, thriller, suspense, and much more. Plus, all the channels and content are available to watch in premium quality, so you won’t be compromising with the quality either. The platform shows all the channels with zero commercials and breaks, so if you’re thinking that since it’s a free channel, it’ll have tons of ads and interruptions, you’re wrong.

Most users might not know this, but the platform is also referred to as Duonaovod, but mostly in China as it is quite popular there. It has over 600 million active users worldwide. It is a perfect alternative for those who don’t want cable TV or satellite connection as it has all the TV channels available for free as well.

This app broadcasts TV channels like Comedy Central Television by China Central along with other channels provided by other local stations like Beijing Television Station. 

Features of iFunTV 

I know you’re thinking, iFunTV already offers everything for free, in premium quality, and with no ads, what more could you expect? Well, there’s more to it that I bet you can’t even guess. Let’s take a look: 

  • It comes with adjustable video quality, which means you can easily adjust the video quality up to 4K resolution as per your requirement. 
  • You can even download the content on your device to watch them later offline. 
  • Its easy-to-use search bar lets the users look for their desired content hassle-free. 
  • Even if there are any ads on the platform, you can easily skip ads to have a seamless experience. 
  • It offers other services for its subscribed users, so if you want to enjoy the premium plan, you can easily get that with its minimum subscription plans starting from just €15 per month

Now that we are talking about the premium plan of iFunTV apk, let’s learn what’s the difference between its free and premium plans, but before that, it is significant to learn about its pricing plans as well. 

iFunTV: Pricing

One thing about iFunTV is that it doesn’t require its users to pay for any minimum subscription price so as to get access to it. It does have a premium plan but it can also be accessed without it. 

Talking about its premium plan, let’s get to learn about what it has to offer to its premium users. 

Coming to the pricing and plan details of the iFunTV app is free for a limited amount of subscription plans. That’s right, you can easily stream the platform for free, too. But the premium plan comes with some additional benefits that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss.

The basic plan for iFunTV starts at just €15 per month. You can easily avail most of the premium features of the platform within the basic plan only. 

Difference Between iFunTV Free and Premium Plans

Let’s get to know this better by scrutinizing their features separately:

Free Version Paid Version 
Get your hands on an unlimited selection of Chinese movies and series. Video resolutions can be adjusted in any format up to 4K resolution. 
Conveniently create and edit your wish list for further watching. Videos can easily be downloaded to watch later in offline mode. 
There might be some advertisements after every 15–20 minutes while streaming. Users can easily skip the ad if they feel interrupted because of them. There will be less amount of ads in the premium version either way. 
You can download and watch the videos in offline mode by downloading them to your device. The premium piercings are quite affordable, and the basic plans start from €15 per month. 

Now that you have received all the prominent details of ifun tv.vod. Let’s move ahead and learn some more about its crucial data like its availability, pricing, and more. 

Benefits of iFuntv app.

After knowing all this, let’s also scrutinize the benefits of iFunTV: 

  • Availability- You will be surprised to know that the iFunTV apk is available worldwide, including the USA and China. Not just the availability, it has over 100,000 movies and TV shows in numerous languages.

    Plus, no matter from where you are streaming iFunTV channel, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in HD quality with minimum or zero interruptions. 

  • Content Selection- There is literally no way iFunTV has ever disappointed its viewers. It has everything for everyone, be it classic old, latest shows, comedy, horror, romantic, or crime thriller, you will find it on the iFunTV apk with ease. 

    Although, besides having such a vast library of content, it may not have everything its competitors may have, but I’m quite certain that it won’t let you go barehanded, you will definitely find something here. 

  • Device CompatibilityDid you know that iFunTV also has an app that anyone with any device can download for free? That’s right, regardless if you have an iOS or an Android, you can download the ifuntv app from your respective App Store. 

    For Android- Android users can download the iFunTV app from the Google Play Store for free and enjoy unlimited streaming in premium quality right from their mobile devices.

    Not just for your mobile devices or tablets, users can also download the app on their smart TVs from the Play Store only and start with the stream with zero interruptions. 

    For iOS – Apple devices also support the iFunTV app for its devices. Hence, if you are an iOS user, you can also download the same from the App Store with zero cost and enjoy unlimited streaming. 

And that’s pretty much all about iFunTV benefits, but wait, it can be that simple, There’s got to be something about the site that the user may not like, right? Well, there is, let’s take a look. 

Drawbacks of iFuntv app.

Well, there’s not much, but users have often complained about iFunTv not having some of their favorite and latest content. This mainly happens for the content outside China. For example, you may face the same if you are looking for some Hollywood content. 

Apart from the content part, users have complained about the ad pop-ups, but let’s face it, the free version will have some interruptions. Rest assured, the platform is an absolute treat! 

It’s a pretty famous and all-inclusive sort of streaming platform that I’m sure once you use it, you will be addicted to. Its interactive user interface lets you navigate from various pages easily and with zero interruptions. Simply visit the website online or download the app to your device. 

Final words: Is iFunTV APK Worth It?

Summing up to the most prominent question; Is iFunTV worth using? Well, in my opinion, if everything is being provided to us on a plate for free, why not just try it? It’s not like we are paying anything for it. And seeing the popularity of it worldwide, with over 600 Million active users, it’s quite obvious the platform IS pretty worth it.


Here are some frequently asked questions about iFunTV: 

Ans: Yes, it does. If you have the premium version, you can easily download your favorite content and stream it offline.

Ans: Yes, the app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can easily download its app and stream it conveniently from your device.

Ans: Since it’s a Chinese platform, most of the shows and movies are only available in Chinese language. But since it also provides a vast variety of content, there might be something available for you in your language as well.

Author: Mehak Gupta