Agility Writer VS Autoblogging Review

Written by Rosie Bird
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Updated On March 14, 2024

In the world of content creation, tools come now and then. One such tool that has emerged as a game-changer is the AI writing tool. Why am I claiming such tools to be a game changer?

It is because it helps writers in amplifying their productivity, creativity, and quality. And, the best part is, it is proven to be a quick and cost-effective solution for generating regular updates. 

Now the question arises how does Autoblogging stack up against Agility Writer? At first, who doesn’t know about Autoblogging, unlike standard AI tools, Autoblogging simplifies content creation processes, maximizes efficiency, and boosts SEO rankings through automated publishing.

Agility Writer, unlike standard AI tools, Agility Writer is also an AI-powered writing tool. It supports the writers by delivering exceptional, high-quality, and SEO-friendly articles within no time. 

That too with advanced algorithms for accurate and efficient analysis of real-time data.

Whereas, Agility Writer is also an AI-powered writing tool. It assists the writers by delivering exceptional, high-quality, and SEO-friendly articles within no time. 

In this guide, you can expect to see a comparison between these two giants in terms of benefits originality, and much more. 

How Do Autoblogging and Agility Writer Work?

Autoblogging leverages AI and content-generation tools to create and publish articles automatically. Many believe that Autoblogging might endanger quality. But, believe us, it doesn’t. Its AI algorithms scan the web thoroughly for relevant content accordingly.

On the other hand, Agility Writer on the one hand uses advanced AI technology like GPT-4 models.. In layman’s terms, it enhances the writing experience by crafting high-quality content.

Do You Know?:
In 2022, there were over 600 million active blogs across the internet.

Benefits of Autoblogging and Agility Writer  

 Benefits of Autoblogging and Agility Writer  

The fact is that both Agility Writer and Autoblogging AI have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Even, both of them are highly praised for their innovative approach to automated content creation.

This segment provides a comprehensive walk-through of their benefits:

Perks of Using Autoblogging

Is this magical content machine too good to be true? In support of the answer, we’ve mentioned some benefits of using Autoblogging. So, make up your mind accordingly:

  • Fast Content Production: The hallmark of autoblogging is fast content production which enables the creation of bulk write-ups to meet swift content demands. How is this possible? This is possible by its systematic approach. 
  • Scalability: When the write-ups are generated at a remarkable pace, they often evolve businesses or individuals to expand their content production. Therefore, this accommodates growth and increased content output as needed.

Fast Fact:
Between 2021-2025, the blogging industry is set to grow by $417.85 billion.

  • Regular Content Updates: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”, says Winston Churchill (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom). Likewise, to keep the website fresh, it includes regular content updates. 

This impresses the audience and contributes to SEO rankings through on-time publishing timestamps.

Perks of Using Agility Writer  

Agility Writer stands out as an AI-driven juggernaut in the context of benefits. Want to know how? Let’s see:

  • Human Touch: The importance of writing organically remains unshakable but still AW managed to deliver human-centric content creation along with customization options (like styles and tones), advanced writing tools, and exceptional features. 
  • Advanced Features: AI has made remarkable strides in generating content. And, to hit the jackpot, with AW you can enjoy access to advanced features like 1-click write, anti-ai detection, outline builder, bulk note, article ideas generator revision-friendly history editing, etc. 

The Price Factor Between Them

Rest assured, the price is the only factor that has the power to tilt the scales when deciding on which product to invest in. Here is a concise breakdown of their plans:

Content Generation ToolPlanPriceCreditsCost Per Article
Agility Writer Pro$88120$3.00

As you can see, the difference is quite pronounced, especially when we consider the credit cost per article. With Autoblogging, a single article costs $1.30, in contrast to Agility Writer’s $3.00 per article.

Performance and Speed

Think of performance and speed balancing on the opposite ends of a seesaw concerning content generation tools. On the one hand, Autoblogging took the lead in speed. Having said that, with its fast content production abilities, auto blogging delivers first-rate content in just 5 minutes.

blog post report

According to the reports from 2022, manually, bloggers took 4 hours and 10 minutes to write a typical blog post, up from 3 hours and 57 minutes in 2019. 

On the contrary, Agility Writer took a slower pace. To yield a comprehensive article, it takes approximately 20 minutes. Take note that the time can be attributed to the added layer of customizations.

Conclusion: Why Autoblogging is Superior to Agility Writer 

In this head-to-head comparison between Autoblogging vs Agility Writer , autoblogging emerges as the preferred choice to AW. For instance, James Dooley, an investor in Searcharoo, recognized the potential of early on. 

The factors that contribute to its growing demand are unmatched efficiency, SEO benefits, and cost-effective solutions compared to AW. 

Besides, there is a lot to talk about how wonderful this tool is. For now, we can say that Autoblogging impresses audiences with its low cost, high speed, and rich content. So, it is a superior tool for expeditious content generation.

Author: Rosie Bird