Tips on How to Wear Vintage Properly Without Making It Look Costume or Formal

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Updated On February 2, 2024

Many people have preconceived notions about vintage or retro fashion. Many individuals doubt their abilities to do so. Some people are concerned they will stand out or attract too much attention. Because they don’t like how they look overall, some people find themselves dissatisfied with their appearance. Things don’t always go as planned, but if you’re wearing antique or vintage-inspired aesthetic girl outfits apparel, here are a few pointers to help you avoid seeming costume. You may wear a costume if that’s what you desire. 

Decide Whether You Want to Dress in Vintage-Inspired or Real Fashion from Head to Toe 

When it comes to your appearance, there is no right or wrong solution. Those actual period sources need to be dug out if you’re looking for a head-to-toe period look. To get a vintage-inspired style, focus on the overall look from classy shoes to fashionable watch bands.

Dress for Who You are, Not What You Think is “Appropriate.”

What are some of your most memorable outfits from the past? There is a good chance that if your old-style sense had a broad “feel,” you will be able to identify a vintage fashion comparable. Regardless of how you live your life, there’s a vintage version of you out there. The fringe, bias-cut dresses, and poodle skirts of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1950s weren’t worn by every female in those eras. So, if you see a look you like online aesthetic girl outfits save it to your pinboard and wear it when you’re ready. Historically, there is no such thing as a “correct” or “incorrect” way to aesthetic girl outfits since there were so many diverse looks in each decade. 

Choosing the Right Hosiery is an Important Part of Any Outfit

Choose your legwear (or not) under the overall aesthetic of your outfit. You might go for a pair of nude-seamed stockings to provide a little additional volume. If you’re naked on nude, no one will notice if you’re wearing seamed stockings, but it will appear odd anyway.

Make a Fashion Statement with a Standout Item

What part of your attire is going to make the most impression? Is that the pattern on your aesthetic outfits? What are they on your wrists? Plan your ensemble around a certain item that you want to stand out. If you’re unsure, keep things simple. For a statement brooch, a solid backdrop is usually a good idea. Red lipstick might be enough to make a statement on its own.

What kind of energy do you exude when you’re dressed to the nines? How comfortable are you in your skin or are you trying to pass as someone else? They may, however, cause us to get disoriented. Consider whether or not you’re spending more time obsessing about a single item of clothes than taking pleasure in the activities you’re participating in or the people you’re with. Insoles, heel grips, or a hat pin may be all that’s needed to keep a hat in place or a lipstick that doesn’t go everywhere while you eat can make a world of difference, too. Regardless of how much the rest of the world loves a specific brand or style, you are free to disregard it if you so want.

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Hairstyles That Look Great on All Face Types

Once you’ve discovered one that complements your features and facial structure, you’re ready to go. If a certain hairstyle looks well on you, feel free to wear it again. When it comes to hair, there is no “correct” way to do it at any particular moment, just as there are no rules for aesthetic dressing. If you’re overwhelmed by the polished appearances you see in other bloggers, movie stars, and sports, have a look at images of genuine people. The vintage aesthetic doesn’t need flawlessly polished victory rolls for everybody. Add a hair flower or hair accessory, or even a cap, to cover up any areas that are too plain to wear a headpiece. 

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Choose Clothing That is Comfortable to Wear

Wrinkles running down your body are a sign that your clothing is either too tight or too loose. It’s probably too loose if it doesn’t embrace your contours or droops. If you can find a medium ground, you’ve found your perfect match. However, you may fix a piece that is too big by adjusting the size of the fabric. Ask a local dry cleaner or search for adjustments in your neighborhood if you don’t know where to go. Remember to remind them not to remove the excess fabric after seams or hems have been taken in if it is antique, since there may be an occasion when you wish to let it out in the future whenever you buy from china. Take it in yourself, or go to a tailor and get it tailored to your specific measurements. In the end, having clothes that are tailored to your exact measurements is well worth the extra effort and, on occasion, the additional cost.

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