How to Make a Gym App in 2023

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On November 16, 2023

Does your smartphone have a fitness app? In that case, we are not shocked. As a result of the Apple Watch’s fitness craze in 2015, an increasing number of individuals are concerned with their health and physique. As a result, the market for fitness apps is still expanding.

Want to gain market share by creating a fitness app? If so, you are headed in the correct direction for success. You may learn about several revenue methods, how to make a fitness app, and how much it will cost to produce a fitness app from this post.

The Step-by-step Approach to Making a Fitness App

Follow the instructions provided below to make your fitness app company concept a reality.

Select the Monetization Strategy

Profit may be obtained in a variety of ways. You have a few options for your future company:

Paid applications. Users should purchase your software before using it. Depending on the app’s kind, mobile platform, and content, the pricing may change.

Within-app purchases. You may entice users to make a purchase on your app if you want to generate money off of your free fitness app. You may provide a variety of in-app purchases, including premium content and recipes for a balanced diet.

Ads. In your own fitness app, you may collaborate with other companies that are into fitness and let them run promotional campaigns there. You might charge a commission based on cost per click or cost per mile.

Ad-supported content. Partnerships with fitness professionals and gyms are a feature of this business strategy. Your partners may provide the app users with useful material and add their knowledge to your app.

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Take Into Account Standard Fitness App Features

While each fitness software offers its own set of functions, all applications provide a few universal capabilities. To design your own fitness application, explore the following fitness application ideas:

Profiles of users. The purpose of nutrition applications is to assist users in achieving their own objectives, such as healthy eating, weight loss, or even weight growth. In order to enable users to input and update their physical attributes, such as current weight, height, and age, it is essential to build a profile with personal data.

Notifications. Users are constantly motivated and reminded about their exercises with in-app alerts. Users may set up notifications to remind them of impending workouts in accordance with personal objectives or a fitness schedule.

Keep track of your exercise. Utilizing Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit’s APIs to have access to the health and fitness information gathered on their platforms makes it easy to integrate your app with a smartphone’s sensors to implement the tracking feature.

Sharing online. Connect with your users, let them share their accomplishments, and they’ll be eager to promote your software.

Geolocation. Seeing the number of kilometers you’ve run, walked, or cycled on a map provides a tremendous boost of inspiration and pleasure.

Employ a Development Crew

Consider at this point that developers in various nations charge varying rates per hour. Western Europe developers price on average $110/hour, whereas Eastern European developers charge $50/hour.

The First Stage

Product discovery is the first part of any development project. In this phase, your development team and you will:

  • Establish the necessary task scope for your project.
  • Make a project blueprint.
  • Create a resource plan and the MVP budget.
  • It takes weeks to complete the discovery phase. It covers functional specification development, UX/UI design

Technical Writing

When creating the technical documentation for a fitness app, a technical writer produces the product’s technical specs depending on the client’s needs. 

For the fitness app, our design team requires around two months (about 160 hours) to come up with an excellent UX and UI. Once again, the price to construct your own fitness software will depend on your needs; you may simply demand basic functionality or you may additionally desire some unique micro-interactions.

Exercise Software Development

You will need a minimum of three developers to launch an app for iOS and Android, including backend developers for both platforms.

Quality Control

Another portion of development time is spent on testing and bug fixing. QA engineers examine not just the code for faults but also the project’s general usability and if the features perform as planned.


The fitness app development business is one of the most cutthroat. You must create an MVP quickly and well if you want to stay up. Then, from discovery to scaling, a group of knowledgeable product developers can assist you.

Author: Abby Hill