Facebook Won’t Stay In Dark Mode— Learn How To Fix It

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Updated On August 23, 2023

You are not alone if you are experiencing issues with Facebook’s dark mode. The functionality on many users’ smartphones has abruptly ceased functioning, according to complaints from users all over the world. 

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Others have described an even more bizarre example in which the option to enable dark mode was completely removed from the FB app, while for certain users, Facebook won’t stay in dark mode as planned. 

The fact that this bug appears to be playing cat and mouse with the social media juggernaut is even more intriguing. Facebook always replaces it after a week, just for it to vanish once more. Numerous users have complained that the Dark Mode is either missing from or not functioning in their Facebook app even as of the time that this article was being written. 

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The option to enable the dark theme on Facebook is the ideal illustration of inconsistency. Its DNA was programmed to have an impact on the Dark theme setting whenever a new bug was released, which happened every other day.

This comprehensive blog post will inform you of a few clever workarounds to fix the issue of Facebook’s dark mode not working. If you are also experiencing it, let’s check them out without further ado.

Why Won’t Facebook Stay In Dark Mode?

Dark mode replaces white and other bright colors with darker tones and black, which is not only easier on the eyes but can also conserve battery life in OLED screens.

In recent years, apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google Chrome have all seen a huge increase in their use. Along with the option to accept the existing system settings, the Facebook app features its own variation of Dark Mode. These are the potential reasons why Facebook dark mode keeps turning off:

  • The app you are using is out of date. 
  • The app contains bugs. 
  • Dark Mode is not active. 
  • Your system’s settings are used by Dark Mode. 

The app currently, however, always switches back to the standard bright setting when you launch it due to an aggravating bug. It looks that a recent app upgrade is what caused this problem of Facebook dark mode not working.

How To Fix The Facebook Dark Mode Not Working Issue?

It is advised that you test each of the below-mentioned workarounds before deciding which one is the key to your achievement. So let’s begin keeping that in mind.

Join Beta Version Of Facebook

Compared to its stable counterpart, Facebook’s beta version receives updates more regularly. So if the dark mode problem is caused by a server-side bug, it would be fixed in the beta build or might already have been. 

So it is advised that you sign up for Facebook’s beta testing program and then see if it works for you or not.

  • Visit the Facebook beta testing page to get started. 
  • Use the “Google” account that is currently associated with your device to log in. 
    Facebook Beta Testing Page
  • Click on “Become a tester” after that,  then pause for a moment.
    Become a Tester
  • Pick up your device, go to the Play Store, and type “Facebook” in the search box. 
  • You ought to have received a new update. Instantaneously download and install it. Then just Launch Facebook now to see if the Dark Mode problem has been resolved.

Get Rid of Facebook Data 

It could be problematic for the app in question if the app data becomes corrupt. As a result, you might want to think about wiping this data and starting over. Here is one possible approach: 

  • Go to Settings > Apps > See All Apps to get started. 
  • Go to Facebook’s Storage section after choosing Facebook from the list. 
  • After that, click Clear Data > OK on the following prompt. 
    Clear app data
  • Open Facebook and see if the Dark Mode problem has been resolved.

Turn On Override Force Dark

As of right now, this feature might be our best option. Every Android device comes with a hidden Dark mode setting that would force enable the Dark Mode in every app. Let’s put it to the test and see how it performs. 

  • Navigate to Settings > System and then tap seven times on Build Number. 
  • Thus, Developer Options will be activated. Visit System > Developer Options to do so. 
  • After that, switch on Override Force Dark. 
    Enable Override force dark
  • See if it resolves the Facebook Dark Mode not working or missing issue.

Enable Upload HD video 

As weird as it may sound, numerous customers report that activating the “Upload HD video” function causes the Dark Mode to return. Let’s test this modification and then see what happens. 

  • Open the Facebook mobile app and select the hamburger menu. 
  • Then click Settings after expanding Settings and Privacy. 
  • After that, select Media and then choose Videos and Pictures. 
  • Select the checkbox for “Optimized” under Video Quality. 

Now, see whether that resolves the missing or malfunctioning Facebook Dark Mode issue.

Use Older Version of Facebook 

In rare cases, the developers can release a problematic update that would immediately harm the most recent version. You should think about reverting the app to a previous stable version in such circumstances. Here are the steps to do the same:: 

  • Start by going to Settings > Apps > See All Apps. 
  • Following that, choose Facebook from the list and click Uninstall > OK. 
  • After that, get a reputable third-party website to download and install a previous version of Facebook. 

Launch Facebook after that to see if the Dark Mode issue has been resolved.

Use Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite should be your final resort if none of the aforementioned fixes were successful for you. 

Even though it may lack some features, it has ensured that all the crucial needs are met. Additionally, you won’t have any trouble turning on the Dark Mode. So, let’s test out this fix and see what happens: 

  • Visit the Play Store to get Facebook Lite and set it up
Download Facebook Lite
  • Launch it after that, and then tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner. 
  • Now, open the Settings section and switch on the Dark Mode toggle. 
Switch on Dark Mode

Just like that you can now enjoy dark mode on Facebook Lite.

All done. You can use any of these six techniques to resolve the Facebook Dark Mode not working or missing issue. 

How To Turn on Dark Mode On Facebook?

Most of the time, you can activate dark mode just by following these steps:

Step 1: Locate Settings & Privacy at the bottom of the Menu. 

Step 2: Choose Settings

Step 3: You should see Dark mode last under Preferences. You may turn it on here, and it should immediately alter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: The dark mode is an optional feature that modifies an app’s UI background. In Facebook’s dark mode, the background switches from white to black. In low light conditions, it can aid in lowering device glare.

Ans: Dark mode is still supported by Facebook. Although some users have noticed the feature missing, Facebook has always addressed the issue with an update to the app or the server side.

Ans: Start by clicking your profile photo in the top-right corner. After that, click Display & Accessibility. The first choice is dark mode, which can be configured to match your system settings or be always on.

Author: Prakhar Shivhare