Process to Sign Up For A New Outlook Email Account

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Updated On November 16, 2023

Administered by Microsoft, MS Outlook is a unified email program platform that connects you to various Microsoft products and services, only if you’ve got an account on Microsoft’s offers free personal email service with which you can access your mails, contacts, calendar, and tasks, etc.  Not only the aforementioned advantages but having an account on MS offers these following essential benefits as well:

  • It has focused Inbox that automatically filtered unnecessary and not so relevant emails.
  • It offers 15 GB of massive storage for free account users.
  • It has a Sweep tool, or you can say Swipe gestures that archive or delete emails to help you to organize your email account inbox. 
  • It contains Add-ins that provide the opportunity to integrate with many popular tools like PayPal, Evernote, and FedEx.
  • It has an automated bill pay reminders feature to remind you of your dues on time.
  • It also allows users to operate account in dark mode to minimize eye strains.
  • It offers top-notch features in its free-version also.

So, use your Outlook account to avail of these benefits of Outlook. However, if you don’t have an account, creating one is easy! Do not worry about how you can set up an Outlook email account as we’ve below mentioned the step by step process for creating a free email account on MS Outlook. Have a look:

Step 1: Navigate to the MS Outlook Official Website

  • To do so, open your preferred web browser and there, in the search address bar, paste this link” Then, hit the ‘Enter’ button so that the entered link will take you to the Sign Up’ page.
  • There, click on the blue box that reads— ‘Create a Free Account’ option. It’s there at the middle-right bottom of the page.

Step 2: Enter a Unique Username to Create an Outlook Email Address

  • Doing so will further take you to a new page, and there, all you have to do is enter a ‘Username’ that comes before the domain name. 
  • Remember that, as it will soon become part of your Outlook email address, it must be unique from the other email addresses!

Step 3:  Select the Domain Name

  • Once entered the username, move further to change the by-default given ‘Domain Name’ by merely selecting the dropdown arrow which is there in front of the ‘Username Field.’ 
  • When you select the drop-down menu, two options will appear in front of you, i.e., and So, as per your choice, you can choose either of them.

Step 4: Create a Secure Password for MS Outlook Account

  • After selecting the domain name, hit the ‘Next’ button to navigate further on the subsequent screen.
  • There, you’ll be asked to enter a password that you would like to use for your Outlook email account, and for that, put the cursor in the ‘Password Text Field.’ 
  • Then, simply type the desired password to use for MS Outlook your account while ensuring to include the following—
    • Minimum 8 Characters
    • Uppercase letter
    • Lowercase letter
    • Numbers
    • Symbols (Special Characters)

Step 5: Add More Information for your new MS Outlook Account

  • Once done with entering the password, again select the ‘Next’ button to add a little more info for your account.
  • Firstly in ‘What’s your Name’s blank fields, enter your ‘First and Last Name’ and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Secondly, in ‘What your Region and Date of Birth fields, choose your ‘Country/Religion’ from the drop-down list and then, mention your birth date by entering ‘Day, Month & Year’ of it.
  • Moving on, click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further on the last stage of the setup process.

Step 6: Enter CAPTCHA to Confirm your Identity

  • Here, all you need to do is enter the characters from the displayed ‘CAPTCHA Image’ to confirm that you’re not a robot. Note: In case if mage seems unclear to you, click on the ‘New’ or the ‘Audio’ option to confirm that you’re a human.
  • Then, again hit the ‘Next’ button, and that’s it! You’ll be directed to the Outlook email account welcome screen. 

Step 7: Optional—Get Started by Completing 6 More Steps

Though, you’re now ready to use your newly created Outlook account on the web as well on your personal mobile devices; but, in order to get started, you further can complete the following six-steps (not compulsory)—

  • You can select a look for your Outlook account from 50 different Themes.
  • You can choose a Language and Time Zone for your Outlook account.
  • You can add your email signature for your Outlook account.
  • You can add a calendar to your new MS Outlook email account.
  • You can import your contacts to your new MS Outlook email account.
  • You can add your new Outlook email to get Outlook email on your mobile phone.

That’s all! You’ve finished setting your new MS Outlook email account, and now, you can start using the same by signing into your account from MS Outlook sign-in page. If you cannot login to Outlook account, make sure you are entering the right credentials i.e. username and password. Also, if you want you can add other email accounts of domains (like Gmail, SBCGlobal, AT&T, Yahoo, and so on) on the MS Outlook platform as it’s a unified email program, by simply using their particular (IMAP and POP) server settings for Outlook.

Author: Manpreet Kaur Sandhu