How Immigration Lawyers Can Help

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On September 15, 2023

Are you Canadian? Are you aware of the immigration law? Do you know the laws and regulations to immigrate to Canada? If not, then you should read this post through the end. You will learn all the important laws to travel or immigrate to Canada. If you have any queries regarding the immigrant law of Canada then just go through the upcoming sections. 

Immigration law contains the laws that people looking to immigrate and live in another country. There are so many rights and responsibilities that you need to follow if you are looking to immigrate to Canada. 

Canada has a vast history of admitting immigrants and adopting multiculturalism. Its immigration procedure in the following federation involved a few regulations, ensuring the security of individuals on their journey to Canada and preserving them from any challenge upon arrival. 

Education and Experience

Immigration lawyers comprehend the difficulties of Canada’s laws and restrictions. This enables them to instruct clients through the procedures and help them comprehend how differences in policy and process impact their particular case. This secures clients from being witnessed by unexpected rejections and delays. 

Immigration is one one the important factor in Canada’s vast culture and economy. It also played an important role in the history of the country, providing relatively young workers to sustain the aging population. 

Even though the present administration has deviated the focus of immigration policy away from the racist dimension, it becomes a critical political problem. The government must ensure that immigration policies and goals are consistent with global obligations, like the UN Convention on Child right. Furthermore, the government must evaluate the effect of their action on people’s lives and society at large. 


Immigration law is complex to understand. It includes provincial, territorial jurisdictions, and federal, and all of these impact each other. This is the reason, it is important to have a lawyer proficient in the area of immigration. 

Immigration laws and policies change frequently. A change in government can lead to major transformations to who should allow in Canada, and the requirements of getting a visa, in short, all the application processes get changed. Major legislative adaption must go through a parliamentary procedure to get approval. A smaller change in the law is implemented outside this procedure. 

A Canada immigration lawyer assist you to navigate the process and assure your application fulfills all the needed requirements. Let’s take an example of a specific-time immigration lawyer who understands what should include in your application so, you can get approval in the first turn only. The lawyer knows how to include the recommendation letter, and other references to convince IRCC to provide approval for your Streamlined Criminal Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit Application. This will increase your chances to get approval instantly. 


Immigration attorneys provide consultation services to assist clients to know what available options they have. They will check the specifics of the case and confer any potential issues, like a criminal record or medical circumstances that can make the client unacceptable as per Canadian law. 

Canada’s immigration policies and law is controlled by the Immigration Associate Act and Regulations These policies aim to balance family reunification, economic growth, and obedience to international humanitarian treaties.

The government has control to decide who is permitted to Canada and who is restricted. The government decides on approval and refusal by considering the factor of security and criminal record. Compassionate and Humanitarian reassurance can be granted on case-by-case, situation, condition, etc. In CRP, the children having best interests must be provided with special consideration. A recent change in the Supreme Court decision reaffirmed the requirement of the ( Minister of Citizenship and Immigration). 

Immigrations lawyers can assist clients in comprehending the policies and procedures that require in their specific situation. They can also help with filing the necessary documents and immigration applications. They bring up more options available for clients under their specific situations. 

Canada has a vast record of welcoming immigrants, including refugees and individuals who have a fear of discrimination or torture in their country. Presently, individuals who look for refugee security in Canada are subject to strict procedures of protection and background checks. 

It is always good to appoint a lawyer knowing Canadian immigration law to get permitted in a country easily. As already discussed, they know what to add to your application to permit quick approval.  The main ordinance controlling immigration and refugee policy in Canada is the IRPA, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This act was presented in 2002 to substitute the Immigration Act of 1976. This legislation gives immigration officers preferences when considering their applications. Moreover, IRPA wants that decisions related to immigration should be made as per the international human rights treaties of Canada. This also includes the rights of the child.

Author: Abby Hill