Local or Long-Distance: Finding the Perfect Moving Services for Your Needs

Written by James Wilson
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Updated On September 13, 2023
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Many of us consider moving as a stressful experience, despite the fact it should not be. With ample research and planning ahead of relocation time, you can secure a great deal with the right moving services as per your requirements. 

Here, in this blog, we will put light on the differences between long-distance and local move-ins, along with tips to ensure you choose an appropriate moving company for you. 

What is a Local Move?

It is the one that is happening near your existing location. However, the approximate distance varies from one service provider to another. Although this distance is almost around 50 miles, as said can vary from one to another providers. The relocation activities for local moving can be manageable through their respective companies or by yourself too. Moreover, these can be comparatively less expensive than transfers for longer destinations. 

What is a Long-Distance Move?

It is a relocation that is happening requiring a movement for more than 50 miles. However, these are more complicated than the local movements, hence, typically handles by professional companies. Furthermore, these are more expensive therefore, it’s advisable to adequately compare the prices before finalizing a service provider for your requirements. 

How to Choose the Right Moving Company

When choosing a perfect moving company, there are a few things that you must keep in mind which are as follows;

  • Price: Get estimates from multiple options so it would be easier for you to compare the prices. 
  • Experience: Seek the experience of the company with both local and long-distance relocation services. 
  • Insurance: Try to get assurance that the company would insure the protection or compensation against any loss or damage to the stuff during relocations.  
  • References: Seek references from previous clients or customers to receive authentic feedback from the services like Premiere Van Lines.

Communicate your requirements to the company you have finalized to assist you in moving. Let them know the list of the items you want to move and ensure that they completely understand your timeline. 

Tips for a Smooth Move

Smooth short-distance relocation
  • Begin your plans early: Earlier you start, the more time you will have to organize and steal the best possible deals. 
  • Carefully pack your belongings: It will prevent your stuff from being damaged or lost.  
  • Clearly label your boxes: It will be helpful for movers to swiftly find your belongings. 
  • Be there on the relocation date: To have enough piece of mind you should be present on the very day of moving. 
  • Give a tip to your movers: This is a great method to express your appreciation for their hard work. 

It is well-understood that moving can be a big undertaking but it shouldn’t be so stressful. By implementing these tips, your moving can be stress-free and smooth. 

Additional Tips for Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance relocation 
  • Get your belongings insured: As, these are more likely to face loss, damage, or delays than local relocations.  If your belongings are insured it will make you financially secure in case of any such problems. 
  • Separately pack the fragile items: The delicate items should be packed separately in their container boxes and labeled with their names. It will further ensure that the relocation assistants would handle those pieces of stuff with utmost care.  
  • Request for a written estimate from the moving company: This written quote must include the packaging, loading, relocation, and unloading of the belongings.  
  • Look for a valid license for the moving company and insurance: You can check such things with 
  • Make sure the moving company has a valid license and insurance. You can check the moving company’s license and insurance with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Have clarity about your expectations with the service providers: Be aware of the policies of the company for packaging, loading, transporting, and unloading the belongings. 

By completing these steps your long-distance can be performed without any troubles. 


Easy moving

Moving to a different location is considered to be stress-free for most people but with advanced planning and appropriate research and planning it would be easier to get the best relocation service providers that perfectly suit your needs making your relocation experience easy and smoothened.

Author: James Wilson