Frequently Asked Questions Answered About Zorb Balls

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 24, 2023

Zorb balls are a relatively new invention that has taken the world by storm! These inflatable spheres allow you to roll around inside and can be used on land or water. They’re great for kids and adults alike, and they’re quickly becoming a favorite pastime for people all over the globe.

But with any new product, there are bound to be questioned. That’s why Kameymall is here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about zorb balls!

Are Zorb Balls Safe? 

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question about zorb balls, for a good reason. After all, you’re getting inside a giant inflatable ball and rolling around! But don’t worry; zorb balls are entirely safe. They’re made from durable PVC material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. In addition, they have multiple safety features built in, such as an emergency release valve that allows you to deflate the ball quickly if necessary. In short, there’s no need to worry about safety when you’re inside a zorb ball!

Can You Use Zorb Balls on Water? 

Absolutely! One of the best things about zorb balls is that they can be used on land and water. So whether you want to roll around in your backyard or swim in your pool, lake, or ocean, you’ll be able to do so with ease. Just ensure you don’t put the zorb ball in too deep of water—you should always be able to touch the bottom while inside the ball.

Do Zorb Balls Come in Different Sizes? 

Yes, zorb balls do come in different sizes! They range from small (which can accommodate one adult or two children) to large (which can accommodate two adults). So no matter how big or small you are, there’s a zorb ball out there that’s perfect for you.

Why Should You Give Zorb Balls a Try?

Zorb Balls are a Great Way to Get Exercise 

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to get some exercise, then zorb balling is definitely for you. Zorb balls require you to use your entire body to move around, which means you will get a full-body workout. Not to mention, rolling around in a giant hamster ball is a lot more fun than going for a run on the treadmill!

Zorb Balls are Perfect for Parties and Group Events 

One of the best things about a zorb ball is that it can be enjoyed by groups. So zorbing is a great option if you are looking for a fun activity with your friends or family. It is also perfect for parties and other events. Just make sure that you have enough space to set up a course!


Zorb Balls are Safe for Everyone 

Another great thing about zorb balls is that they are safe for everyone. Whether you are young or old, big or small, you can safely enjoy zorbing without having to worry about getting hurt. Of course, it is always important to follow the safety instructions and rules when using any inflatable device.

Zorb Balls are a Lot of Fun! 

Zorb balls are just plain fun. There is something about rolling around inside a giant inflatable ball that will surely put a smile on your face. So if you are looking for a new and exciting way to have some fun, then zorbing is definitely for you.

Zorb Balls are Affordable 

Zorb balls are a great value because they are very affordable. You can find them for sale online and in many stores for a very reasonable price. Inflatable balls are not something you have to spend a lot of money on to enjoy.

What are the Different Types of Zorb Balls?

There are three main types of Zorb balls: water-filled, air-filled, and foam-filled. Each type of zorb ball has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

Water-Filled Zorb Balls: 

The primary benefit of water-filled Zorb balls is that they are the most affordable option. They are also the heaviest type of Zorb ball, which will provide more resistance and help you burn more calories. However, water-filled Zorb balls can be leaky and difficult to clean. 

Air-Filled Zorb Balls: 

Air-filled Zorb balls are more expensive than water-filled Zorb balls but are also much lighter. This makes them easier to transport and store. In addition, air-filled Zorb balls will not leak if they get punctured. The major downside of air-filled Zorb balls is that they can be blown away by strong winds. 

Foam-Filled Zorb Balls: 

Foam-filled Zorb balls are the most expensive type of Zorb ball, but they offer the best protection in case of a fall. Foam-filled Zorb balls are also the lightest type, making them easy to carry around. However, foam-filled Zorb balls can be difficult to clean if they get dirty. 


Zorb balls are a ton of fun for people of all ages and can be used on land and water. Here at Kameymall, we want to ensure that all of your questions are answered before purchasing one of our zorb balls. So feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may have—we’re always happy to help!


Author: Abby Hill