Why Explainer Videos are Becoming Trendy

Written by Abby Hill
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Published On October 15, 2021

It’s important to remember that a company is only successful if its product elicits an emotional reaction in consumers.

Why Do Consumers Like Videos and How Can They Benefit Businesses?

Spotify’s hand-drawn explanation video allowed the new music service to surpass iTunes only five months after its debut, resulting in a record profit for Universal Music of more than $ 30 billion.

In the month after the release of the introduction film, the number of DropBox file hosting users rose by 10%. The number of users of the service rose from 0 to 300 million in the first five years following its debut, and its worth soared to $ 400 billion due to the short expansion.

What is the key to the explainer video’s success? The explanation is straightforward: they elicit emotion. Video advertising enables you to demonstrate the product’s distinctiveness, establish good, pleasant connections, and pique interest in the business.

The company’s competitive edge is its emotional connection with customers. This is how the company gets well-known. The product is remembered and stands out among analogs because of the storyline, which the spectator enjoyed, elicited pleasant feelings, and piqued his interest in watching the movie to the conclusion. It’s particularly essential in explainer videos for education.

A product is nothing more than another item on the shelf before promotion, and service is simply another among many comparable services. They have their own narrative, a unique halo, with the video. As a result, the customer is forced to make a decision in your favor.

How Do You Advertise Your Video at the Start?

The profit generated and the development of interest in your product or service after it has been uploaded on various advertising platforms are directly related to the efficacy of a video. Spending time marketing it from the start will result in an enormous increase in audience interest.

There should be social networks – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – in addition to the traditional (YouTube) channels for uploading your explainer. They offer everything you need for successful ad marketing, including paid placement options, analytics for tracking user activity, and much more.

The Facebook team has created new tools to make it simpler to view videos from any device, and the public is actively utilizing them, thanks to the increasing popularity of video advertising.

Make contact with bloggers and influencers to see if they’d be willing to promote your goods on their platforms. As a result, you may get by without hiring an SMM expert at first and acquire valuable experience operating a company.

Some production studios offer their assistance with video advertising and distribution; accept or decline. The problem of boosting the popularity of videos created by his team is important to the performer, so he will do all he can to help you get more views and a reaction from the largest possible target audience.

The concept, the non-trivial attitude of the masters, and the emotional effect on the spectator all contribute to the popularity of the explainer video. However, a lot relies on the websites where you post it, as well as your own effort.

How Do You Assess the Success of Video Advertisements?

There are methods available to assess the efficacy of video advertisements. They will provide you with more information than just the number of views; they will help you discover strengths and shortcomings, calculate the views-to-sales ratio, and more. For dealing with metrics, we recommend the following algorithm:

  • Analyze the number of times a video has been viewed on YouTube

    This statistic is unique in that it allows you to see which parts of the video piqued viewers’ attention the most, regardless of whether they watched the whole video or stopped in the midst. The statistic will reveal the device the video was seen on, whether it was shared or not. You’ll also be able to compare your rating to that of other videos with comparable duration.

  • Consumer Surveys on Google (Google Forms)

    You may ask your viewers whatever question you want, both regarding the video and about their perception of your brand as a whole, using the service. A survey can assist you in determining how to increase your current advertising efforts.


To make an excellent explanation, follow these steps:

  • identify the video’s proper category (genre);
  • choose a performer depending on the details of the desired storyline and the video’s intricacy;
  • Fill out the terms of reference and service agreement as completely as possible, and contact the studio as soon as possible if you have any further questions.
  • Use current advertising and analytics tools to promote your video.

Author: Abby Hill