7 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On September 13, 2023

Home is where the heart is. Whether you left your heart in sweet home Alabama or any other hometown, go back and take a part of it with you. Because as a college newbie, you’ll need all your strength to make your dorm room a new home.

After buying dorm room essentials like pillows and towels, check the simple ideas for decoration we’ve prepared for you. The best thing about the tips – they all come with minimum time, money, and effort. And if you are still confuse about where to get the pillows etc. you should check this: Where to Buy Bamboo Pillowcases? Best Places to Buy with EXTRA Discounts! Published by Mizu Towels, this article will introduce you some of the best places where you can buy the high quality pillowcases at the great price options.

Idea #1: Murphy Desk

The problem of all dormitories is a lack of space, and this problem should be solved creatively. If you need a desktop, but cannot accommodate a table, think of a Murphy desk. Looking more like a medicine cabinet, a Murphy desk has a folding panel for your laptop. 

A lot of Murphy desks come with shelves and a space to stick your notes like a chalkboard. From now on, you’ll never forget your paper writer review or plans for dinner. With this invention, a student stays organized and keeps their notes in order. 

Idea #2: Potted Plants

Some rooms come with balconies. This is rare but nice to have. Especially if you’ve always wanted to master gardening.

The best thing about potted plants is that they can be placed in a variety of rooms. Just check the temperature and shade-or-light preferences once you buy a plant.

To make sure your plant survives any surroundings, buy one with low-maintenance standards.

  • Cacti and succulents. The best option for busy students who need more time reading literature guides from https://studyfy.com/literature-study-guides rather than focusing on home decoration. These plants will forgive you once you forget to water them or move to the place with a bigger shade; 
  • Peace lily. This ‘green pet’ is leafy and produces beautiful white flowers. It loves sunshine and timely watering;
  • Ferns. This species loves medium-bright surroundings and higher-than-average humidity levels. They make a great choice if you want to reduce the risk for respiratory diseases and dry skin.

Idea #3: Stylish Bookshelves 

No need for carpentry courses here. Unless you want to master a few skills and make some money as a college student. But if your goal is to give the old dorm bookshelf a second life, then skip the carpentry courses. All you need is a tin of paint and a brush. After that, think of items to put on the shelf.

  • Books and magazines. Yes, these are the basic items that go on a display. It would be great if your printed items match the overall color scheme of the shelf and the room; 
  • Collectibles and memorabilia. Mix them with bulky objects like vases, candles, or potted plants for creating a harmonious composition;
  • Photos. For a vibrant mood, craft a girdle of photos and stick it to the shelf horizontally or vertically. 

Idea #4: Seasonal Decorations

We all love holidays. They organize time, add value to our little lives and connect us to the ones we love. Keep the calendar in check and let the Christmas spirit enter your dorm room!

For this to happen, think of a few items like: 

  • Tiny Christmas trees. Put one on your desk, wrap mini-lights around it and enjoy the magic;
  • Holiday wreath. There are tons of DIY tutorials online. Check a few ones to make your dorm door authentic-looking and save some money;
  • Candles and stockings. There are tons of these holiday attributes which come cheap and quick;
  • Christmas cards. Make a wall garland of thematic cards whether bought or hand-crafted. Or take the ones you’ve got from your friends and family to boost your gift-giving mood. 

The same advice goes for other holidays. Trade the card garlands for wall skeletons and stockings for sticky spiders, and you’re ready for Halloween!

Idea #5: Cozy Lighting 

Cold artificial lighting can give you goosebumps in the evening. It’s all because we, the victims of popular culture, associate cold lights with horror movies or hospitals.  To put it short, buy lights which would make one feel welcome in your home space.

  • Desktop lamps. These are especially great if you study late at night. These lamps come in all forms and sizes and depend on your taste;
  • Starlights and fairy lights. Who said you should use them for seasonal decorating only? These lights are a godsend for the movie-nights lovers or anyone in a romantic mood;
  • Candles. Again, these objects can be used for creating peaceful surroundings. They are a perfect source of lighting once you want to relax by taking a bath or listening to your favorite podcast. Put one in a scented lamp and detox from the daily stress!

Idea #6: Things From City Spots

As a student, you might have developed a taste for places with a good vibe. Whether it is a local bakery or a book shop, collect a few items and place them around your dorm room. This is also a great way to make a city comfy if you’re a college newbie.

  • Bookmarks. Place them in books while sticking out the bookmark’s tale a little bit further; 
  • Cups. Some coffee shops sell hand-made cups. Make them a part of your memorabilia and a functional element of the desk-top ‘kitchen’;
  • Stickers. Whether from concerts or bookshops, stickers can be placed anywhere. Stick them to a laptop or a desk to create an authentic look.

Idea #7: Rugs, Curtains, and Mirrors

All these objects aim to finish the look of your room. If you have no more decorating ideas in the stash, think of traditional options. 

  • Rugs. Cement floors or worn-out rugs are a no-nothing in a cozy space. You want your feet to feel smug like a bug under a rug (pun intended). There are tons of rugs on flea markets that come without fleas or high cost (again, pun intended);
  • Curtains. This element is necessary if you live on the first floor or want to add color to a blank dorm window;
  • Mirrors. Peel-and-stick mirrors are not boring accessories. In fact, they are the greatest and cheapest way to artificially expand your claustrophobic dorm space.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a dorm room is fun and a great rehearsal before you decorate your own future apartment. We hope our article has proved that decorating can be affordable and easy to manage. Just stick to the color palette, follow the composition rules, and you’re good to go! 

Author: Abby Hill