7 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas You Should Try In 2024

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Updated On March 28, 2024

Easter is just around the corner. The way it is celebrated in different parts of the world is truly fascinating to watch. So, with that, it also comes with new opportunities to promote your services and achieve the desired engagement. 

So get ready to make the most out of your easter promo and compelling marketing strategies listed in this guide to grab the audience’s attention by scheduling the most colourful Easter marketing campaign in the market. 

Top 7 Easter Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Campaigns and Engagement

You can look out to expand the social media presence in the environment of festivals. As Easter is approaching, you can use some powerful marketing tactics to get the most out of this happening festival. 

Make Your Website Easter Ready 

Before anything, start giving a ravishing Easter look to your website. For that, you should consider re-designing your website’s home page, logo, pop-ups, and more with a touch of the festival’s essence till the festival ends. 

For instance, you can add Easter eggs, GIFs to your website’s important landing pages and whatever that can grab users’ attention. By embracing an Easter theme on your website, the user can notice your efforts to make your business holiday-ready. 

Create and Share Easter Greeting Videos 

Undeniably, social media is the most powerful platform to disperse everything your brand is made for. So by utilizing the festive day, you can take advantage of creating fun and exciting video greetings for your users that can bring a smile to them. 

Crafting user-generated content that includes your brand message and essence can attract the user’s attention, drive insane engagement and generate new leads for you. 

Plan out Virtual Easter Games 

Who can resist exciting games? Planning out fun and thrilling virtual Easter games on your social media platform can help increase your website traffic and can lure them to take a look at your services. 

For instance, you can create a video that has some Easter eggs hidden in it and upload it on your social media platforms. Ask the users to find them and DM the locations, screenshots, and everything to avail the exciting offers and deals on your services. Hence, consider scheduling the lucky draw contest a month before Easter. 

Lastly, adhere to planning the games by keeping a close watch on your target audience demographics. 

Reach out for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been observed as the most popular strategy in today’s time. The reason is that social media influencers have direct access to a trustworthy fan base which can help your business to drive a lot of engagement, traffic and leads on your way. 

Collaborating with the influencers and creating Easter-related content, giveaways, a series of content and whatever suits your business requirements. Therefore, looking after your budget, consider collaborating with the local micro-influencers to bring about quality leads for your brand. 

Schedule User-Generated Content 

Another effective way to engage your audience is to make them delve into the user-generated content. You can start a trend with a unique hashtag to share the Easter photos and repost most of them on your platform stories. 

Embed a date in your post to announce the winners of the most creative Easter photos and selfies and greet them with exciting offers and prizes. 

Utilize Email Marketing 

Re-design your email marketing content with a colourful Easter theme, offers, prices, and discounts mentioned on it. Emails are the easiest way to personalize and scatter it to your target audience in one go. Moreover, you can wish to send some customized offers to your existing customers to make them feel special and prioritized. 

Hence, don’t forget to add a catchy one-liner as the first line to entice the audience to open the email and read out the content. 

Easter Offers and Giveaways 

Who doesn’t like favourable deals and a chance to win a giveaway? With that in mind, crafting mind-blowing giveaways, offers, deals, and coupon codes on the checkout can attract a huge audience to your services. 

Moreover, you can ask the influencers who are doing marketing for you to add some referral codes in their caption. So that their fan base can avail the benefits of their referral offers and get a great deal on your services and products. 

To get the most out of it, plan the offers for a limited time slot till Easter to get maximum orders.

That is all! By practising the aforementioned Easter marketing strategies creatively, no one can stop you from accomplishing immense growth in your business. 

Benefits of Seasonal Marketing Ideas

Fueling your Easter marketing campaigns with some strategic ideas can bring some outstanding opportunities that you have been thriving for so long next to your door. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Festival-oriented marketing strategies can drive you with some new enthusiastic business and leads. 
  • Celebrations bring a relaxing mode for the users, scrolling through the news feed, your Easter theme embraced account has more chances to grab the user’s attention. 
  • Comes out as a golden opportunity to make a stronger bond with the existing clients and nourish new relationships. 
  • Lastly, increases your website traffic in the time of full hype of festivity in the market. 

Using seasonal marketing strategies can bring you more opportunities and give your brand an undesired boost. 


By empowering your Easter marketing strategies, you can unlock the chance to make a dynamic appeal to your target audience. Holiday theme content is a new trend to keep your audience engaged with your business and its services. 

Creating an environment where you celebrate every festival with all hearts can be useful for building a deeper connection with your core audience. 

Author: Mark P. Brewer