Tools For Content Creation for Those Who Just Found a Digital Agency

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Updated On February 1, 2024
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So, you have just founded a digital agency and are looking for the perfect tools for content creation. 

The competition in the marketing field is pretty tense and fierce these days among startups, SMEs, and big brands.

Content is king these days and therefore your creation should meet the needs of the target audience. 

Luckily, technology has made great strides, offering many helpful apps to get the job done well. 

Since juggling many clients and projects is time-consuming, knowing the right tools to achieve success is significant. 

Here are a few must-have content creation tools you shouldn’t overlook.

Graphic Design and Visual Content 

Marketing is about everything that is seen online. It is about the text created, the emojis used, and the visual element. 

As the first thing people see is the visual element, you would want to craft eye-candy, attractive, and catchy ones. 

And you need some really interesting and high-performance apps to help design the visual content that’s appealing to a mass audience. 

Well, among the most used and trendy ones are Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Piktochart

You can use Canva without prior graphic design experience, as it is intuitive and you can optimize it using a GIF compressor. 

For Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, a little bit of experience is required, but they are really powerful tools with many exciting features. 

Adobe Photoshop has features like Lightroom, plugins for treating RAW images and photographers’ favorite tool to edit, correct, and apply effects.

Piktochart is ideal for designing infographics and presentations. So, depending on your needs and design, there are plenty of apps to opt from. 

However, few of them will meet the exact requirement that is professional and impactful. 

This is similar to the experience of being a student in college with some additional writing help. 

You have to craft many projects, write dissertations, and complete assignments. 

And as a little professional assistance never hurts anybody, you may get the dissertation help from EduBirdie who helps with the written tasks. 

You want the teacher’s comments for students’ writing to be positive, to have an excellent student contract for grades, and incredible grading of college papers. 

For powerful visual promotions for your digital agency or as a worker,  satisfying your clients and also meeting the needs of the target audience is paramount. 

The graph below shows the most preferred content types in the future.

Most Preferred Content Types

Video Editing 

Above we have mentioned a few apps that help create visuals, infographics, charts, and so on, here we will delve more into the ones for video editing. 

Visual content includes videos and many more elements. In observing the current trajectory of social media trends, it becomes evident that video advertising is rapidly gaining importance. 

As a digital agency providing a comprehensive array of marketing services, it’s imperative to consider integrating tools geared toward video editing into your arsenal.

Adobe Premiere Pro stands out as a valuable professional app deserving a spot on your list. 

This software empowers you to both craft and enhance videos, making it a highly beneficial addition to your toolkit. 

For those operating within a Mac-based environment, Final Cut Pro X represents an excellent alternative, being exclusive to the Mac platform. 

It boasts a range of advanced functionalities that can be harnessed to produce truly exceptional visual promotions.

Social Media Management 

Important Tips for Social Media Management

All the posts you make on social media have to be monitored. How many people saw them? How many interacted with the post? 

Did it have the engagement you were expecting it to have? Do you want to schedule posts ahead of time? 

As a digital agency, you will have to juggle between multiple projects at the same time. You will work with multiple clients at the same time. 

So, you need multitasking apps to manage all the posts on social media. 

Hootsuite helps you schedule and manage posts across various platforms, which is great. 

Depending on the needs of the client, you may work with distinct social media platforms. 

An alternative would be Buffer, which offers similar features for scheduling and analyzing social media content to achieve success. 

Keyword Research and SEO 

Most Used Tools to Produce Visual Content

Visual content is valuable, indeed, but the text you use is relevant too. 

And it is not only about the text of the social media posts. It is about blog articles, newsletters, and website text too. 

For your text or post to rank high and catch the attention of the reader, then you have to use the right keywords. 

Marketing success is based on SEO efforts, so you need the best and the most helpful performance tools. 

SEMRush is one of the best apps in the market. It offers SEO and content marketing tools, including keyword research and competitive analysis. 

Ahrefs is another one that provides SEO applications for keyword research, backlink analysis, and more. 

Final Thoughts 

Founding a digital agency is a smart move but it also needs a lot of work to gain success. 

While it certainly presents its fair share of challenges, managing these challenges will undoubtedly contribute significantly to your growth and development. 

Thankfully, technology equips us with a wealth of resources to effectively address these hurdles. 

If you see yourself unsatisfied with a particular tool, there exists a wide array of alternatives tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Consequently, you possess the capability to create visually captivating and engaging content, refine your keyword utilization, and generate exceptional video material.

Author: Mark P. Brewer