Comparing the Quality of Content Generated by ChatGPT and Professional Writers

Written by Rosie Bird
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Updated On December 22, 2023
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Academic challenges become more sophisticated each year. The number of students who need help with assignments increases each year. 

There are trusted and proven solutions, like a good homework assistance service. 

Students may look at essaypro review and make a weighted decision regarding the assistance they want to get.

Yet, a new option has appeared recently. 

Chatbots like GPT chat and AI language models have rapidly evolved in recent years. 

As curious toys, they become valuable tools for everyday tasks, including helping with homework. 

Therefore, a natural question arises: which option is better? Shall students opt for the new technological marvel or stick with time-proven solutions? 

This article overviews both variants of assignment help and will help you make the right call for your educational needs. 


AI Language Models: Is GPT Chat That Good? 

What is ChatGPT exactly? 

AI language models, or chatbots, have existed for several years but have exploded only recently. GPT chat, a product by OpenAI, has created a trend for such software. 

It is free, accessible, intuitive, and, most importantly, powerful. 

When you type a message in a language model interface, you receive a human-like response. 

It can discuss casual topics, help with research, and brainstorm ideas. 

Such prominent capabilities inspired students to apply language frameworks like GPT chat for academic assistance. 

ChatGPT has over 175 billion parameters and has been trained on a diverse range of text sources

When you turn to a language model for academic help, you may expect the following benefits: 

  • Availability. Most of the AI models that simulate languages are free of charge. They provide free help or require minimal charges. 
  • Speed. Chatbots deliver responses with lightning speed, making assignment completion quick. 
  • Ease of Use. There are minimum barriers between a user and a language model. You just make an input and get a ready answer with minor corrections. 

These benefits seemed alluring to many students. Therefore, soon, AI-written essays flooded universities and colleges, and reactions did not lag. 

When put to a real test, AI-written texts demonstrated severe drawbacks. 

There were instances of students being expelled due to using AI-language models in their coursework and diplomas. 

Therefore, when you turn to AI language models, expect the following limitations: 

  • Technical limits. While chatbots can generate quick responses, they are not very long. Usually, chatbots can generate up to three hundred words per response. Unlike an assignment writing service, the chatbot will likely stumble and lose the response thread if you request more. 
  • Challenging fact-checking. The way AI models for language respond is weird. If you say the moon is made of cheese, it will accept this information and proceed. This feature means that academic material provided by language models is highly biased. 
  • Plagiarism. Natural language processing principles, which AI chatbots use, are based on corpora of existing texts. Therefore, their replies are highly plagiarized and unoriginal. Inability to store multiple instructions. Language models may struggle not only with output but with input, too. If your assignment has complex instructions, or you make the prompt too long, a chatbot will get confused and miss out on certain parts of the request. In the end, you will receive an inconsistent text. 
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What Can You Expect from Assignment Writing Services? 

You can expect high professionalism and a personalized approach when you request assignment writing help. 

The distinctive features of professional platforms are the following: 

  • Accuracy and proficiency. When you order an assignment from professionals, you can be confident that a true expert will assist you. Platforms feature professionals who are exceptionally good at writing and the academic subject needed for the assignment. 
  • Wide variety of services. A student may ask for help with more than an essay. Presentations, coursework, and even diplomas – professional platforms can help with anything. 
  • Original papers. Assignment writing services ensure that the papers are free and properly cited. 
  • Academic integrity. All these factors combine to produce pristine academic work that students may use in any way they see fit. 

Yet, at the same time, there are several drawbacks that you should consider: 

  • Deadlines. In contrast to ChatGPT, an assignment writing service requires several hours to complete an order. 
  • Pricing. The more urgent the order and the more complex it is, the higher the price will be. 
  • Occasional mistakes. Miscommunication can happen during order issuing, which may result in possible revisions. You should double-check the final results before submission. 

Assignment help platforms are a trusted solution for educational challenges. Many students turn to them with issues big and small. 

The business constantly evolves and adapts, providing consistently well-written assignments. But can it compete with modern technologies? 

Limitations and Advantages of ChatGPT in Blogging

Limitations and Advantages of ChatGPT in Blogging

Which Quality is Superior? 

If compared directly, professional writing assistance is superior to chatbots. 

Despite the technological marvels that AI models of speech possess, they cannot comprehend complex academic topics. 

The OpenAI product can generate broad ideas or provide an outline for an essay, but it cannot follow them consistently. 

On the contrary, assignment help services follow every nuance and smallest detail of your paper. 

You may expect deep knowledge of the subject and authentic conveying of this idea according to the task’s academic level. 

In this case, the most optimal usage of linguistic models is to make a draft or create an idea for the assignment and then turn to it for professional help. 

Naturally, you will pay for the services. 

Yet, attempts to save funds cost some students their reputation and chances to graduate. 

Therefore, you should assess the risks from a bigger perspective when you apply for academic assistance. 

Bottom Line 

Academic assistance has become an inseparable part of modern students’ lives. 

Professional custom writing platforms are ready to offer their services to students at any time. 

For example, they may search for an essaypro review and decide what homework assistance service they need. 

Yet, technology does not stand still. AI language models offer quick and convenient educational assistance. 

While quick and easy to use, chatbots’ AI writing fails to provide consistent and complex texts. 

Moreover, using these tools for assignments is deemed academic dishonesty and costs a student a degree. 

Therefore, it is better to turn to professional platforms if you seek superior-quality academic assistance. 

You will get an original, high-quality assignment that will help you overcome any academic challenge.

Author: Rosie Bird