Best Bitcoin Games to Earn Free Bitcoin

Written by Alex Smith
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Updated On August 29, 2023


Gaming can be a profitable activity nowadays. GameFI and blockchain play-to-earn games allow you to combine gaming and earning. 

Today we have created a list of games for iOS and Android phones that will reward you with free bitcoins. In this list, you will find different games such as interactive games, 2D runners, RPGs, quizzes, and many more. 

Spark Profit

Spark Profit is a dynamic and engaging app that allows users to make market predictions for real money markets, including cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets. As you make accurate predictions, you earn points which can be redeemed for BTC payouts. 

Since its launch in 2013, Spark Profit has distributed over $500,000. And they make payouts for more than 100,000 users on a weekly basis. To help ensure your success, Spark Profit provides a range of resources and tutorials.

Bitcoin Alien Run

If you are looking for a thrilling Bitcoin game, consider playing Bitcoin Alien Run. The app offers payout in BTC and ALR. This is a 2D runner that allows you to earn cryptocurrency while you play. Every day you will get different tasks. As you successfully complete the tasks, you will be rewarded with bitcoins. 

Bitcoin Alien Run is an excellent choice for those who love action games and want to start earning bitcoins. 

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a pioneering RPG that has been running for an extended period and is still going strong. Basically, it is a trading card game with arcade-style elements. 

Spells of Genesis allow you to collect orbs that can be used to create your own strong deck of cards. Also, players can trade and combine orbs. You can test your decks against other players and explore the Askian world. 

Satoshi Quiz

Satoshi Quiz is an online game focused on bitcoin that provides an opportunity to earn rewards by correctly answering questions from various categories. Each correct answer allows you to share the prize pot, which is set at 1,000 satoshis per question.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online game that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Its features include the ability of users to purchase or breed virtual pets. Also, the users can participate in battles and earn scores or sell their items on the marketplace. 

The Sandbox

Players of the Sandbox can earn money for playing the game. Also, they can craft their own virtual worlds and acquire digital real estate and NFTs. The project was launched in 2012. The game’s team has developers from various countries. 

The Sandbox uses its own token named SAND. All the virtual land in the Sandbox is limited in quantity. The land is sold in the form of NFT. Many big companies have a virtual land in the game. And the value of the land grows depending on the distance to these companies. Sandbox allows you to sell, rent, and exchange your land. 


RollerCoin is a bitcoin mining simulation game where you can compete with other players for the opportunity to earn BTC. Unlike traditional bitcoin mining, RollerCoin uses tasks, missions, skill tests, and games to increase your mining power and earn bitcoin.

While playing RollerCoin, you will face different tasks. You will need to pay electricity bills, repair data centers, pay rent, and cover air conditioning costs. RollerCoin also offers side missions, mini-tasks, and data center upgrades to help you increase your mining power.


This game is similar to the Sandbox. Here you can buy virtual land and perform different activities with it. The quantity of land is limited, as in the Sandbox. Depending on the area, the price of land can be high or low. For example, the price in prestigious areas is high. 

Users have the option of purchasing land and constructing buildings. NFTs are employed to produce objects within the game.


There is a huge variety of games that can reward you with bitcoins or other in-game currencies. Most games are simple and easy to play, like Satoshi Quiz or Spark Profit. Just install them and play. For some of the games, you would need to read guides and do your own research. For example, Axie Infinity or Spells of Genesis. 

If you enjoy gaming and want to earn some bitcoins, these games can be a great starting point. 

Author: Alex Smith