All You Need to Know About Attractiveness and Hormonal Balance

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Updated On December 22, 2023

Hormones That Make Us Look Younger


Commonly associated with reproduction, the hormone estrogen has been credited to maintaining the elusive look of youth for a long time. The importance of this hormone in maintaining an appealing juvenile look was previously unknown. Still, it has been scientifically proven that its impact stems directly from the hyaluronic acid it produces over the years. The impacts of hyaluronic acid on the skin are invaluable and are what make the skin look younger. To understand this importance, it is crucial to understand what happens under low estrogen concentrations, as is the case in aging. Diminishing levels lead to thin flaky skin and sagging because of decreased collagen.


Normally a male hormone, testosterone, gives men their manly characteristics. Essential for the development of the testes and other reproductive organs, testosterone also stimulates hair growth and muscle tone. Testosterone also plays an important role in the sexual performance of males. Therefore, it can stimulate all these properties when used to fight aging in men and has greatly been exploited during hormonal therapy with huge success margins.

Growth Hormone

HGH, or the human growth hormone as it is popularly known, is named after its primary function. Important for proper growth in children, it has been linked to antiaging in adults and has set the world of hormone therapy ablaze. Also, there are side effects in adults that should be considered before undergoing the therapy for anti-aging and other purposes. With many calling it the hormone of youth, it is imperative to maintain this hormone within normal ranges if that look of youth appeals to you.

The Main Hormones in Women

Women have more hormones as compared to their male counterparts. However, they both have estrogen and progesterone despite lower quantities in men than women.

Estrogen is the main hormone in women, it is responsible for many feminine characteristics. Broadening of the hips, developing silky hair, a soft voice, developing the breasts, and maturity of the female reproductive system can all contribute to estrogen.

Progesterone is another important hormone in women. A key hormone in regulating the menstrual cycle in females, this hormone is also responsible for preparing the uterus for implantation whether or not successful fertilization has taken place. It also plays a pivotal role in maintaining pregnancies. Research also shows that progesterone actively takes part in the regulation of mood and sleep. Unknown to many is the fact that progesterone can also regulate blood pressure in the body.

The Main Hormones in Men

Most of the gonadotropic hormones found in women can also be found in men. Estrogen and progesterone can all be found in males but in reduced amounts. However, the main androgen, or male hormone, is testosterone. Similar to estrogen in females, testosterone is also responsible for masculine characteristics in men. That thick facial hair, increased muscle development, deepening of the voice, and the development of pubic hair can all be attributed to this hormone. Maintenance of normal levels of this hormone will guarantee proper masculine functions at whatever age of an individual.

Chemistry of Love

Love is a feeling, and even though it was thought to be felt from the heart, it is more of a brain affair than a heart matter because it has its roots deep in the nervous system of the human being. It involves a lot of neurotransmitters, which are small signaling molecules in the body. Examples of these neurotransmitters that are involved in the chemistry of love are dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and vasopressin. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that is directly involved in building attractions. In conjunction with dopamine are the hormones norepinephrine, more commonly known as noradrenaline, and serotonin. Oxytocin and vasopressin are all biologically important in long-term attachment to a partner. It is no wonder that when in love, we struggle to keep our partners, all thanks to these hormones.

How to Be More Attractive

Attraction to potential partners is a natural process and is part of our inborn inherited desire to reproduce and fill the earth. However, the attraction has evolved over the years to fit into whatever and whoever we have our minds set on. To attract more partners, it is important to remember the following.

Maintaining positive well-being will attract other partners. Keeping your health in peak condition and perfectly nourishing your body and skin will drastically improve your chances of attracting a partner.

Take part in activities that trigger an adrenalin rush. Adrenalin will improve a lot of the metabolic pathways and also increase the youth-like reflexes that may have grown out of use. Trying to provoke the release of adrenalin will therefore have a positive physical and psychological impact overall.

Reducing the amount of perfume will also make you more attractive. Some people find some types of perfumes unpleasant. Too much perfume can therefore reverse the intended idea of being attractive to being unattractive.

Ensuring major aging and beauty hormones are well within their ranges will make you more attractive. This is partly because of the natural attraction that human beings have towards youth. An artificial increase in estrogen can do wonders for an individual.


Maintaining a youthful appearance is a secret desire of almost every aging human being. Proper habits and some assistance from hormone therapy such as exploitation of HGH, estrogen, and progesterone can improve one’s appearance to that of a younger more energized version of themselves. It is, therefore, possible to have the wisdom that comes with old age, without the wrinkles and constant health complications that accompany individuals into their old age. 

Aging should therefore not be considered a nuisance but a gateway to a better tomorrow. Hormonal balance, whether natural or artificially induced, will play an important role in ensuring the transition from one age group to another is smooth, one devoid of the hassles that are traditionally associated with aging. Affordable trt Clinical utilization of information regarding hormonal balances is a welcome practice that is bound to put a smile on the faces of everyone, young or old, at a point in their life.

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