Things to Know If You Want to Teach French in the UK

Written by Zayn Tindall
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Teaching a language allows people to relocate, and it can change your life. It immerses you in another culture. Knowing another language helps you to communicate more and helps you to survive while you are in another country with new people. This is a fun type of writing; if you ever wanted to move to another country to teach but were not sure where to start, then you’d better read this article. 

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Things to Know If You Want to Teach French in the UK:

Understand Your Qualifications

If you want to teach any language, it means you are going to be a tutor. Tutors should have some maximum qualifications so that they can teach students. At least you need to be certified in teaching French in the UK from a very good university. Because French is a language that is used in many countries, students need to be fluent. 

Are You Native

If you are a native, then it will be much easier to teach students. Native speakers know many terms in many languages, which helps them to learn more or teach more. If you want to teach French in the UK, it is best if you are a native speaker, otherwise, you may encounter many difficulties while teaching students.

Do You Possess a Certificate

As you already know, having a certificate is very important because educational qualification is important. In a university, you will get many professional tutors who will teach you any language, like French, as well as how to be fluent in it.

What Age Range of Students are You Willing to Take

You don’t need any age range if you are fully certified. But if you are a native speaker and not a professional or well-trained speaker, then it is better not to take classes from university students. Because university students are around 18+ years of age and they need to learn very well for the betterment of their future. 

Consider the type of Environment You Want to Work in and How Long You Want to Work There

A place where no one can bother you, full of lights, will boost your energy. To be honest, there is no time limit for learning anything. If you have the potential and dedication to learn anything, then you can learn as much as possible. 

Where to Teach

Teaching happens best if you have a good environment to teach. A place where no sound pollution happens Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a place like this, but it would be better if you could find a peaceful place to teach students. 

Teaching in Schools

You can teach students in school. School tutors need qualifications, but not like university tutors. You can give it a try in school, but in school, tutors create the basics of our knowledge, so if the basics are wrong, then it can hamper your knowledge.

Know What Qualifications are Needed for What Types of Schools

First, research what qualifications are needed for what types of schools. Then see your qualifications with those and if anything matches, then go for it.

University Professor

Teaching at a university is a very big responsibility, but if you believe in yourself and are well-certified, then you can teach at a university too. 

What About the Credentials

The more you are qualified, the more your demand increases. So start improving yourself and develop your qualifications to be better qualified for your own betterment. 

Teach At a Language School

You can also teach at a language school because, nowadays, it has become a very good platform. So try teaching at a language school. Then you will get to know many things.

Do You Still Need a Certificate to Teach

The more you have certificates, the more you are qualified and in demand. So start gathering more degrees and certificates.

How is It Different from Other Schools

It’s not that different; it’s just a matter of perspective. Have patience and go on because everything is possible if you have the will.

Tutor Privately

You can teach students at their home as their private tutor too. It is also a very good sector. 


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Author: Zayn Tindall