Don’t Miss These Different Ways To Use NFC In Your Business

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Updated On February 2, 2024

NFC, aka near-field communication technology, has greatly benefited businesses and customers. For instance, people can communicate effortlessly with employees or instantly share the latest offers with customers.

With its immense uses and benefits, it’s been in demand for quite a while. The global NFC market was estimated to be 19 billion USD by 2022, with an expected growth of up to 44.7 billion USD by 2032.

But if you don’t know this technology clearly, let’s start learning here…

Understanding NFC

This technology allows short-range, two-way communication between two electronic devices.

The technology offers many ways to boost customer engagement and improve efficiency.

It was initially used for payments. However, now, NFC has many uses in the business world. So, let’s get to know them here…

Add To Promotional Materials

A great place to use near-field communication is in the  business’s marketing strategies. For instance, add NFC tags to the newsletters, posters, and other promotional materials.

By this,  businesses can offer various limited benefits like bonus reward points, discounts, or even ease of purchasing tickets.

It provides a unique experience to the customers, which assures their loyalty to your business over competitors!

Track Your Employees

Near field communication tags also assist businesses in efficient employee management steps. For instance, you can incorporate these tags into their IDs.

So, enterprises can monitor whenever they check in or out of the establishment and thus know their work hours. Tapping your smartphone, you can also use it to know their task status.

These ways assure smooth operation at the workplace where you’re in touch with everyone’s progress and promote better productivity.


Interesting Fact
The above graph shows the total transaction value of near-field communication (NFC) in each year. This amount was highest in 2023 and is expected to grow more in 2024.

Share Detailed Product Information

If you have a showroom full of products, this is a great way to share all the details with the customers to make the right call.

By using near-field communication, customers get access to all the features, offers, and benefits of using a product.

For gadgets, provide specifications. For fancy cooking ingredients, share creative recipes. For décor items, share various ideas to enhance a room using it. This way, your business will seem customer-centred and tech-savvy.

Add Social Media Check-in At The Entrance

This is one of the ultimate ways to improve  the online presence of  businesses. Place NFC tags at your business entrance so customers can easily check in on common social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with a single scan.

Add lucrative offers like discounts if they engage with the brand on social media to ensure customers check-in online. By this, your customers feel satisfied while your brand becomes popular.

Incorporate In Business Cards

Many people still use generic paper business cards. However, if those are not useful to the receiver, they get dumped in the bin. This is not only bad for the environment, but you also lose money printing endless stacks of business cards!

So, it’s time to switch to NFC business cards. You can get a single card made of plastic, metal, wood, or other material and incorporate near-field communication.

This is a great way to network and share business and individual  profiles with everyone seamlessly.

With a quick scan, you can share your name, business, profession, online social media accounts, and more with interested people.

Provide Easy Wi-Fi Access

This will be pretty useful  for cafe, library, and airport waiting area owners or any other business  if they provide free Wi-Fi.

Strategically place NFC tags in the establishment so customers can effortlessly connect with your Wi-Fi services. This can significantly improve customer’s perception of your business.

Make Meetings More Eco-Friendly

During business meetings and presentations, people usually rely on printed materials. However, near-field communication can make the entire process more efficient and environment-friendly.

So, share all files, documents, and information with other meeting attendees through the near-field communication of smartphones or tablets.

This will impress others and prove that you are conscious of every step of life.

Nokia, Philips, and Sony established the first NFC forum in 2004 intending to promote NFC technology. Now this forum has more than 140 member companies.

Share Your Website Through It

Incorporate the website URL into  the NFC tag. Customers/users can simply tap on the tag and instantly get access to your website. Thus, this reduces the hassle of manually typing the URL.

It may not sound like much, but prospective customers will be more likely to check out the  business website this way.

Give Access To Schedules

During conferences, events, or simply at work, schedules are usually shared through printed papers. Or they are placed on the bulletin board where everyone hovers to check it. One is wasteful, and the other is inconvenient!

Again, near-field communication is here to save the day. Publish the schedule online and link them to the NFC tag. This way, everyone can access the schedule through NFC tags and stay updated despite any changes!

Make Regular Email Updates Easier

Whenever company-wide updates need to be shared, someone has to email every person in the establishment. On the other hand, this overloads the company emails of the employees.

Let’s be honest: employees are tired of clearing their emails to avoid losing other main emails!

Instead, place an NFC tag in the common area and link it to a website where everyone gets vital updates.

Improve Customer Interaction

Add near-field communication tags to the product packages. Ensure it’s indicated that tapping the tag can help customers access the business online.

There, they can stay updated about the latest and relevant products, discounts and promotions, demonstration videos on using your products, and even take customer surveys and leave reviews.

It enhances customer’s experience with your brand and boosts loyalty and engagement.


While these are the most popular uses of NFC on the business front, there are many other ways to implement it in your professional life. So, figure out what works best for your business and embrace it now!

Author: Madison Charlton