3 Ways to Earn More Writing Online in 2023

Written by Ankit
2 mins, 44 secs Read
Updated On November 22, 2023

If you can create eye-catching texts, work as a writer, or help students with “write my paper” requests—if you are passionate about writing, you are about to discover new ways to make this new year extremely profitable.

What options do you have to start earning more by writing this new year?

In this article, we will share with you three methods you have at your fingertips, which will allow you to monetize your passion for writing.

It is essential to clarify that the first options are the most common. However, the last one will surprise you because it will open new doors and change your passion for writing forever.

So, let’s see what options you have to earn more writing this 2023.

Option 1: Offer Your Writing Services

The first option you have is to offer your written content to companies interested in creating content for their employees, press releases, or publishing on their websites.

To advertise your services, you can contact the companies’ e-mail addresses, contact people you know so they can connect you at their workplaces, or even sign up on freelance websites and wait for interested individuals to contact you.

This first option is a bit complex because if you don’t have experience or clients to back up the quality of your work, getting the first clients will take longer.

Another disadvantage is that, with this option, you depend exclusively on a request from a third party, i.e., you cannot control the recurrence of requests for content.

Some of these platforms where you can sign up are Fiverr, Workana or Upwork.

Option 2: Create a Book and Sell It

It is the dream of many writers; many authors would like to publish their books, whether a novel or a non-fiction book.

With this option, there are two challenges: 

  • The first one is to have the capacity to develop a whole book, which is an arduous process that requires inspiration, constancy, corrections, editions, and other processes that are part of the publication of a work.
  • If you have already overcome the first challenge, the second one will be to find a publisher willing to publish your book.

The situation becomes more complex because it is not so easy to convince a publisher to publish your book unless you are a recognized author.

Another alternative would be to publish the book yourself, which implies significant money investments.

However, there is a third exciting alternative: to publish the book digitally, in other words, to create a digital book.

This kind of book is quite profitable, and it becomes a real possibility to earn more from writing when combined with option number three below.

Option 3: Create a Niche Blog and Monetize Your Passion.

This option is the most interesting because you don’t have to depend on third parties to have a recurrence, and you also don’t need a publisher to start earning by writing.

In other words, you are in control. And best of all, you can build a business around your passion for writing, which will be sustainable over time and allow you to monetize what you love to do.

The advantages of creating a niche blog are many. Here are some of them:

  • You earn by writing about a topic you are passionate about.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in programming or have digital experience.
  • There are several methods to monetize your passion
  • You can earn by writing from any corner of the planet, even from home.
  • You build a community to whom you can offer your books, novels, and writings.
  • You don’t have a company demanding you with timelines.
  • The only requirement is that you want to start your blog.
  • You control the quality and distribution of your content.

In addition, creating a blog opens many more doors and makes it easier for you to find the other options available to you to earn from writing.

When your blog gets traction, publishers will pay attention to you, you will build an audience interested in your books and novels, and finally, you will have a portfolio to show to potential clients.