E-learning Lifesavers: Online Resources to Conquer Assignments

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Updated On November 28, 2023
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As a student, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with the amount of assignments and coursework. Their burden is immense, making the students lose the courage to handle it.

Many resources and tools are available online to help you with assignments and projects, like ukwritings assignment help. These resources exist to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. 

This article will explore the various online resources that will help you conquer the burden of assignments and make your studying process a stress-free journey. Read on to lead a happy student help!

Online Assignment Resources 

Assignments comprise most of the student’s curriculum and determine your overall grades in the university. These act as an immediate revision and eliminate the time spent on the books.

However, when you do an assignment, no one expects it to be flawless; it can have faults here and there. The purpose of these projects is to instill the concept into the students. 

E-learning lifesavers help students in need and provide sufficient tools to aid in homework. Let’s get to know about these tools and resources.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has a library of informative videos, ranging in subjects from computer science and technology to culinary skills and finance. It offers knowledge on various topics from credible teachers teaching at top universities around the globe.

Moreover, you can find tricks and tips on quick and effective learning from the other students who have been through the same problems as yours.

Take the help of YouTube when you are stuck on a topic and need a refreshing point to start anew. Also, take a break to freshen your mind in between the assignments.

Learning Websites

Many websites offer to aid you with the homework; you can join online study groups or hire a private tutor from the platforms. Research thoroughly to get the websites that meet your needs.

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The above graph shows that the highest number of apps downloaded was from the education sector. 

Here are some examples of these websites:

  • Udemy: Online platform with numerous courses in many topics, ranging from drawing skills to Python coding.
  • GoConqr: Using mind-maps to break down a complex topic into a simpler one, helping in memorization and understanding.
  • 24houranswer: This site assists you with the assignments and offers expert services to deal with the preparations for the exam. 
  • Tutor.com: A tutoring company with over 3,000 tutors specializing in numerous fields. They are one of the highest-rated education resources among the students.
  • Studygeek: It is a platform for resolving math problems and provides you with quick services with an answer tool. 
  • Crafter.net: This website offers to write your paper from scratch and aids in the assignments to ensure that every thesis they work on is to your liking. 

Online Libraries 

Resources like online libraries reduce the need for students to visit a physical one, as this platform gives you access to books, journals, and papers in PDF form. 

Ask your school department if they allow the off-campus use of the study materials. Many schools provide students with online materials that help in their assignments and thesis.

Did You Know?
E-learning courses consume an average of 90% less energy and generate 85% less CO2 emissions per student than standard face-to-face courses.

Online Forums

Online forums are the hot place to communicate with people of similar liking, but you can use these forums to your advantage. Many study groups on these forums reply to queries and doubts. 

The people on the platform are always ready to help the students, offering in-depth information and a ready-to-use format. Likewise, you can find discussions where people are debating the prospective pros and cons that could match your theory. 

Educational Blogs 

Many educational websites provide students with informative blogs that help theses and projects. These blogs represent the writer’s opinion, so you should be careful while using them in your projects.

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Thoroughly research the validity of the theories mentioned in the blog post to avoid using baseless information. Have a list of valid educational blogs at hand.

Study Tools

The Internet and open-source software offer a variety of digital study tools to help students with assignments. Let’s take a glance at these tools:

  • Quizlet: An AI-driven free learning tool that offers personalized quizzes and practice tests.
  • StudyStack: It uses digital flashcards for the learning process to engage the students more interactively.
  • Evernote: A digital notebook with organizing features, like scanning documents, syncing notes, and customizing note-taking templates. 
  • Grammarly: Uses AI technology to offer writing corrections across multiple platforms. 

Benefits of Online Resources and Tools

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Now, we will discuss the various advantages of using online resources. 


One of the main benefits of using the tool is the convenience it provides. The digital world offers quick access to resources anytime and anywhere. It is a lifesaver for people with busy schedules and inability to access in-person teaching.

Wide Range of Resources

These tools offer various resources, from video tutorials and study guides to online tuition and essay-writing services. The numerous options enable the students to choose a suitable tool that best meets their needs and learning styles.

Personalized and Targeted Assistance

The online tools often provide the students with personalized and targeted assistance and let them work at their own pace. They work on the specific lacking areas rather than following a fixed curriculum. 


Many students don’t have a stable source of income to pay for the expensive study resources. However, digital resources have a free or low-cost option, meeting the requirements of people with low budgets. 

Improves the Learning Skills

Ultimately, these tools aid the students in developing their learning skills and utilizing the resources to their leverage. Students become self-sufficient learners and confident in their ability to complete the assignment.


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The heavy workload of due assignments causes immense stress, and the pile of homework requires courage and time. Here, educational resources become the life savior. 

Rather than struggling to manage the heavy workload, use the resources to save your time and strength. The average student’s life doesn’t revolve around education and success in school.  

Spend less time with the books and more time enjoying your life to the fullest!

Author: Zayn Tindall