Great Tools to Help Your New Products Blow Up on Social Media

Written by Louise Simon
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Updated On November 25, 2023

Creating a new product for your business can often feel like a big risk. This is particularly true if you aren’t certain how well that product is going to perform, which is why developing social media marketing strategies is an important way to support your new product launch. 

Of course, if you want to engage with effective marketing in the modern day, then social media has got to be a part of your marketing strategy. Knowing that this article aims to highlight some of the best ways in which you can help your products get attention online.

Investigate Your Niche Online

It is the best marketing strategy to reach and entice potential customers is by figuring out which niche your product best fits into. In fact, the niche of your product should have an impact on the development and design of the product as well, so you should already know which niche you are aiming for.

A great way to make sure your advertisements can truly connect with your potential customers in that niche is to research popular trends among the social media demographics that are most active within that market niche. 

That information can be massively useful and allow you to effectively tailor your social media marketing efforts to better fit the interests of your target market – not to mention it can improve your chances of the algorithm sending your marketing materials to the right potential customers.

Short Form Video Advertisements

When it comes to popular trends in social media, the short-form video is easily the king right now. Starting with the advent of TikTok and its explosive growth, it hasn’t taken long for practically every single social media platform – from Facebook to YouTube – to pile onto the success of the short-form video format.

With that in mind, you can probably figure out why an advert in this format could do a lot of good for your brand on social media. After all, there are more eyes on short-form video now than almost any other kind of content on social media – which is why you might want to get a quote for promotional video production in Kansas City.

Of course, if you do decide to develop a short-form video to advertise your products, you might want to consider consulting with professionals who are already in the industry to learn the best approaches to broadening the reach of that video.

Partner with Influencers

Speaking of which, another fantastic way to help improve the popularity of your brand on social media is by working in conjunction with popular influencers who believe in your product. There are plenty of examples of sponsorship deals with popular creators online helping to enhance the success of brands.

For example, RAID: Shadow Legends was one of the highest grossing RPGs in 2022 – a particularly significant achievement given the stiff competition in the gaming market. One of the biggest factors that has contributed to the success of RAID was its huge focus on the field of influencer marketing – particularly in terms of YouTubers and content creators in the gaming niche.

Reviews and Word of Mouth

While brand promos, influencer marketing, and other avenues and tools available to you are somewhat effective when it comes to social media platforms for content distribution. What has always been the most effective when it comes to explosive sales and product promotion is the good old word-of-mouth and review marketing.

This is one of the most tried and tested ways when it comes to getting your product in front of an audience. Here you get your products tested and reviewed by a social media content creator who tells how well your product works as well as how it feels in hand. This helps prove the quality and trustworthiness of your product and increases sales.


Social media can be a huge distraction when it comes to marketing your wares or services online. Manually logging in to update blog posts and business updates can eat up the little time you have.

Incorporating social media tools can help automate most of the repetitive tasks and batch up your daily posts.


Ans: Social media is the most cost-effective and fun way to grow brand awareness and helps develop that likeness and trust factor. This likely increases the sales of your products and services.

Ans: Social media scheduling tools can save time and effort by helping you schedule posts in advance and track your results in real time. These tools can also streamline social media marketing strategies and efforts when working within a large team.

Ans: The best platform for social media marketing depends on your audience. You need to find where your customers are and what kind of content they interact with before zeroing in on any one particular social media.

Author: Louise Simon