Small Adjustments to Your Marketing Efforts to Build a Winning Strategy

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Updated On December 15, 2023
Marketing Efforts

Marketing is one of the pillars that can hold up a business. 

Without it, your target customers will never know about the brand and how its products/services can meet their needs. 

It is an ongoing initiative that must evolve as the way consumers interact with brands continues to shift.

Business owners who are not marketing experts may feel overwhelmed by the burden of promotional activities. There are so many channels to choose from, and the content of the pieces must be compelling enough to drive action. 

Plus, you need access to a lot of data about your audience so that the messaging will speak to them.

Overhauling your entire marketing strategy because you are not happy with the results is not always necessary. 

Sometimes, a few small adjustments can do the trick. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of little adjustments that can have a big impact on the success of your campaigns. 

Integrate Direct Mail and Digital Initiatives

Though many companies are moving away from traditional advertising media like direct mail, it can still be very effective if done right. 

The key is to not isolate your direct mail campaign from every other marketing channel, especially digital ones. 

Integration can be a faster path to customer conversion.

Email marketing is still an effective digital marketing strategy with high ROI and user engagement

For example, printing QR codes or shortened URLs on your mail content can drive recipients to specific landing pages. 

You could also send a follow-up email to all recipients of a mail campaign to provide supplementary information. 

These are just a few ways to integrate mail with digital initiatives and make your direct mail campaigns more compelling

Harness the Power of Guest Posting

Providing value to customers online is a key component of your website’s authority. 

The more authority your site has, the higher it will rank on search engine results pages, leading to greater organic traffic. 

Guest posting is a very common transaction where a business may form a partnership with a publishing site to write an article or blog for them. 

This blog will provide value to the publisher’s audience while driving traffic to the business’s website through backlinks. 

A stronger backlink profile improves your website’s search engine optimization, so look for high-authority publishers that are receptive to guest posts. 

This is a great adjustment to make if you already have a content team creating blog posts for your website.

Add Helpful Widgets to Online Presence

Most of your customers will interact with your brand first online. 

It might be the result of a social media post, an email they clicked on, or a local Google search. 

Either way, your website or mobile application needs to make a strong impression to show customers you know what their needs are. 

One simple strategy to do this is to have helpful widgets on your website and within the mobile app platform. 

A widget is just a small component of an application or website that performs a specific function. 

You could find the best free weather API so that users can see what the weather is for the day, a helpful resource for outdoor sports brands. 

A testimonial widget can cycle through the glowing opinions of past customers about your services. 

A map widget is helpful for location-based businesses that want to make it easy to find their physical store. 

The right widgets are simple to add but can have a big impact on the user experience. 

Automate Data Processes

Every business relies on information to some extent. 

Generally, the more information that you have access to, the better informed your decision-making will be. 

However, collecting and sharing data can take a lot of time, reducing the productivity of your team. 

Finding ways to automate your processing of data can make the company far more efficient and informed. 

Maybe you invest in an enterprise resource planning system that integrates multiple applications so that information is automatically shared with the various programs that require it. 

A customer relationship management tool that automatically creates a new contact for any form submissions and shares them with the right departments could also streamline the process.

Automation can cut down on your team’s workload while increasing the helpfulness of data for your business. 

Not Every Growth Opportunity Requires a Massive Change

Big changes can be disruptive to the flow of a company’s operations. 

Sometimes, they are necessary if an organization wants to remain competitive. 

However, in many cases, the small adjustments may be all that your brand needs to get back on track or go to the next level. 

This means integrating your direct mail campaigns with digital initiatives or automating some data processes. 

These small shifts can dramatically improve your marketing efforts.

Author: Steffani Griffith