Tech Tools for Table Triumphs: Elevate Your Next Event with Ease

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Updated On February 6, 2024

As we have stepped into the digital age, technology has become a new normal. 

What does it feel like living in a technology-driven world? We assume users are glimpsing streamlined operations, hassle-free management, and whatever. 

Tech tools fully transformed how we work, compete, communicate, and indeed, plan and manage events. 

Organizing a wow-worthy event can be a game changer. But how? Consider utilizing tech tools for operations ranging from virtual queuing solutions, live-streaming, hologram speakers, and table centrepieces for hire

Event attendee expectations are shifting causing event organizers to hunt for fresh ways for memorable experiences.

In this article, you can discover a few event technology solutions for table triumphs that can leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Here we go…

How to Choose Event Management Tech Tools?

With countless options in hand, each offering unique capabilities and features, it’s mandatory to consider various factors while selecting the appropriate event management tool. 

Here are some key factors to remember:

Size and Complexity:

In case of small events, there is no need to spend on an all-in-one tool having robust features. 

On the contrary, in big events with multiple sessions, speakers, and attendees, a tool that can handle all the complexities with thriving features is required. 

Do You Know:
62.9% of attendees expected in-person conferences to use modern technology. 

To avoid hassles you can opt for tools like:


There is nothing new about event booking and management softwares. Nowadays, most companies have expanded their offerings concerning bookings and management. 

One such solution for such tasks is “DirectBook”. It was introduced by one of the event management platforms named Tripleseat.

Planning an event from scratch can be challenging but DirectBook facilitates a seamless and contact-free way. 

Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse explains “By creating DirectBook, a first-of-its-kind way to book events or catering without having to submit a lead and wait for a response, venues can increase their sales and streamline the booking process even further”.

Interesting Fact:
Around 68.9% of organizers believe that the event softwares has a major impact on the success of their hosted events. 

Hotels, restaurants, and dedicated venues for events can utilize the power of DirectBook which leads customers to enjoy control in their hands and choose tables, select menus, and make payments from the comfort of their homes.


AllSeated is an event-planning software company best suited for those looking for floor plan assistance. They offer dedicated tools used to map out socially distanced event layouts. 

With this, organizers can easily measure table distances, space out sanitary stations, and a lot more. 

Features and Functionality

The best event management tool refers to the one that includes all those features and functionalities required to manage an event efficiently.

Vince Lombardi says, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”.

For example, it can include features like:

  1. Event Website Creation: Having an online presence can be impactful for an event. Likewise, platforms nowadays include custom website creation capabilities. You can opt for the tool that best integrates with your preferences. 
  1. Event Marketing: Select one that includes marketing features like email campaigns, social media integration, and targeted advertising. 
  1. Attendee Management: Attendee management tools help in tracking attendance, managing cancellations or refunds, and sharing automated confirmations or reminders for their registered tables. So, select wisely. 
  1. On-site Management: In an on-site event, look for a tool supporting features like attendee check-in, badge printing, and session tracking. 
  1. Integration Capabilities: Integration capabilities consist of abilities to integrate with other essential software or systems. For example, your chosen tool must incorporate CRM, email marketing, or payment gateways.

In this way, one can avoid potential major problems before, during, and after the event. 

Example of All-In-One Tools & Software


Hosting an event can be overwhelming for some reason. To thrive your way to host one Hubilo is a perfect choice for planners or organizers out there. 

It is an end-to-end management platform having diverse features and tools. Its key strengths lie in its adaptability to different sorts of events be it a conference, a large trade show, or a webinar.

Despite this, its data analytics capabilities let planners observe performance, estimate ROI, and drive data-driven decisions. 

To increase attendee engagement and boost interaction, it offers attendee engagement tools like gamification, live polls, Q&A sessions, etc. 

Social Tables

It is one of the leading platforms helping planners to streamline their workflow. With its intuitive drag-and-drop floor plan design tool organisers can create and customize event layouts.

As of 2023, the event management software market size is gauged to grow by USD 2,425.09 million between 2022 and 2027 globally. 
Therefore, the growth accelerates at a CAGR of 7.76% during the forecast period.

Market Size Outlook

What else? Management of complex seating arrangements and floor plans gets easier with social tables.

Also, to gauge more attention to detail, get an opportunity to work with vendors in real time.

Live-Streaming Software 

Are you hosting a social event that needs to be streamed live entirely or partially? 

In that case, attendees outside an event hall or those joining from a distance are required to gather on a live-streaming app. 

It will help them to view keynote speeches, training seminars, product rollouts, and performances. 

For that platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Livestream, Brightcove, and Twitch come in handy. 

Digital Audio and Video Equipment

Regardless the event is fully live-streamed, or a mix of live and recorded video, digital video equipment helps to capture the raw footage. 

Superior audio and video equipment is required In events like theater productions and music festivals.

It’s your call to take care of the entire production, stressing about renting a piece or two of AV equipment. 

Tools like a professional digital camera, tripods, mics, earphones, etc are essentials no matter if you’re hiring videographers or going as low-tech as possible. 

To Wrap Up 

To navigate event planning in the digital age, it’s ideal to embrace technology. Since technology has proven to be the key to success, we have seen a shift towards tech tools. 

Being an event organizer, sometimes it’s harder to cope with complex operations. Choosing the right tool can throw away all your worries and help to maintain and streamline the workflow. 

Booking, registrations, seating, outsourcing, etc. everything is possible with the right tool!

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Author: Barbara A. Chamblee