Smart Devices for a Stress-Free Pet Move

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Updated On February 6, 2024
Stress-Free Pet Move

Isn’t moving out of your old house and leaving behind the piled-up memories the most heartbreaking thing to ever experience? Well, it’s the same for your pets, who get easily attached to their cosy home.

You won’t be able to change these feelings, but what you can do for them is to let their traveling journey become more comfortable with the help of reliable devices and companies like the moving company in Wellington FL.

So, if you want to make sure that your pet gets to experience an insane amount of comfort while relocating, stay with us and go through the list of the things mentioned in this post! 

What to do Before Moving?

Moving out is a lot more stressful and hectic than one might think, as you need to juggle all the legal and personal matters. The stress you go through can’t be exaggerated enough, and your fur baby tends to feel the same. 

So, be calm and assure them of their fears!

Then make sure you visit the vet and check if your pet is in a condition to travel a long journey. Get to know in detail what might become a problem for your little pet on the way.

The next step is to prepare your adorable one for the journey and get them familiar with the moving transports so they don’t struggle a lot on D-Day. Take them for a little ride here and there to get them used to the rides.

Finally, the most important thing is a pet kit that you must carry to keep them safe and sated.

Smart Devices You Will Need on the Way

As a pet owner, you would know that the animals tend to get giddy on the rides, that’s why you need to make sure of their safety along the way. 

pets tech market stats image

There have been many innovations in the market that were introduced specially to make sure of this aspect. Let’s get to know these in detail:

Smart Pet Carriers

The carriers are used to carry the pets when you are traveling, and their design varies on the various needs and sizes of the little ones. You would be interested to check this out, as these devices are better than the measly containers or crates.

These gadgets also come with some advanced features like Wi-Fi connection, USB portability, and many others.

  • Hard-shell Carrier: If you are planning to go with the airway, this might be the better option as it is made of a hard material like plastic or metal. It makes sure that your loved one is safe and protected.
  • Soft-shell Carrier: These are made of fabric that is the perfect choice if you have a small and delicate pet.
  • Backpack Style Carrier: This could be the one-pick for you if you tend to have some attachment issues because you can wear this one like a backpack and carry it on your back to make the pets feel less anxious.
  • Wheeled Carrier: If you have a big pet who likes to travel with you, this bag with wheels can make it easy for you to carry around your companion.

Automatic Litter Box

This is the best example of growth in technology, as with this device you don’t have to worry about shoveling and scooping the waste. 

You can easily control it with an app. It gives your cats some private space while they do their business and gets rid of the constant scoop reminders.

It is pretty much adjustable for every size of cat out there and is anti-chewing to last the test of time.


These are the automatic feeders that you control with your phone and make sure your pets are not starved while you are away handling traveling matters. 

expected growth of the global automatic and smart pet feeder market

The above graph shows the expected growth of the global automatic and smart pet feeder market in the years ahead.

You can connect the feeders with cameras to observe their habits and conditions while doing the other tasks.


The waterers are designed in a way to attract the pets with a water fountain to tempt them to drink a healthy amount and stay hydrated. This quenches their thirst as well as keeps them busy with the interesting water dance.


If you are a worried type of pet parent, then you need this to keep you off your protective guard. This device lets you talk, hear, and monitor how your sneaky fur baby is doing without you. 

This will help you to check their condition when you are traveling and help in the case of emergencies. Make sure you install these if you plan to keep them away while you are on a trip.

Did You Know?
The integration of IoT in the pet care routine offers convenience to owners along with enhanced safety and monitoring of the pets.


Smart trackers work the same way as the cameras but with advanced features such as pulse tracking, distress signal, location, activity level, and movement history.

You can also use the leash with built-in trackers to monitor their location and get a sense of relief. This will get rid of your groundless worries and constant fears for your pets.

Smart Toys

What is the best way to keep the pets busy? Toys? Correct answer! But the smart toys are a bit advanced, as you can add voice commands to make them feel at ease and assure them of your presence. 

Get them some amazing toys and keep them absorbed in the fascinating devices, just with a click on your phone.

How to Treat Pets After the Trip?

After you have reached a new chapter of life; your new house, try to get your pet familiar with the new home because it could be a strange environment for them. Try to play with them and take them for a light walk along the nearby areas.

You need to let them explore the new area on their own and get used to it, as sometimes they become timid in the strange surroundings. Give them your precious time and patience until they get used to the change.

The most important thing after your move is to look for a new vet because they tend to get sick during the journey because of the new environment. 


It would be better to make a checklist so you don’t forget the necessary things at the last moment. Mark the belongings and their comfort item on the top of the list, and carry the grooming supplies and medications with you.

If you are a person who can’t trust to leave the closest ones with your pet, then these devices can help you avoid a lot of trouble while you are on the move with your adorable companion.

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Author: Rosie Bird