6 Useful Shortcuts to Make Your Zoom Meetings More Efficient

Written by Mehak Gupta
3 mins, 25 secs Read
Updated On November 16, 2023

COVID-19 has shown the world how indispensable online meeting apps are for ensuring uninterrupted and productive work from home. Even now that the notorious pandemic has loosened its grip on all areas of our life, such apps as Zoom don’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Lots of companies continue using Zoom, and for good reason. This tool not only assists them in communicating with their dispersed global teams, but also helps them share valuable insights, and scale up more effectively. If you’re not new to Zoom, chances are you’re already familiar with some of its most popular and useful features. But given Zoom’s versatility and feature-richness, you might need months to fully familiarize yourself with its potential and put it to good use. 

Using Shortcuts 

It’s a rare person who has never complained of their inability to keep up with urgent tasks, duties, and deadlines. And it would be fair to presume that shortcuts have been invented by the person who tried to make our hectic lives a bit easier. No wonder, lots of popular apps offer handy shortcuts to access handy features quickly. And Zoom is no exception. 

So, if you still haven’t availed yourself of Zoom shortcuts, it’s high time you did it right now. Below are some simple yet useful tips and tricks that will help you make your Zoom meetings more productive by using simple key combinations. 

Quick Invites 

Zoom is all about effortlessly arranging meetings. And if you want to do this really quickly, make sure to hit the combination of Cmd and I on your Apple device to create a new Invite window. If you’re on Windows, press Alt and I to do the same.

Next, you need to copy your meeting URL and send it to whoever you want to join your conference. Alternatively, you may tap ‘Contacts’ and select the right person from the list of available contacts. 

Disabling Video

There are tons of funny viral videos circulating all over social media. Some feature pantless guys, while others show cute pets interfering with their hosts’ Zoom meetings. Though such situations are bound to happen, you may want to save yourself the embarrassment by simply typing CmdShift, and V. Windows users, in their turn, will need to use the Alt+V combination to turn off their video.

And if you want to spice up your Zoom meetings, introduce a fresh vibe, or emphasize your brand uniqueness, consider using funny Zoom backgrounds. It’s a great way to vivify and transform the meeting environment in no time.  

Record Meetings

Recording your virtual meeting helps you verify your business decisions, ensure your colleagues stay in the loop and don’t miss some important details, assess the overall efficiency of a meeting conducted, and much more. 

So, to record your next Zoom meeting, you’ll want to do the following:

Type the combination of CmdShift, and R. Windows users, in their turn, will need to hit Alt and R

You can also pause or resume your recording session at any time by using a similar key combination. 

Just type CmdShift, and P; and hit the Alt+P combination for your PC.  

Mute Audio

There are times when you need to mute audio while conducting a meeting to attend to some urgent tasks or eliminate a distraction. On Zoom, you can do this by clicking CmdShift, and A. For PC, use Alt and A instead. 

Mute Other Participants 

 Not only are extraneous noises annoying but they can also get in the way of effectively communicating with your team. Very often, the participants that conduct Zoom meetings and occasional speakers find themselves distracted by background noise during their conference calls. This may detract from the overall productivity and efficiency of a certain meeting. To prevent that from happening, you might want to utilize one easy trick. 

Should you feel annoyed or distracted by ambient noise, consider muting everybody by pressing the combination of Cmd+Ctrl+M, or Alt+M for PC.  

Share Screen

What’s the point of using a meeting app that doesn’t provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your screen to other participants? Zoom enables you to do this quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks. 

If you want to share some content from your screen during the meeting, hit ⌘Cmd, Shift, and S (PC: Alt, Shift, and S). 

Should you need to stop your screen share session, type the following combination: CmdShift, and T. To do the same on Windows computers, hit Alt and T.

Hopefully, these easy shortcut tips will help you to not only shave more minutes off your Zoom meetings but also make them more meaningful, productive, and to the point!

Author: Mehak Gupta