Important Security Tips to Use Free Wi-Fi

Written by Ankit
3 mins, 18 secs Read
Published On September 8, 2021

Internet is an essential commodity and you are going to use the internet for almost every task. We are living in an era where online presence is intermingled with our physical presence and no one can exist in this fast-paced world if they don’t have a good internet connection. 

Internet is a part and parcel of our life so you must get consistent internet at your home which is only possible if, your provider offers strong customer support in time of need such as Spectrum customer service that is available around the clock. 

If you use the internet outside, you have to be very careful because many smart hackers can have an access to your devices, only by accessing the internet connection that you are using. Since people are indulged in work from home routine, it is very important to stay secure, because the information of your company has to be private and confidential. 

Many people have this habit of using public Wi-Fi connections because it is free. All the public Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure because it’s an open connection. Anyone can have an access to these Wi-Fi hotspots due to which your devices that are connected with it, can easily get hacked. 

However, if you are habitual of using a private network, you are much secure. The chances of losing your data are always around the corner because no connection can be completely secure. There are ways to keep yourself safe and improve your security online. 

In this article, we are going to mention some important security tips that you can use when you have to access free Wi-Fi connections. 

Find Out the Authenticity of the Network

There are ways through which you can find out if a Wi-Fi hotspot connection is authentic or not. If you are vigilant then you will not allow any random Wi-Fi connection, to have an access to your devices.

Usually, we have the habit of casually using free Wi-Fi in coffee shops and we don’t even have a look at it. You can always ask the manager of the coffee shop about the internet connection and password, this way you’ll only get connected to an authentic internet connection. It’s important because most hackers give similar names to Wi-Fi connections, so people won’t bother to check it.

Avoid Using Sensitive Information

Whenever you have to use a free or a public Wi-Fi connection, don’t use your personal information because it is sensitive. For instance, don’t add your financial information, don’t do any transaction, use your email, provide your address or personal number, etc. If you’ll avoid adding personal information, you will reduce the risk of losing it. 

Use a VPN

One of the best ways to keep your browsing safe is by using a VPN. When you have to use public Wi-Fi connections, you should download a VPN on your devices. When you use a VPN, it keeps your data in encrypted form and masks your IP address. VPN provides you a safe tunnel through which you can pass and it makes it difficult for a hacker to access your devices. 

Use HTTPS Websites

When you browse websites on public Wi-Fi, make sure that you access websites that are HTTPS. You can check if the website is HTTPS or not by simply checking the URL. It is important because HTTPS websites are certified and it reduces the risk of hacking. In case, if you find out that the website is not certified, avoid using it.

Use a Security Software 

There are many security software available online that you can download to keep your devices safe. The anti-virus software will help to detect any malware in your devices and you can scan your devices to make them safe. McAfee is very famous security software that you can download on your laptops, computer, mobile phone, or tablets. 

Keep Your Devices Updated 

Usually, people don’t pay attention to devise updates. For instance, if you are using a Windows laptop or Apple laptop, you’ll get notifications about recent updates. If the software of your device is updated, it will have better security. 

Always Turn Off the Wi-Fi

Once you have used the Wi-Fi, make it a habit to turn off the Wi-Fi of your devices. When you use public Wi-Fi, it gets saved in your devices and if you are not even using it, your devices will automatically be connected with it. So, it is always better to turn off your Wi-Fi, once you have used it.

Wrapping Up

The Internet can be a very tricky place because you can never be sure about the online world. If you are aware of the steps to stay protected, you can use them more securely. We’ve mentioned simple tips that can help you to use free Wi-Fi without any risks.