5 Key Netsuite Openair Features That Make It So Popular

Written by Ankit
3 mins, 46 secs Read
Updated On November 16, 2023

About Netsuite Software 

Before diving into the many features, you will find and enjoy in Netsuite Openair, we want to give you a general idea about this software. The software is considered a top ERP solution that allows you to professionally and easily take care of your business. From allowing you to manage your leads as well as assisting you with payroll; you can do it all!

The software has been in the market for quite a few years and at this point in its success has hundreds of thousands of users globally. In fact, the popularity of the software is so immense that the team at Netsuite has had to ensure the software supports multiple user languages including Finnish, Korean, Mandarin, and many more! In this piece, we will go over some of the top features in this software that will help you better understand whether or not Netsuite Openair software is the right call for you! 

5 Key Netsuite Features 

Complete Customization

The first thing we want to talk about in terms of the features in this software is the fact that the software is incredibly customizable. With Netsuite Openair software, you can customize the dashboard so that it suits your requirements and not the other way around! The software allows you to edit and customize software as much as you want so that it is easy to use for both you and your team. From rearranging the dashboard icons and features to editing the templates to match your needs; the software allows you to do it all. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a basic necessity for most businesses these days. The feature helps you to manage the email marketing aspect of your work completely. The feature helps you create amazing marketing campaigns which can be emailed to a list of potential or current clients. The software allows you to sort your lists too so that different emails can be sent to different people. Another great thing about the feature is that you can use it to analyze the success of your emails since you are provided statistics for when an email is opened and interacted with. This really helps you understand what your clients resonate with and what they do not. All in all, this helps you make email campaigns that better resonate with clients! 

Lead Management 

Managing leads the right way is the only way you can successfully convert them. Having Netsuite Openair software means you can manage your leads like never before. The software helps you to rank your leads so that you are well aware of which of your potential clients are more likely to be converted. This helps you focus more resources on leads who are more ready as opposed to those who are not. The feature allows you to allocate resources more smartly which is a huge plus for any business!

Customer Support Portal 

While the customer support portal is not a direct feature of Netsuite Openair, it is a great feature nonetheless. The software has a team of dedicated professionals assigned to support customers with any concerns they may have after-sales. A feature is a great tool for you to mitigate any issues which might arise. The customer support portal allows you to ensure that you can overcome any issues with the software. A lot of time such software does not give you good customer support but with Netsuite Openair software, you do not at all have to worry about that!

Payment Solutions 

The payment solutions you get with Netsuite Openair software are perhaps unparalleled. The software allows you to create invoices within itself so you do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to your billing. The invoices are automatically generated so that you can then send them to your client. Since the invoice is made as soon as possible, the feature essentially allows you to reduce the time it takes for you to get paid since you can send an invoice immediately which is very helpful for you and your finances! 

Netsuite Openair Pricing

Now we come to another important topic; Netsuite Openair pricing. The software costs a little more than some of its competitors but it is well worth the extra price. The software costs $99 per user and about $999 for a one-time platform fee. This means you have to pay a hefty cost but only once since the per-user cost is lower in the future. This software might not be ideal for smaller businesses that do not have higher revenue! 

Is Netsuite a Solid Choice for You?

Now we come to the last portion of this Netsuite Openair review so that we can help you figure out whether this software is the one for you. We suggest you write down all the features you want in your ideal project and business management software and then figure out whether or not those features are available in Netsuite software or not. This helps you to ensure that you choose software that actually caters to your needs and is not just the next big trend. 

Another great tip we have for you is to ask for a Netsuite openair demo or trial. Having a firsthand look at software and its features allows you to make sure that you can confirm whether the software is right for you. There is no better way to determine whether the software works well for you other than having firsthand experience with it! 

We are sure whatever decision you make about this software will be the best decision for you and your business!