7 Jobs That will be in High Demand in 2023

Written by Zayn Tindall
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Every year, new specialties appear in the world. The digital age is transforming the labor market, emphasizing intellectual rather than physical activity.

If we talk about professional skills, the trend in 2023 will be toward people with:

  • environmental awareness;
  • a systematic way of thinking;
  • the propensity for multiculturalism;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • the ability to work with AI at different levels;
  • the ability to work under uncertain conditions and adapt quickly to changing conditions;

We bring to your attention the top occupations that will be highly valued in the job market in 2023. We used analytical forecasts from global organizations, job search sites, and HR data recruiting staff for medium and large companies to compile them. In some cases, the results were surprising – the market is in dire need of specialists, something no one has known about for a few years. But what is there to say – it is better to go to the note immediately.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Software Engineer

VR/AR/MR (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) specialists are changing the world around us in various areas. Their work lies at the intersection of different fields of science and technology.

To get a job in this field, you must meet the following requirements:

  • work with different operating systems;
  • have experience in server programming;

AR/VR Software Engineers must be able to write code in different programming languages. First, they are required to code in Python, C +, C ++, and Java. The needed knowledge can be acquired in college or by training. There are also many self-taught in the field of programming. In addition, a good specialist in demand should have research skills, as the job is directly related to this. 

In any case, there must be no limits to theoretical knowledge and practical skills. And should you need help with assignments in the learning process, you can easily find it at https://wowassignment.com/python-homework-help/.

Food Technology

It’s the business trend of the new millennium. The world’s population is growing, and everyone needs food. Foodtech, or food technologist, is creating previously unknown food products – artificial meat and lactose-free milk and milk substitutes, gluten-free confections, desserts, and new beverages. Another popular area is healthy living or the creation of appropriate and balanced diets.

A specialist in this field deals with tasks at the intersection of biotechnology, genetics, biochemistry, and agronomy. There are many more vacancies for food technologists than applicants, and the pay is well above the market average.

XR Designer

XR designers work at the intersection of computer science and graphic design. They create and improve experimental prototypes, develop new product visualizations and add effects, and are responsible for 3D models. Basic requirements in this specialty:

  • knowledge of Unity and Unreal engines;
  • experience in creating 3D applications, games;
  • knowledge of programming languages, including C#, C++;
  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or engineering.

You can work remotely and count on an entry-level specialist’s salary of $85K per year to $220K for an experienced specialist.

NFT Analyst

The cryptocurrency market has emerged relatively recently and has a very acute shortage of good specialists – first of all, NFT and ICO analysts. Representatives of this profession are engaged in analyzing and evaluating the investment prospects of tokens, developing forecasts for the development of blockchain markets, and calculating the dynamics of demand for crypto-currencies.

The task list includes preparing the ICO (the so-called initial offering of a new cryptocurrency on the market). An ICO analyst can combine their duties with the work of a trader. The salary can vary in a vast range – a beginner earns about $500 per month, but a specialist with at least one year of experience can expect a salary of $2K per month and more.

Today’s digital art market is booming, and an NFT analyst who can predict the demand for a particular token will surely succeed and be financially secure.

Drone Pilot

Drones and uncrewed vehicles are now being used in various areas of life. The international organization AeroNet notes that by early 2025, the global drone market will be estimated at $200 billion. Today, drones are used for mining exploration, agriculture, security organization, and pipeline maintenance.

Drones exist to replace humans in dangerous tasks and help save lives. Already today, they are being used to deliver various goods – so far in test mode, but it is already clear that drones will significantly reduce delivery times.

But there still needs to be more specialists capable of controlling uncrewed aerial vehicles. The unmanned aircraft operator develops flight maps, performs drone maintenance, and sometimes resorts to manual aircraft control.


The pandemic showed that doctors will always be in demand. In addition, the salary is different depending on the specialization (therapeutic, surgical, highly specialized, psychological, and pathoanatomical areas). Career advancement is possible through advanced training.


Engineers are innovators who create new technologies and develop unique products. The main task of the profession is to simplify the lives of people around the world. They do this by creating robotic mechanisms and various devices. The scope of skills and duties of an engineer covers an extensive range of tasks. 


  • researches and develops projects as part of their organization’s activities;
  • tests and debugs mechanisms;
  • solves problems in the area of standardization;
  • performs scheduled and emergency repairs to equipment;
  • creates technical documentation, and prepares reports.

The highest demand for engineers is in programming, aerospace, construction, ecology, and biomedicine. The salary of an engineer can vary widely – from $50K to $200K per year. You will undoubtedly need a higher education to work as an engineer.


The main secret to success is to do what you love. When work is delightful, you build a career faster and more effectively. Therefore, training in areas that match your character, temperament, and personal preferences is best.

Author: Zayn Tindall