Read Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing With These 5 Methods

Written by Ankit
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Updated On November 16, 2023

Relationships can be complicated at times when your partner is not putting in the same amount of effort to hold it up as you are. You might get annoyed by their ignorance and carelessness towards you and your relationship. Because of your partner’s lack of effort and trust on your behalf, you may conjure up an image of your boyfriend cheating on you in your head.

Trust is considered to be the most important thing for a relationship to last forever, however, blind trust can be self-destructive. Therefore, if you are suspecting that your boyfriend is seeing someone else, then you should clear out your doubt and for that, you will be required to know techniques by which you can read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone. Stated further in the article are some of these methods.

Is Reading Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Is the Right Thing To Do?

Most people believe that if you’ve seen a shift in your boyfriend’s behaviour recently, and he is not treating you the way he used to, then there’s something else going on. 

However, it is not necessary that the change in behaviour is due to him cheating on you; job or other life stresses might also be the cause.

Now, again, we are on the same point, when to suspect your boyfriend and read his text messages?

The question seems complicated, but the answer is simple, you should first talk things out with your partner rather than straight away searching for ways to spy on him and read his text messages without him knowing.

If you are noticing a change in his behaviour, or if he is not treating you well, then bring this to his notice. Try to know why he is doing so and what is the reason behind that. You just need to calmly sit with him and try to work out things by talking and listening to each other’s perspectives.

However, if you have tried talking, but it’s of no use, and to ensure if he is talking to someone else, you can go through the methods listed below in the article that can help you spy on your boyfriend without touching his phone.

5 Ways To See Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

Method-1: Go through his phone

Before proceeding to more difficult and time-consuming ways, I would recommend that you examine his phone directly.

You can either ask him straight away to give his phone to you, which is very less likely to happen, whether or not he is cheating on you, or you can get into his phone when he is not around.

Whatever way you choose to get a hold of his phone, just make sure that it doesn’t harm your relationship because at this point you are suspecting him and there is no confirmation. What if you check his phone forcefully and get nothing that can support your fancy? Therefore, think wisely and make decisions accordingly.

Method-2: Contact Network Service Provider

You can contact the network provider of your boyfriend and ask them to give you the text messages sent from his mobile number. Service providers can provide you with the last 90 days of messages and call history. However, you won’t be able to get to see the messages sent through other social media or messaging apps. Furthermore, you are required to have your boyfriend’s login information to his network services in order to read his messages without touching his phone. 

Method-3: Use a Spy App

If any of the methods mentioned above doesn’t work for you, then, another most reliable method that you can use is a spy app. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps available on the internet. You can read your boyfriend’s text messages from different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 

You can also track his location and get his call logs. These apps take the backup of all the required data from the device in which they are installed and send it to your dashboard.

Let me provide you with some of the best available options in the market right now.

Best Hidden Spy Apps

KidsGuard Pro

If you’re trying to figure out how to read a boyfriend’s text messages and what he’s hiding on his phone, KidsGuard Pro can save you a lot of hassle. 

It enables you to keep an eye on things like social media apps, SMS, and contact information. A command tool for taking screenshots is also included. It is unique in its ability to track locations. KidsGuard Pro’s no-root-required capabilities will undoubtedly be useful. The fact that it works on iOS and Android is a plus.


FlexiSpy is another well-known name in the spy app world and is renowned for its various features that enable powerful monitoring and administration skills. 

FlexiSpy allows you to monitor more than the target device owner’s phone activity. Additionally, you may use the target device to listen, record, and even give orders from a distance. However, using these capabilities does come at a premium price.


One of the most widely used monitoring applications on the market, mSpy benefits from a large user base and reliable software. Keystroke logging, SMS tracking, contact access, and other common monitoring capabilities are included. 

Without telling anybody, you can monitor your boyfriend with the mSpy phone monitoring programme.


You should take caution while downloading these apps and install only trustworthy ones because you never know how your data may be utilised.

Method-4: Connect His Phone With Your Laptop

Technology has advanced in several dimensions; every other day, new apps and software are released to make life more effortless. Many individuals sit in front of their computers and laptops to finish their job, checking the phone for every notification might be a distraction from work, in which Microsoft sees an opportunity.

Therefore, Microsoft has released software, Your Phone, that can connect your phone to your laptop or desktop. The software displays all the notifications of your phone on the computer screen, to which the software is connected.

Thus, if you can get your boyfriend’s phone for a minute or two and can connect it to your computer with the help of this software, then you will be able to read all his messages and get a hold of all his social media accounts and emails. This is an absolutely free method by which you will be able to not only read and track your boyfriend’s text messages but also get to know who he is texting back and that too without touching his phone.

However, there’s a difficulty in this method too; you need to download the same app (Your Phone Companion- Link to Windows) on his phone as well to establish the connection between his phone and your system. Nevertheless, you can download the app and hide it, and your boyfriend will never get to know about its existence. 

Method-5: Get A Hacker!

If none of the techniques listed above was successful in gaining access to your boyfriend’s phone, your only remaining choice is to hire a hacker. You can find out who is messaging your partner and who he is texting back with the aid of a hacker. However, the data you will obtain from your boyfriend’s phone is also dependent on the hacker’s competence. If he or she is able to hack his phone but is unable to access his text messages, all of his or her efforts will be futile.

Disclaimer: Hacking someone’s phone is a violation of privacy and is against the law. As a result, if your partner discovers this approach, you may find yourself in legal difficulty; hence, this method is not suggested. Furthermore, spying on others with third-party applications is also prohibited in some locations. Therefore, it is advised that you must review all the regulations that apply to these surveillance programs. Also, we do not advocate for the usage of these third-party apps.