6 Tips on How to Practice Music in Dorms Without Annoying Your Roommates

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On March 14, 2022

There is no doubt that musicians have to spend many hours practicing. But doing so in a small space like a dorm room can be challenging, especially when sharing that space with a roommate. If one is lucky, they can find themselves living with someone who loves music and doesn’t mind the constant noise. While this is a dream come true for any musician, it rarely happens.

In most cases, a musician will find themselves in the same dorm room as someone who wants to come to a quiet dorm room and get their rest. So, what does a serious musician who wants to keep improving on their craft do in such an instance? It’s essential to maintain peace with roommates and neighbors. So here are a few tips on how musicians can practice their music without annoying their roommates.

Take Advantage of the Business Hours

Every musician has their preferred time when they like to practice or write their music. This is when they feel they can be creative, but the reality is that that time might not always work for everyone involved. The musician needs to keep an open mind and adapt to a less preferable practice time if they share a space with a roommate.

One way of doing this is playing music when the roommate is at work or in class. The essential thing is to have the freedom and space to practice, record, and write music without inconveniencing a roommate. Taking advantage of that time ensures that the musician gets their practice hours without interfering with the roommates’ activities.

Negotiate and Ask for Permission.

If one is passionate about being a musician, one should not be discouraged by a living situation. However, they need to consider their roommate, who may be busy trying to look for essay writing services to complete an assignment. It is also important to remember that even though most people love music, they do not want to listen to it all the time.

One way to ensure everyone is comfortable is to have an honest conversation with the roommate and negotiate on the best time to practice. Making them feel respected and considered will probably make them more accommodating of your needs. They may even offer you some extra space for your instrument.

Find a Space Outside

In situations where a roommate works from home or studies online, the best option would be to get a place outside of the dorm room. If your instrument isn’t too bulky and the weather isn’t too harsh – you can even practice out on the street. Playing outside can be very beneficial. You can both get your hours in and work on your stage fright with people walking by.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

The one thing that can solve all of your noise problems is headphones. Electric instruments can be silenced almost completely using a pair of headphones. A large amount of recording, writing, practicing, and producing can all become reality. Just be sure to invest in a good model of headphones so that they don’t distort the sound during your sessions.

Using headphones can allow a musician to practice at their preferred time, even as their roommate looks up the latest Ph.D. dissertation writing service to work on a paper for scholarship. Everyone gets to do their thing without any interference, which can prevent needless conflict.

Practice in The Car

This only applies to a person with a big car, truck, or even an RV. Borrowing a car from a friend for a few hours is also a great idea if one does not have a car.

Driving away to a quiet place can also be therapeutic to the musician. It’s a very calming process that can prompt you to tap into your creative side.

Practice with Fellow Music Enthusiasts

Playing music at home can get tiring even for one’s family members. Imagine what it’s like for someone who is also trying to get their work done or trying to sleep.

Even with the help of sites like ‘write my essay for me’ that help with assignments, things can get pretty overwhelming. Looking for a nearby studio or a community center where fellow musicians meet to practice can be a good idea.


Whether you are a working musician or a music student, practicing one’s music is necessary to continue getting better. Living in a small space or sharing a space should never be an excuse for skipping practice. One should always be willing to make the necessary sacrifice and adapt to their situation to continue getting better in their craft. Practicing music while sharing a dorm room with a roommate can be challenging but it is definitely not impossible if you consider all the options.

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