Account Banned on Tinder? Here Are the Quick and Easy Fixes

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On February 14, 2024

For regular or ex-Tinder users, getting their account banned is no less than a nightmare. I mean, why won’t it be? Imagine opening Tinder to swipe more rights, only to read an error message, “your account has been banned”. All the perfect matches with good conversations are swept away at once. It can certainly be disheartening, right?

Account banned on Tinder

But even if you think you have lost all hope, this is not exactly the case. There are still some ways to get your Tinder account unbanned. If your Tinder account is banned out of nowhere, read on!

In this article, we are going to talk about the possible reasons which can lead to your account getting banned on Tinder and also share the easy fixes for this issue. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Reasons for Getting Banned on Tinder

There is no need for any of us to be suspicious about why our account got banned on Tinder. As it is obviously not going to happen without any reason. Hence, there are some reasons which can lead to that. 

  • Under 18 years old
  • Created a fake account or profile
  • Acting homophobic
  • Having more than one account 
  • Use of inappropriate language on the app
  • Account was reported by many users
  • Creating spam accounts
  • Making racist comments
  • Sharing confidential information
  • Harassing other users
  • Posting explicit or NSFW content 
  • Using the app for illegal purposes
  • Performing physical or verbal violence
  • Use of app for promotional purposes
  • Impersonating another person

So these were some reasons which lead to account ban. If you are sure that you have not done any of the points mentioned above, you can check that you have not used any inappropriate language in the conversation or made a racist joke in the bio of your profile on Tinder. 

What Happens When Tinder Bans You?

Basically, a Tinder ban happens because Tinder aims to get rid of those people who are creating a negative impact on the app or being a bad influence on other users.

Account banned on Tinder.

So those who are breaking the rules or guidelines of Tinder, their account gets banned with the notice as given in the above picture. 

Even if the app says that you can’t get your account back or create new accounts on the platform, there are some ways using which you may get your old account back. When you get banned on Tinder, you lose everything on the app – from matches to conversations.

So if you’re wondering how long a Tinder ban lasts, it is permanent. But worry not, as there are ways for getting the account back. Tinder bans are permanent. However, there are options and things you can do about it that can help you get back on Tinder.


If you delete your account on Tinder voluntarily, Tinder keeps your data for 3 months. However, if you get banned, your data will be deleted after a year or so.

How to Get Unbanned on Tinder?

Now coming to the main part, that most of you are here for – solutions to get unbanned from Tinder. So basically, we are going to tell you how you can get around being banned on Tinder.

Uninstall Tinder

If your Tinder account is banned, and you want to make a fresh start, the first thing that you need to do is uninstall Tinder. If you are wondering why, read on. Uninstalling the device from your device will clear the cache of the app, because if you don’t, Tinder will see the cache and your new account will be tracked. 

Disconnect Any Socials from Tinder

Apart from uninstalling the app, you need to remove all the attached social media accounts from your account as well. There are many users who complained about people being able to reach their social media platforms due to the accounts still being linked to the banned account. 

So, to disconnect the social media handles from Tinder, all you’ve to do is:

Solution Synopsis: Facebook > Settings > Apps and Websites > Open Tinder > Remove App

Since you won’t be able to use your banned account anyway, there is no reason for the socials to be left hanging there. 

Change your Device ID & IP Address or Use A Different Account 

As most users have used Tinder on their phone, there are some who use it as a website on their desktop or other devices. If you use Tinder on your phone or desktop, it doesn’t mean you’ve to get a new device to use it from a different account. 


A device ID is a line of unique numbers, and letters that identify your device.

Since Tinder breaks the used device for the banned account as well, there are four choices to start afresh with this method.

  • New Device: You can get a new device if you want to, and then use it to create a completely new account on Tinder. You can also borrow the device from a friend if you really want to continue using the app. 
  • Factory Reset: You can factory reset your current device and this will clear all the data which was saved up until now on your device. So if you try to make a new account, using VPN, you might not get spotted by Tinder. 
Solution Synopsis: Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset

In case getting a new device or doing a factory reset is not possible or didn’t work for you, you can try changing the device ID itself. Even though it is not the best method, you can try doing it as the last resort.

A Different Email Address

It may sound like a headache, but it is obvious that you can’t use the same email that you were using in the banned account. If you do, Tinder will know it’s you and ban your account again. 

You also need to make sure to not link the same socials which you had linked earlier to your previous account. Because Tinder will know it’s you using the socials as well. So if you’re planning to get back on Tinder, make sure you use a totally different email that hasn’t been registered with Tinder. 

Make Use of New Data and Pictures

As discussed earlier, it is not just the email address that has to be different for a new account on Tinder. Apart from that, you also have to make sure that you don’t use the same data which you did in your older account. Like, the same phone number, the bio, the pictures, or any data which was earlier submitted to Tinder. As this will get you under the radar of Tinder and your account may get banned again if you get recognized. 

New Google Account or Apple ID

Even though Tinder doesn’t ban your Apple ID, it does ban your device. Google account and Apple ID collect a lot of data about the users and if you use the same account to download the app again, you will possibly get spotted by Tinder. 

Tinder Ban Appeal 

So if none of the methods mentioned above worked for you, we have one last resort for you – making a ban appeal to Tinder for unbanning your account. 

There are two ways to submit a ban appeal to Tinder for unbanning your account:

  • Contact Tinder through email regarding your banned account

Go to the email on your device and open mail. Send the mail regarding the unban of your account to any of the following emails:

  • Submitting a request to unban your account through Tinder’s support system

You can email a screenshot of your account being banned by Tinder due to invalid reasons like – posting about BLM (Black Lives Matter) on your genuine account. Tinder has unblocked many users who showed support for the BLM movement, and their account was banned. 


If you are wondering how long Tinder takes to review your account, it can take up to minutes and even days. This depends on your history with the site or the app.

How to Make a Tinder Account After Getting Banned?

When Tinder or any other dating app bans an account, they track the phone number and device ID of the user. Hence, creating an account with the same details can be nearly impossible. 

So all you have to do is make sure that you have read the steps given in the article above carefully and keep them in mind before and while creating a new Tinder account. 

Tips for Staying Unbanned on Tinder

Who wants to get banned on Tinder, right? So if you want to make sure that your account does not get banned on the app, DO NOT violate any of Tinder’s Community Guidelines.

As long as you’re not breaking any rules on Tinder, you’re safe to stay. To give a quick reminder, you’re not allowed to:

  • Use a third-party app for swiping.
  • Share explicit content on the app.
  • Use inappropriate words, act homophobic or abuse someone.
  • Share the content which you don’t own.
  • Engage in hate speech, bully or harass someone.
  • Spamming links or promoting services to external websites. 

So if you do any of the above-mentioned points, your account will get banned from Tinder permanently. 

Tinder’s Alternatives 

If you think that Tinder is not doing the magic for you, and you’ve given up on the app, stop right here! Even though Tinder is a pretty popular dating app, there are other apps as well that rank just fine, and you can try using them. 

  • Bumble: Bumble is another popular dating app where women have to make the first move, i.e., they have to message first when there is a match.
  • OkCupid: OkCupid can be the right app for you if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. It takes a lot of information from you and facilitates the matches accordingly. Basically, it gives quality matches as per your set filters.
  • Hinge: Hinge is another great app if you are serious about relationships. As per the users, usually, those who are looking for something long-term use the app.
  • Grindr: Apart from the other dating apps, Grindr specifies as the dating app for people who identify as LGBTQ+. There, people can look for both short-term and something serious.

There are additional apps as well apart from the ones mentioned above, which you can also use like eHarmony, HER, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plenty of Fish, etc.


Ans: It is not confirmed whether banned accounts on Tinder get deleted by Tinder later or not. However, Tinder doesn’t have any reason to keep the banned accounts present on the app, either. Some users have complained about other people reaching their social media handles since they were connected to their Tinder accounts.

Ans: Along with your device information, Tinder collects your IP address as well. However, you can use the app with a VPN as well as Tinder isn’t very strict about the IP address.

Ans: No, Tinder++ is the jailbroken version of Tinder. Even though it is claimed that it is supposed to help you get away with the bass, there is no guarantee about whether it actually works safely.

Ans: To cancel the subscription to Tinder after getting your account banned is a simple process. Here are the steps for it:

  • Go to the store of your device.
  • Then go to your subscriptions.
  • Select the subscription and then hit Cancel.

Ans: Tinder bans your device ID while banning your account. So if you want to continue using the app, make sure you do it with a different device or by changing the device ID.


Just simply deleting the app won’t cancel your subscription to Tinder. 

Author: Mehak Gupta