How Helpful Are LMS Reviews?

Written by Zayn Tindall
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Updated On December 22, 2023

If you are planning to buy a product online, what is the easiest way to determine the quality and performance of the product? Reviews, right? Since you are not experiencing the product first-hand, you can only trust the reviews and feedback that have been posted by various certified buyers. Hence, reviews play an important role in the purchasing process of a commodity. 

However, does that work in the same way for software such as learning management systems? Let us take a look at some of the most commonly used learning management systems and cross-check the facts:


One of the most affordable and feature-packed LMS in 2021, Thinkific is climbing its way up the ranks. The long list of features that it offers is nothing to be taken lightly. This LMS stands at par with some of the top-ranking LMS when it comes to specifications. Thinkific reviews tell us the same story. There are hundreds of certified users of Thinkific who have rated this LMS quite highly. After a thorough usage, it seems that the reviews that the certified buyers have posted are actually true and Thinkific has contributed a whole lot to the e-learning process during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Litmos is yet another great LMS to look forward to if you are planning to carry forward with the e-learning process. The users of Litmos have given their reviews on various websites and it has proven how useful the LMS is. The features that it showcases work flawlessly, making the online education system a piece of cake for the learners.


Edmodo is an LMS with a large user base. It is a free, cloud-based e-learning software that allows learners and content creators to share files and assess progress in real-time. Edmodo reviews depict the accurate nature of the LMS and have directed users to start using the LMS properly.

There are certain things that the reviews inform us about an LMS. Among the myriad of learning management systems present in the market, the best way to choose the perfect LMS for yourself is by looking at the reviews. They provide a clear image of the software that you are interested in as the users themselves post the reality of the LMS. Some of the pointers that you can get familiar with before subscribing to an LMS are:


A platform’s user-friendliness should be considered. With so many features, learning management systems can be quite difficult to understand. There may be a rush towards an LMS if the list of features is short and it is easy to access those features rather than one loaded with functionality.


People who are considering an LMS for eLearning should consider the credibility and usability of the reporting features before making a decision. Reviewers on the web can provide evidence that an LMS has good features and performs well.


A learning management system can be considered reliable if it is responsive to the user. If the e-content that is accommodated on the LMS can be downloaded and if it provides accurate reporting and analysis functions, the LMS proves to be reliable.

Customer Support

One of the most important features of any software or LMS is customer support. If you are going to face any kind of problem, customer support is going to be the lifeline for you. How do you determine if the customer support is reliable? Go through the reviews posted online and you will be able to find hundreds of reviews regarding customer support which will help you in determining if the software is good enough for you.


The above-mentioned pointers are what must be looked at and analyzed before you choose a platform for your e-learning process. Once you have shortlisted the learning management systems that offer the features that you have been looking for, compare the pricing and reviews to find the LMS that is the best suited for your needs and wallet.

Author: Zayn Tindall