Should You Hire a Math Tutor for Your Child?

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Updated On February 6, 2024

“…have good and able teachers at home; and for things of this nature account no expense too great…”  

– Marcus Aurelius

If you’re a history enthusiast, you might know that the Greek Philosopher Socrates was a teacher of Plato, who taught Aristotle, who himself tutored the young Alexander the Great.

As the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius states in the above lines, a good teacher will always guide you to become the better version of yourself. 

Raising a smart kid is like conquering a tough battle; you might need a little extra help in certain areas. And Maths is always the subject that needs extra care and hiring a coach works like the cherry on top.

Many students who say they “Hate Maths” don’t hate it, they just don’t know “How To Learn It”, and hiring a math tutor may help your child climb the academic ladder.

 Here’s a tailored solution for your problem “Should you hire a math tutor for your child?” Take a look!

Benefits of Hiring a Math Tutor

Hiring a Math Tutor

Believe it or not, parents who choose to hire a private tutor are giving their children a chance to become a confident version of themselves.

Not only do they receive good grades Academically but they also unlock the gate of achieving something greater. 

Here are the 4 reasons you might want to hire a private teacher.

Take The Stress Off Busy Parents

No doubt, that parents are busier these days. They may not have the time or skill sets to coach their child or even if they have both it just never works with your child. 

Sometimes a third party works as a bridge for your child’s needs. Students may be more receptive to feedback and more open to acknowledging if the assignment isn’t completed while learning from a good teacher. 

It takes the stress off your busy schedule which creates a Win-Win for You and Your child so, why not consider it?

Improve Academic Results 

Unfortunately, in our society, a student’s intelligence is considered by his/her ability to score in an exam, and lowered test scores represent either a Lack of understanding or a Lack of motivation to study. By hiring an expert tutor for a child you can tackle both these issues.

A math tutor will ensure that your child is being taught the concepts as per their learning style, and help them improve their academic results exponentially. 

Did You Know? 

Researches suggest a 12% average increase in standardized test scores for students who receive consistent tutoring.

average increase in standardized test scores

One-on-One Attention 

Don’t you think it’s unfair for your child to learn with 25+ students all with different needs and learning styles? It sure is. 

A private tutor on the other hand brings the benefit of learning at one’s own pace in the comfort of their home.

 It also gives your child the benefit of getting more involved in their learning process by creating a time of his accordance and raising doubts, which is tough in an average classroom environment. 

One on one Tutoring

Boosts Your Child’s Confidence 

While one tiny mistake or low test score might not seem a big deal to you, for your child, it’s like a whole big mountain. A weight they carry on their shoulder which sometimes becomes the major reason for their low self-esteem. 

Hiring a tutor will help your child gain the confidence he needs to do well in their exams and life eventually. 

As Mr. Miyagi says

“…No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher…”

Alternatives Of Hiring A Math Tutor

Hiring a math tutor for your child can be an effective way to achieve academic success but it can be a little costly for you or not worth it if your child just needs a few of the concepts to be cleared. You might want to consider these options. 

  • Online resources and educational apps: there’s nothing math-related that is not available for free on the internet today, if your child is smart enough to learn by himself you might want to consider that or can subscribe to some tutoring applications like ClassDojo or TutorRoom.
  • After-School Programs: an after-school program that makes sure your child learns and understands everything is an option it can also provide your child with personalized time with the teacher. 
  • Group Tutoring: if a few students need extra help to get hold of some mathematical concepts their parents might consider hiring a group tutor for them which can be both beneficial and cost-effective. 

Make The Decision 

So, what did you decide? A private tutor for your child or an alternative option. 

Although it solely depends on your child’s needs, students can benefit from hiring a private math tutor because it gives them more individual focus to identify the areas that need extra care. One-on-one tutoring will greatly improve your child’s academic performance. It surely is a worthwhile investment. 

If your child is smart enough to understand the mathematical concepts independently, you should go through some free online resources. 

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Author: Louis A. Porter