EssentialPIM: A Trusted Email Client for Entrepreneurs

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Updated On November 16, 2023

When you are into running a business, you may feel the need to build a good image for yourself as it is pretty essential. For doing so, time is the key. You are less likely to fail if you can manage your time correctly as per the market scenario going on around you. Things as big as scheduling meetings with investors, setting interviews with journalists, or as petty as setting a daily schedule to give a motivational speech to your workers can be taken care of by an email client. 

Let us see what an email client can do for an Entrepreneur:

  • Enhancement of communication by providing a faster response to emails. 
  • Aids in proper management of emails received. 
  • Allows proper tagging of messages and the use of advanced filters.
  • Helps in sorting emails that require immediate attention and action.
  • Proper syncing of emails across devices.

Now, since you know the importance of an email client let us introduce you to EssentialPIM – the perfect email client cum personal organizer for an Entrepreneur.

Faster Response Through a Seamless Email Module

Gone is the time when entrepreneurs used to rely on posts for communication or receiving important messages. However, in today’s time, even a few seconds not appropriately utilized can affect the business scenario for the worst. With the advancement in technology, emails have become more of a messenger to give you timely updates about your venture. At the same time, it may not be easy to handle multiple mail accounts catering to different purposes of an entrepreneur. So, what to do? Well, with the EssentialPIM, this problem is already solved.


With EPIM, you can not only manage your multiple email accounts in one place, but you can also integrate them with your contacts by making use of the contacts module. It makes sending and receiving messages along with newsletters as simple as ABC. The ‘All inboxes’ folder lets you check the activity of each mail account in one place, giving you a quick view. 

Besides, you can view your email messages in different view modes as – Classic, Wide and Vertical, along with their ability of all three to be considered ‘In groups.’ The Pro version in EPIM lets you create newsletters that can be sent to multiple contacts in a single click. In the latest Pro version, you can find an Archive button on the toolbar that lets you archive the messages both manually and automatically. The manual setting enables you to handle the archiving process yourself. The automatic setting archives or deletes the messages after a designated number of days.

EssentialPIM Pro also provides a spam filtering tool that detects spam emails depending on the user’s activity. Although it requires a bit of training whereby hitting the ‘Mark as Spam’ button, the user has to indicate spam messages. On the other hand, if the messages are falsely marked as spam, they can click on the ‘Mark as Not Spam’ option. Over time this tool adapts itself as per the user’s activities and helps in the long run. The email module also has a ‘Category’ column that lets the entrepreneur differentiate emails of a particular category by coloring them and organizing them for a better view. 

You can also check the ‘Total number of emails’ for each of the email folders where the number is indicated on the right side of the folder. If the view menu option is off, the same number shows the number of unread emails. With a right-click on a crucial mail, you can see a ‘convert to’ option and convert correspondence to note/ appointment/ task immediately without sparing extra minutes. If you wish to email a note with specific files as attachments, you do not have to add them separately, as EssentialPIM automatically includes them while sending the mail. EPIM also provides PGP encryption that makes the email content of the users ultra-safe. 

Along with being a great email client that works without phone verification, EssentialPIM also offers other features that make it a good personal and professional organizer as well. These features are discussed as:

Plan Your Day With Calendar Module

Being an entrepreneur means there are numerous things lined up for you throughout the day that may require an extra helping hand. However, a secretary as a helping hand may not be affordable in the starting phase of the business. Thus, leaving you with an effortless option to have software as a personal manager to look for your stuff and arrange it seamlessly. 


EssentialPIM has a Calendar module to help you out in this regard where you can view your schedule in Days, Weeks, Months along with the Week schedule, Year, and Table views. Additionally, you can alter the idea of the Calendar for displaying a particular set of categories as per your requirement. Once you have set an appointment in the Calendar, it will give you timely reminders, so you do not miss it. This module’s advanced Go to Date dialog lets you switch forward or backward to a specific date so you are well informed about not scheduling two important meetings on the same day.

Complete Your Daily Tasks on Time With Tasks Module

Here you can add all your essential tasks needed to be completed on that particular day. If you cannot finish them, they are automatically shifted to the next day and do not vanish unless completed. Besides, as an entrepreneur, you can always keep a check on your productivity through the start date, due date, percentage of the task completed, etc. 


Also, if work is assigned to someone, you can see whether it is done or pending. As an entrepreneur, it may not always be possible for you to stand by your team so you can manage them even from a distance through EPIM. You can also leave notes related to work, so there are clear instructions of what needs to be done in your absence. There are specific view options even for the Task module, and you can choose Tree, Plain, Consolidated, or Kanban Board as per your preference. You can even group the tasks as due date, start date, etc.

A taskbar lets you enable tasks directly in Today, Mail, and Calendar to have a good view of the upcoming tasks. You can also change the order of tasks as per your preference. Additionally, if you wish to change one item to another, say tasks to notes, you can do this anytime by right-clicking on the item and choosing the ‘Convert to’ option. 

Never Miss an Information With Contacts Module

As an entrepreneur, you may have to meet new people daily for your meetings or ventures. In such a case, it is impossible to keep a record of their contacts that can be of much use later on. For this, EssentialPIM gives you a Contacts module that also assists in sending newsletters directly to contacts.


If you feel that a particular contact belongs to the same category as a digital marketing business, you can group them too. There are many search fields such as first name, last name, email address, contact number, etc., that let you sort the contacts based on filters. 

Store Useful Information With Notes Module

If you are fond of taking notes of a meeting or anything related to work using a pen and paper or a notebook, it may be risky with time, and its chances of getting lost, damaged, or falling into the wrong hands are pretty high. So, why not let EPIM do this job with its perfect Notes module. 


If you have a standard database system that is looked after by employees or business partners, you can set the privacy of Notes as public or private as per the sensitivity of data. If you have a personal laptop or system, and you do not wish to miss anything important right before a meeting, you can create a sticky note and drop it on your desktop. With a recent update, you can now group sticky notes that adhere to the same job, and using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Space), you can add date and time to them.

Similarly, you can save extra time by converting your notes to appointments or tasks by right-clicking on them and selecting the ‘Convert To’ option.   

Enjoy Safety of Data With Passwords Module

EssentialPIM helps you keep your credentials and sensitive information safe in the form of passwords. With its all-powerful password management tool, you can store passwords and create new complex passwords by using defined patterns. Later on, you can easily retrieve them or auto-type them in web forms with a single click. 


EPIM has the power to automate all your tasks, including your daily schedule, and make them available at your fingertips. With recent improvements in synchronizations, you can also find EPIM Cloud and EPIM server cloud integrations. Other than this, through Dropbox, Google, Android, iCloud, and many more, you can use the latest service developments. 

If you do not wish to carry a laptop everywhere you go, you can ditch the extra luggage or weight and operate EssentialPIM directly by using a flash drive. Through this, you are not needed to look for hefty downloads on your systems and carry your business ideas in your pockets. 

Author: Manpreet Kaur Sandhu