5 Effective Apps for Sending Files on iPhone

Written by Louise Simon
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Updated On December 6, 2023
Data Transfer Apps

The availability of platforms gives us choices, which is great. Everyone is free to choose what suits them best. Despite differences, these platforms still have some common features that allow users of different devices to communicate and exchange files freely. 

If you’re an iPhone user and have contacts with Android and vice versa. You can easily exchange photos and music with messengers. But what if there is a problem with the network connection? Or, you need to send a confidential document. Can you be sure a messenger is well encrypted? 

What should users of different platforms do in this kind of situation? No panic. There is a way out. Clever developers have created software to move data to iPhones safely. For example, you need to send a fax or documents of different formats quickly – it is also possible. Check out these five best college Android apps.

Let us now see the 5 best sharing platforms for the iPhone you may not have heard of before.  


Zapya Apps

This is a cross-platform app, and it works perfectly with different OSs. This doesn’t require additional devices, nor will waste traffic. It deals with all formats of data and even folders. Installation docs can be transferred as well. 

It takes both gadgets to turn on the Wi-Fi and send any matter to the other device, just with one click. If you want to move files to several gadgets, simply create a group with these gadgets and share them with all its participants. It is a simple yet effective way to share data.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere App

Another cross-platform service that will help send and receive data with your phone. There is no requirement to transfer the data to another place in order to send it. 

With this tool, you can send them in real-time mode. The recipient should enter a six-digit code on their device, and only after that will they start receiving documents. 

There is also a feature for sharing with a link. Anyone, even those not registered with Send Anywhere, will be able to use this link and get the matter. It is possible to set the time for the availability of the link. 

Fax App

Fax App

This is perfect for those of us who deal with faxes at least sometimes. Once installed, you don’t need to worry about sending them anymore. It no longer requires attaching to your office or other devices. 

No matter where you are, if you want to send a fax from your phone, just download it and do the work in several clicks. This software will process any kind of document, for example, a book, an ID card, a license, etc.

What actions will you be able to take with the Fax App?

  • Receive fax,
  • Scan documents,
  • Take shots and crop them,
  • Import files,
  • Track the history of your actions,
  • Use the feature of an electronic signature.

Some of the benefits of using it include a convenient structure saving time, being able to be used anywhere, and reliable service, this software, gives more freedom to be able to work with documents and send them anywhere. 

WinX Media Trans

WinX Media Trans App

Apple wants its users to use iTunes to transfer data between iPhones and iPads. This is a cool tool, but it still lacks some useful functions. For example, iTunes will not help if you want to exchange matters between your iOS and Windows.

WinX Media Trans has a set of excellent features that allow you to synchronize data between your PC and phone. It allows moving multimedia files, as well as music and video. There is also a feature of using an Apple device as a flash drive. 

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 iMazing App

This is one of the simple and cool file-sharing software. It looks similar to iTunes, but it is more powerful. It was designed to help Apple users when they need the procedure to back up or transfer data between iPhones, or iOS devices and PCs. 

Not only that, but it doesn’t require iTunes or iCloud for operation.  This software is safe because it does not have ads or viruses. 

What are the main characteristics of it?

  • It allows users to export messages fast. 
  • It does not only save messages but also the enclosures. 
  • Likewise, it provides a feature of backup for free. 
  • It is possible to move folders between Apple devices and PCs and the contact list from the phone book. 
  • You will be able to transfer Safari data, ringtones, books, calendars, etc.

If you want effective work with files, there are several reasons to choose iMazing: it is effective, it offers competitive cost, and it is convenient and customer-oriented. 


To sum up, we would like to say that it is of course up to you to choose the way you want to share data. Apple would want its users to consume only their products. However, due to the limitations users face, there is no harm in choosing something more convenient. Most of the above-mentioned applications are available at the App Store.

Author: Louise Simon