Best WordPress Push Notifications Plugins for e-commerce

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On November 16, 2023

WordPress push notifications are an excellent way to stay engaged with your target audience even at the time they are not browsing. Users staying with their devices at a particular time can be their leisure time and thus this is the right time for a marketer to promote his products. 

WordPress Push notifications have multiple uses from informing customers about your products to writing blogs and inviting traffic or reminding your presence in the market. The users are sent an invitation to accept the notifications, if they accept it, your half task is done. 

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • Push notifications are seen and acted on immediately. 
  • There is a personal feel in the push notifications because the message is created to inform a particular user.
  • Loyal customers do not forget you after the push notifications are sent to them.
  • WooCommerce push notifications are noticed in a better way than emails or other text messages. 
  • Users remain engaged with you and experience more products.
  • Users receive personal discounts offered by the marketer.

8 Best WordPress push Notifications Plugins for e-commerce 

We have short-listed the 8 best push notification plugins to promote your e-commerce business


 Wonder push is a very popular push notification plugin for WordPress. It has lakhs of installs and is highly rated too. Wonderpush allows you to send notifications to laptops, computers, and android devices so that users can immediately read your latest posts and react the way you want. You can send them on the mobile phone too at the time when the user is not active on the desktop. Wonderpush notifications let you stay connected to your users easily and they get to know your updates quickly unlike e-mails. 


Onesignal is a great platform for sending notifications where over 1 lakh people have active installs and a rating of 4.3 stars. The free plan gives you a 10k subscriber limit. You can send notifications automatically using this push notification and can even send auto-reminders to your clients. You can send your message to a few specific visitors also and schedule delivery of messages for the future as well. 

Web Push

It may not have reached a high number as one signal but does have active installs and downloads and is a much-loved WordPress push notification plugin that users like. The rating of web push is impressive with 4.7 stars and 8000 installs. It covers all the browsers that are popular be it chrome, Firefox, bing, etc. It also allows you to quickly view the subscriber count. Webuser is limited to 10000 customers at a time. You can schedule the automatic notifications using web push. woocommerce push notifications can help you add new products using web push. It too allows you to segment your market and send notifications according to your location. A customized opt-in notification feature is also added. 

Push Alert

Push alert helps you to share unlimited woocommerce push notifications to opt-in customers straight from the WordPress site. To make things easy, you can automatically send notifications to get traffic on your posts. The marketer cannot send unlimited notifications rather there is a set limit for 3000 subscribers. You can use this plugin on all search engines and it supports HTTP and HTTPS also. You can also send welcome messages using push alerts. You can use this plugin to share emails and segment your audience as well. This is an upgrade to the premium version too and you have to pay an extra amount to fetch extra subscribers. You can choose the annual plan if you want to make cost-effective notifications for your users. Your plan lets you have some extra features. 


Beamer is a simple push notification platform that allows you to use 1000 subscribers per month. If you own a personal website and wish to send push notifications occasionally, then beamer is the best option for you. It gives you features like auto-customized notifications, that you can send to attract traffic to your website. Add dynamic content to your website and share it with your users. You can segment your audience using the custom and multiple option beamer has brought for you. User feedback can be tracked and thus strategies can be planned easily by a marketer when he is with a beamer. 


Push engage is a push notification plugin that can be used for all web browsers without any issue with the device a user has. PushEngage also offers a basic free plugin, with the best features in comparison to other plugins. PushEngage is limited to 500 subscribers for free and you can do 30 campaigns in a month. Along with this, you get the option to keep your target audience updated by providing them an opt-in notification so that they can say yes to your notifications that you have to send in the future. You can use PushEngage for your site and a full range of users also but for that, you must opt for a premium plan. 


Perfecty is a new and trending push notification plugin that you can use for a WordPress website. This gives you the option to use free 300 active downloads and maintains consistency with a 5-star rating. The app developers have made this platform perfectly ready and promising, and its price is the most attractive feature because it is completely free. It doesn’t have any premiums and offers you the best services in comparison to other push notification plugins. You get unlimited subscribers and an opt-in feature that doesn’t irritate your users. 


Subscribers is a simple and easy push notification that you can use over the web. It enables you to alert your customers of new offers and updates. This enables you to share everything as a notification be it a piece of news, blog post, or a service that you are offering. There is no limitation on the notifications that you can send to your users and track the real timing of your users so that the next time your notification reaches your target audience, gets an immediate click-through rate. 


The web push notifications being an important tool of marketing for a businessman have become worldwide famous. Thus, you can get many push notification plugins for WordPress online that are free and paid. You can thus use them according to your objective, pocket, and interest. Trust me push notifications surely solve your purpose. 

Author: Mehak Gupta