How to Develop a Node js Application with Visual Studio?

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Published On December 27, 2022

Nodejs technology is used by many big brands. Nodejs developers can create scalable and high-performing apps. If you are also planning to develop a Nodejs app, this post can be a great help. Here you will get to know how to develop a Nodejs app with Visual studio. Well, for app development a perfect technology stack plays a crucial role.

So, when you hire Nodejs developer, you need to be aware of the basic technology stack for app development. If you want to develop an app on your own, then also you have to be careful while selecting tools and technologies.

Nodejs is the most sought-after technology and is used by many businesses and enterprises. Before you know how to develop a Nodejs application with visual studio, you must read about what is Nodejs and visual studio.

What is NodeJs?

Nodejs is a free and open-source server environment. It runs on many platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, etc. It is an effective technology to develop dynamic content for apps. Many people think that this is a framework, but it is a JavaScript-based run-time environment. Developers can execute codes on the server side using NodeJS.

Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine makes it more efficient and lightweight. It is widely used with Visual Studio. Let’s know about this technology in the section below.

What is Visual Studio?

Visual Studio is the most comprehensive IDE for app development. It is suitable with not only Nodejs but also .NET and C++ programming languages. A Nodejs development company uses Visual Studio to code, edit, debug and publish apps. It contains compilers, code completion tools, and many other features for effective app development.

Steps to Develop a Node js Application with Visual Studio

To build a NodeJS application with Visual Studio, you have to set up an environment in which you can code, edit and use NodeJS programming language and at the end publish it. Here are the steps to follow for NodeJS Application development.

Step 1. Install Visual Studio. You can download it for free from Visual Studio Downloads

Step 2. As the download completes, select the Nodejs development workload and install it.

Step 3. Now go to Visual Studio Tools and get tools and features.

Step 4. Select Nodejs development workload. Here you have to select “Modify” to download and install the workload.

Step 5. In case you can’t install Nodejs run time, you have another option. Download the Nodejs LTS version from the Nodejs website. It has amazing compatibility with different frameworks.

Step 6. But remember Nodejs supports one version at a time.

Step 7. In this step, you have to configure your project to reference the runtime you just installed.

  1. Right-click on project Node as you are done creating a project. Now select “Properties”.
  1. Now you have to set the Node.exe path from the properties pane to reference the local and global installation of Node.js projects.
  1. Don’t forget to specify the path for your NodeJS project. As it makes accessibility easy.

Step 8. Now you can code and send different responses based on the URL. 

This way you can develop a Nodejs app. There are some more steps to follow to publish the app. Many times, even after completing the app, you have to upgrade and reform it. So, yes, application development is not a one-time process. It requires changes in a particular period.

For the deployment of the Nodejs app, you have to decide with which platform you want to deploy it. There are three ways for deploying a Nodejs app to Azure, using Azure functions, Azure portal, and Docker. In the same way, with the help of other platforms, you can deploy your Nodejs app.

So, Nodejs app development is easy if you know the correct steps with skills in Nodejs run-time environment and Visual Studio. Follow the steps mentioned in the blog to develop an app.

Author: Mehak Gupta